Freemasonry Victoria Open Nights and Days

Every wondered what the inside of a Masonic Building looks like ?
What goes on there ?
What Freemasons do and what it means to be a Freemason ?
Open Nights are a great way to find answers to these questions and more. Open Nights include an information session on Freemasonry, the values of Freemasonry and how to become a member.

FREEMASONRY is often associated with words such as ‘secrets’ and ‘funny hand-shakes’. Visitors will learn many aspects of Freemasonry and that there are ‘no secrets’ - real men do wear aprons!

In addition to the information on this page, you can contact Grand Lodge and find out if there is an Open Night in your area. Telephone (03) 9411 0111 or fill in the form here  
Below is some information on Masonic Open Nights that the web master is currently aware of.
If you are reading this and holding an open night – let us know and we will add it to our list.

Freemasons reveal there are ‘no secrets’

All Open Events can be seen here, contact Grand Lodge about them.