Masonic Poetry

Frankly, Masonic web sites often carry a lot of poetry and even the casual reader is often exposed to the same poem several times. We will only insert poems we think are particularity good or good and rare on this page.

Author Unknown

To meet upon the level
is an easy thing to say,
but when it comes to practice,
do we do it every day?
Do we meet him on the level,
if the Brother chance to be
just a little out at elbow
or baggy at the knee?

When we meet him in the workshop,
do we greet him with the grip
that we do the noted statesman
on a European trip?
Do we meet him on the level
and give him just the chance
that we do the dashing fellow
with the creases in his pants?

If fortune does not smile on him
in sunshine and repose,
do we meet him on the level
in his second-handed clothes?
Do we invite him to our church,
and seat him in our pew,
and warm our hearts by clasping hands
as Brothers ought to do?

Yes, we meet him on the level,
on the broad Masonic plan,
whenever we know him to be
a Mason and a man.
We'll meet him on the level,
and part upon the square,
and then perhaps he'll vouch for us
when we meet him over there