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NameLodgeI'm a FreemasonCountryStateDateComment
NameLodgeI'm a FreemasonCountryStateDateComment
Dale Graham Templum Lucis No. 747  Canada OM September 22, 2020 I appreciate the character of masonry that has been built in Australia. Your site is an example of that depth. Too often our practices have slid into a club like atmosphere that can distract us from the study of meaning and understanding. For the past eleven years I've been host of a weekly internet radio show. It's how I came to learn about the commitment to masonry happening in Australian. Full marks boys. R.W.Bro. Dale A Graham, Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario 
Patrick Watters Cramlington Lodge 4197 UGLE  UK  August 16, 2020 I have found a bible belonging to a member of Fiery Creek 157. Beaufort. Initiated 10.6.1891 Passed 9.9.1891 Raised 14.10.1991 Master J W Harris. Secretary J R Wotherspoon Secretary. I know Fiery Creek Lodge 157 is no longer active, but if I could find out more information about the Lodge or members that would be wonderful, or even a place to return the Bible for its historic value to Victoria Freemasonry. 
RWBro Eddie Levey PSGW The Mildura Lodge No.170  Australia Victoria July 1, 2020 I am RWBro Eddie Levey PSGW and a keen Masonic philatelist, and I am at present undertaking a survey on Australian VC participants and have found two more Australian VC winners which you have not got yet which i would like to pass on to you. 
Bro Michael  Lodge Queanbeyan St. Andrew, 56. UGL of NSW & ACT  Australia NSW June 22, 2020 A very impressive web site. So much information to access. Congratulations. 
Bro Dave Gnemeth Lodge #577  USA Iowa December 1, 2019  
Giulio Magrini Franklin St Johns Trinity Lodge No 221  USA PA November 9, 2019  
Bro Michael Essex United Service 3804  UK  November 28, 2018  
Bro Romel  Teodoro M Kalaw Lodge ::136  Philipines   November 20, 2018  
Tony Ryan High springs 137  USA FL June 8, 2018  
Richard Florence Liberty Hill #432  USA TX May 3, 2018 Nice website, If ever in Victoria again, I will definitely try to find when your meeting is. I am a Past Master of my Lodge. 
Alan G Laver Gordon Bourne 9388  UK  April 13, 2018  S&F, W.Bro Alan G Laver PProvJGW ( Middlesex UK ) 
Keith Murray Amalthea  Australia Vic October 14, 2017  
Dave Wayfayers Lodge #50   USA AZ July 30, 2017 Hi Brothers, I just stopped by to say hello. Please check out my new Masonic website. 
William (Bill) Golden Fleece Lodge #89  USA MN April 4, 2017  
Richard Janicki   Australia NT March 16, 2017 William Geoffrey Gerard, founder of Gerard & Goodman and now Clipsal, I was introduced to him by my father in-law at one of the Installation Balls in Adelaide I believe he was a Freemason. 
Patrick W Medway AM  St George Lodge No 328 (Sydney)  Australia NSW January 15, 2017 Congratulations on your great website. I am still trying to get my Lodge to lift its game and develop a Website to promote Freemasonry in general and our Lodge in particular. I am in other organizations which have excellent websites but your website is a credit to all those involved. 
Wayne Cooper Lodge Davies 25 T.C.  Australia Tas January 14, 2017 I served at a Section s I/c Comander in 11 and 12 Pl. d Coy 7rar 1st tour 1967/8 
Rosemary EDEN   NZ  November 7, 2016  I am trying to find information regarding my great grandfather John McKinery's membership of Carlton Lodge No 19 before he died on 3 Jan. 1901. 
Jim B [PM] Mitchell River Lodge  Australia Vic June 11, 2016 Very interested to stumble on your article regarding "Oppy". Did not realise he was a Freemason. My father, recently passed at 97 years of age, a MM with over 75 years membership, had numerous claims to fame. One was that as a youngster, when working in a bike shop near Kew Junction, he was offered the opportunity to take "Oppy's" bike for a test ride, following it being serviced in the workshop. He was obviously thrilled, and impressed with the bike and with "Oppy".  
Victor Dey Ancient York  Australia Vic May 30, 2016  
VWorBro John Griffiths Lodge Ethos 963  Australia WA March 11, 2016  
Gordon Exsequi Lodge No.: 8994  South Africa Gauteng January 10, 2016 WM & Brethren Lodge Devotion, I am indeed excited to make contact with you and hope all is well? Our Lodge has just launched a new website and welcomes visitors we would be pleased to hear from you. And propose a toast to our visitors on our website. I wish you well Fraternally Gordon Exsequi Lodge No.: 8994 
Jim Buchanan   Australia WA December 23, 2015 A short note to thank Damien for his efforts with the Devotion Newsletter and to wish everyone at Devotion the compliments of the season and a healthy prosperous and joyful new year. 
James   Australia Vic December 12, 2015 This is the best masonic site I have ever found. 
Ken Nigeria  Nigeria Lagos December 10, 2015 I have spent 2 hours reading your site and its been very instructive. I hope to implement some of my learnings in my private lodge. 
Brian O'H Hillsborough #25 Tampa fl  USA FL October 6, 2015 Great site! 
Jan Lambert   Australia  July 23, 2015  
Graham Perham Nagambie 167 ULGV  Australia Vic May 29, 2015  
Peter Troeger Viking # 394 UGLQ  Australia QLD April 17, 2015 Congratulations on your List of Notable and Famous Australian Freemasons. It is an excellent tool for discussions with prospective members. I visit Prince Albert Lodge quite frequently and was happily surprised to see William Forgan-Smith and Sir Manuel Hornibrook as past members of their Lodge. These names are every day occurrences in our lives, names of buildings at the University and the Hornibrook highway. Well done and good luck with the continuation of this exercise.  
Wilf Pentalpha 3164  UK  April 4, 2015  
Gary Leigh Lodge Foelsche  Australia ACT March 24, 2015 Just wanted to say marvelous work on the list of famous Freemasons. 
Jeff G Endevour 26H  Australia QLD February 5, 2015 I greatly appreciate your web information, I became a mason in the year 2011 and I will be elevated to the masters chair in October this year..... much of my help has came from reading you information from Lodge Devotion 723, and in particular reading Don's Diary.  
Richard Lodge Igualdad no.653 E.C.  Curacao  February 2, 2015  
Andi   Indonesia Banten January 23, 2015  
Robert Greig Tarragindi  Australia QLD January 22, 2015 hello from Tarragindi Lodge 
Terence Johnson Fairview Lodge #393  USA SC December 29, 2014 It is truly a pleasure viewing your page. I have tried to read every word on every page. I have been sharing a lot of this knowledge with the brethren here in the states. 
Steve Dally PM Airds Campbelltown NSW  UK  November 12, 2014 Well presented 
A.E Stewart Dromana 511  Australia Vic June 26, 2014  
Roy Vance San Angelo #570  U.S.A. Texas May 24, 2014  
George Brownete   Australai Victoria May 18, 2014  
Barry Lodge of Balnarring  Australia Victoria May 1, 2014 Well done with your site 
Dale A Graham Manitou No. 90  Canada Ontario December 16, 2013 Fraternal Greetings and Merry Christmas to one and all 
Eric A. Cable Temple Lodge 676  USA North Carolina December 12, 2013  
Martin Maggio William Renton 29 Bainbridge Island WA & Brevard 113 Cocoa Fl  USA WA October 12, 2013  
Francisco Lu Taga-ilog Lodge #79, GLP Manila  Philipines  September 9, 2013 Hope to visit Australia someday and meet brethren. 
Joe Mctaggart Ngatiaw-Russell 345 NZC  NZ  June 23, 2013 Your May/ June news letter was passed on to me. Page 5 re accommodation was very interesting as we are in a very similar situation 
Joel Ramirez Castro Dagohoy Lodge 84  Philippines  May 23, 2013  
Bill Black Rutherglen Lodge 188 UGLV  Australia Vic March 31, 2013 Impressed by your web site......inspired to start thinking how we might begin the task of building our own 
Ange  Evolution 931 UGLV  Australia Vic March 30, 2013 I was deeply impressed by the great effort that your Lodge went to in compiling a list of some famous Australian Freemasons. The names are impressive and they alone should dispel any misunderstanding about the true wealth of character that is a Freemason. 
Richard Liscard No. 2657  UK Cheshire January 18, 2013 Following on from Bro. Phil Oct. 11 2012 entry . I have heard that Bro. Allan an Honorary member of Liscard Lodge No.2657 in the UK has joined Lodge Devotion, The Worshipful Master and Brethren send Fraternal greetings to the WM and brethren of Lodge Devotion. Together with our congratulation to Bro. Allan. I am Secretary of Liscard Lodge with a son currently working in Melbourne as a tree surgeon/arborist, and hope to visit him later this year. I would hope to be allowed to visit Lodge Devotion if all goes to plan 
Deborah Warren (nee Stork)   Australia Vic November 23, 2012 This was my Dad's Lodge, WBro Thomas Stork, and I remember my childhood growing up in this building, playing the piano, 'skating' across the wooden floors as I set the tables in the south...WOW! memories, so many memories and nights spent sleeping in the kitchen waiting for the organ to play letting us know we had to be ready in the South. This has been the biggest influence on my life and without realising it I can honestly say that as a Freemason's daugther, you live and breathe the essence you have been brought up with and you go on to instill those learned philosophies and rituals in your children 
Bro Phil Liscard lodge no 2657  U.K  October 11, 2012 Greetings from the W.M and brethren of Liscard Lodge No 2657 we are led to believe that our much loved and respected W. Bro Allen is to meet with you today 11.10.12...he was our youngest W.M we miss him so much had he stayed in the UK he would have advanced to high rank. I believe he wishes to continue his masonry within your lodge I hope the ballot goes in his favour your lodge will not be disappointed he is a true mason in every aspect. 
Mark Vincent GStwd Fairfield 254  Australia Vic August 4, 2012 Good site, informative and contains a lot of background on Freemasonry. I do hope to visit you soon, or even take part in your next Installation. 
Andrew C Lodge Canberra 465  Australia NSW July 16, 2012 I love your list of famous masons. My mother lodge was Victorian Naval and Military Lodge #49 of UGLV 
Chris Manning Statham Lodge #634  U.S.A GA March 10, 2012 Cheers from across the pond... I enjoyed looking through your site and it gave me a few ideas for ours! Take a peek if you would like and let me know what you think 
Sean Howell Damascus Collingwood Lodge #643  U.S.A. Ohio December 13, 2011 Hello Brethren from Australia! Just wanted to drop by and say hello! I am Senior Deacon at Damascus/Collingwood Lodge in Toledo and love checking out other lodges online. Noticed you posted in our Guestbook some time ago at, just wanted to return the greetings.  
Alan Hammond Devotion No. 160  U.S.A Kentucky October 12, 2011 Fraternal greetings to the brothers of Lodge Devotion. I was quite pleased to find another lodge of the same name our own. I wish you all the best and hope to visit Melbourne some day, sooner rather than later. 
WB Albert Clifford PM Pinatubo No 52  Philippines  July 24, 2011 Fraternal greetings. I have enjoyed your pages. I have visited the Philippine Masonic Association in Sydney some time back when I was there visiting my family. I am originally from Sydney but now live in Subic most of the time.  
Miss Beatrice Taylor   U.S.A. Mayberry, NC April 9, 2011 You have all done a lovely job of fixing the place up. However, I would reccomend that you aquire more wooden spoons for the kitchen.  
Jack Sta-Maria Lodge Beauty of Cabravale  Philippines NSW March 23, 2011 Your Web Page is very educational 
Bruce Burton Devotion 160 Lexington KY   USA KY March 2, 2011 I hope all is well !...Just stopped by to keep up with whats going on . 
Terry Harper Lodge Gretna 1158  Scotland  February 15, 2011 "...May Australia go from strength to strength, God bless you all." 
John Griffin   Australia WA February 2, 2011 Great job on the site guys, good to see the lodge moving forward and with a lot of new members by the looks of things. All the best to the Master and Brethren 
Owen Burton Camellia Thea No.7351EC  England UK December 21, 2010 I am not aware of having filled in one of these before, but I have visited on at least a couple of occasions and know some of the members quite well, including the two Pattersons. I note that Stephen has gone 'West' he will be missed. I sent a copy of the 'News' to Peter Robertson in Wellington NZ. He thought it was great and has become part of its World Wide readership. I congratulate all those who help to produce it. I am not surprised at its wide circulation.With all good wishes for Xmas & New Year, Owen (Burton) 
Jesse S. D. Tait Brandon #19  Canada Ontario December 15, 2010 Hello, I very much enjoyed your article about finding a proper smooth Ashlar on which to test my tools and progress.  
Norm Devotion 723 & VVML 921  Australia Vic November 20, 2010 Damien is the best Master ever in his second year. 
Chris Henderson Ashlar Lodge 610, London, ON  Canada Ontario, Canada October 14, 2010  
John Sherrott Djerriwarrh  Australia Vic September 13, 2010 A very interesting website 
John Raymond Dunstan MARITIME 569  Australia Vic July 12, 2010 Looking forward to attending soon. Fraternal greetings to the Worshipful Master & all Bretheren. 
Stewart Phillip Island Lodge 512  Australia Vic June 22, 2010  
Wor Bro Doug McPhee Australia Felix No. 1  Australia Vic May 19, 2010 Nice website. Just checking it out to see what info you have available for brethren in the district. 
Bro. Jaime Baldomero, PM Palilan Lodge No. 239  Philippines  May 7, 2010 How I wish to meet some masonic brethren in Victoria. 
Neil Wynes Morse Discovery Lodge of Research 971 NSW&ACT  Australia NSW April 20, 2010 With reference to your inclusion of Sir Donald Bradman as a 'famous Freemason', I would suggest the Bradman was a famous Australian, but did not consider himself a Freemason. I refer you to page 164 of 'The A-Z of Bradman' by Alan Eason [ISBN 978-1-921372-16-2], published by Scribe Publications in 2008. 
Wor. Bro.Ed Snell Maroondah Day Light Lodge 607  Australia Vic April 15, 2010 I thought the article "The Bank Account" in your last Newsletter was very thought provoking, so much so that I printed it in my National Servicemen's Association of Australia - Whitehorse Sub-Branch Newsletter,'Rise-n-Shine' - Ed Snell, President. 
Robyn S   Australia Victoria April 14, 2010 Hello, I'm hoping you may be able to help me find some information on my GG Grandfather William Alfred Sterling .....(further detail omitted by web master) 
Landis Burmeister Damascus-Collingwood #643  USA Ohio March 19, 2010 Great Web Site. If I'm ever back in Australia I'll make sure to visit. Good luck in all your Masonic endevers. 
Borris Zhao Devotion 723  Australia Vic March 10, 2010 Hi Guys, Great site, very impressed. Keep up the good work. 
Jared Combermere 752 EC  Australia Vic March 9, 2010 Fantastic website easy to navigate. I always take great pleasure in reading your newsletter. 
Eugene Gray Jr. Damascus/Collingwood #643  U.S.A Ohio February 20, 2010 Hello to all: My name is Eugene Gray Jr. I am past Master of my lodge and a current District Education Officer of the 11th Masonic District of the Grand Lodge of Ohio. I am also the webmaster of which is our lodge's web site. Thank you for visiting our site. It is nice to have a comment from a lodge "down under". We wish you well in your masonic evdeavors 
Mike   Australia Vic February 19, 2010 It is clear to me that Lodge Devotion is taking positive action and leading Freemasonry into a new and highly relevant direction for the future. In a few years I imagine that Lodge Devotion will provide a leading example and role model / case study for the future direction of Freemasonry. 
HL Nelson PM Truelight Of Zion #399  USA South Carolina February 11, 2010 Good site 
Geoffrey Davey Ivanhoe Grammarians  Australia Vic February 9, 2010 I assume it will be easier to distribute DNews via this site than by cable ? 
Ed Snell, P.M Maroondah Daylight Lodge No. 607  Australia Vic February 9, 2010 I regularly receive your Devotion News by e-mail and find it refreshing and probing on matters which otherwise would go un-noticed. Keep up the good work. 
Barry Minster Vietnam Veterans  Australia Vic February 8, 2010 Excellent looking web page - congratulations team. 
Christos Miras The Gregorios Lodge  Australia Vic February 8, 2010 Great job! Brethren! Looking forward to keeping up with your progress 
Jonathan Devotion 723  Australia Vic January 23, 2010 The site looks really good. Congratulations 
Charles E Martin Bowling Green #73  USA KY January 10, 2010 I am embarrassed to say my lodge does not have a web site. They do not yet see the need for one. It took them many years to get an answering machine on the telephone. 
Brian Belt Lodge No 18  USA Oregon January 9, 2010 Great Site ! Greetings from the Pacific Northwest! 
Alfredo C Grandview No. 96  Canada Beautiful British Columbia January 8, 2010 I like what you have going on here Damien. Wishing you all the best 
Stephen Devotion 723  Australia Vic January 2, 2010 Fantastic work- well done Damien 
Elisabeth   Australia Vic December 20, 2009 Well done. Love that you have a website now and am honoured you shared with me. The cartoon pics on the 'team page' are cute. LOVE your Mission Statement. Love Lib  
James The Kite and Key #811  USA PA December 16, 2009 I will be watching what you do here Damien because I want to get a web page up and running for my lodge but am unsure how I want to organize it . Great job. I know you will have a great year. 
Frank   Australia Vic December 12, 2009 Cool :) 
Don Devotion 723  Australia Vic December 9, 2009 Well done - a good start. 
Lisa   USA  December 9, 2009 I'm just checking out your new web site design, it's very nice . I think you need more material =) 
Damien Devotion 723  Australia Vic December 8, 2009 The site was born today! 
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