Masonic Lodge Songs

Songs of Freemasonry’s Festive Board

Most lodges in Victoria, including Devotion, have a “visitor’s song”.


Themes are generally Masonic, but some are occasionally simply amusing ditties like that sung at Vietnam Veterans Memorial No 912 UGLV.


They are generally sung to the tune of existent and (previously) well known songs.


Drinking “to the bonds of masonry/friendship” is a common theme as are the celebration of fraternity and the values of Freemasonry.


These songs are used in our “Souths” (Festive Boards) and generally sung after the toast to the visitors, and before the visitors respond. The Lodge will be upstanding while visitors are seated, often lodges will move around the room and clink glasses or shake hands with as many visitors as they can while the song is being sung.


American readers might be surprised to see references to the Queen in some of these songs. This of course is the Queen of England who is our head of state – Australia. Likewise, most of our lodges are not dry - they serve alcohol.


We would be interesting in any lodges visitors songs.


Here are the words to some Visitors Songs;


A Toast to each and ev-ry one

Drink to the bonds of friend-ship

Stand and give our clas-ses a clink

To all our friends who we hold dear


That’s the way De-vo-tion say

Do come a-gain and see us

There a wel-come on our door-mat

To each and ev-ry one of you …

Australia Felix No. 1 (UGLV)

Here in the South now chant we all this melody,
Radiant with hope for days happy and free.
Strong in our will to cherish love and liberty,
Cares are forgotten and all men agree.


Sing it together. Nothing can sever,
Bonds born of friendship and true harmony,
And our guests now we greet in the fellowship of Masonry,
And wish them God speed the days yet to be.
(Repeat Chorus)



SEAVIC Lodge No. 8 (UGLV)
(To the tune of “My Bonnie is over the Ocean”)

At SEAVIC we lit up our glasses
We welcome you here “One and All”
Our hand is extended to greet you,
Fellowship and love say it all. IT ALL!
Fellowship and love says it all


We drink to your health, in good cheer. Good Cheer!
We drink to your health, in good cheer. Good Cheer!


Our brethren from over the ocean,
Visitors from near , far and wide,
We hope you enjoyed being with us,.
And invite you to join us again. AGAIN!
And invite you to join us again.


We drink to your health, in good cheer. Good Cheer!
We drink to your health, in good cheer. Good Cheer!

Mt Franklin - St George No. 12 (UGLV)

Mt Franklin St George Masonic Lodge Daylesford
Mt Franklin - St George
Where friendship's our aim
In our No. 12 Lodge
That will always remain.

We look forward with hope
With respect for the past
Bur remain always loyal
To GOD and the Craft

Where the green hiss of Daylesford
Reach up for the sky
And our famous spa waters
Forever flow by

Let us mingle as brothers
Let us all heed the call
Mt. Franklin - St George
Worthy Freemasons all !

Duke of Sussex No 48 UGLV

Tune: "Sussex by the Sea"

Oh we're the Duke of Sussex, Sussex Forty-Eight
We greet you all both short and tall, with visitors we' re great
And when you come to Sussex, whatever rank yo rate,
A welcome you'll get you will never forget, at Susseex Forty-Eight!

Oh Sussex, Sussex Forty-Eight, Dear old Sussex Forty-Eight,
A welcome you'll get you will never forget,
At Sussex Forty-Eight!

Victorian Naval and Military Lodge 49 UGLV

Victorian Naval and Military Lodge; Lodge Song
Welcome to the 'N&M' we welcome you
Our hands outstretched to you
With song and jst we'll entertain you
Brethren of the 'N&M" sing this glad refrain
Hope our welcome here will make you
Want to come and see us once again. AHOY!

Walhalla 69 Lodge Song

 Australian Masonic Lodge Song Victoria Walhallla
Walhalla Lodge 69 UGLV

Welcome to Walhalla
A welcome to you all
Walhalla We're very pleased to meet you
And glad that you could call
And now as we raise our glasses high
We hope to see you bye and bye
A welcome to Walhalla
Walhalla 69




We love to see visitors coming along,
To see us at Seventy One,
When you come here,
To visit a friend,
Our greeting is second to none.


We're happy to see you,
We don’t like to leave you,
Please brother don't head for the door,
Well now that you’ve joined us.
Please join in the chorus,
And come back and see us some more,


Bless them all,
Bless them all,
With a handshake we greet one and all,
We lift up our glasses and.
Drink with our master,
A toast to our guests,
Bless them all



Sung to the tune of the Aeroplane Jelly jingle. A very popular Australian commercial song released in 1935 still remains popular today

There's always a welcome at Seymour
As soon as you step in the door
From the country, the city
The Mountains and plains
In Seymour you're welcome
Again and again
Have a plate, and a glass, and a laugh
and a song
You can give us a speech
Though it need not be long
There's always a welcome at Seymour
Come back and see more of Seymour

Cosmopolitan Lodge No 96, UGLV
Sung to the tune of Auld Lang Syne


Here's a toast to Brethren all
Right glad of it are we
To drink a toast to all who come
To the Lodge Down By the Sea

We're glad to have you with us here
Our joys with us to share
We'll meet you on the level
And we'll part upon the square

We'll part upon the square, it's true
And square we'll always be
So come along another night
To the Lodge Down by the Sea

Otway Mark Lodge No 146, Victoria Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons

Tune “On the Road to Gundagai”
Otway Mark Lodge No 146

We’re the Mark on the coast,
Full of vim and proudly boast
We are the Otway Daylight Mark.

We are pleased to have your company,
The friendships made are something,
To keep for ever-more.

Where we meet on 4th Tuesdays Just 4 times a year,
And we’re glad you came to see us,
And wish you good cheer.

So if you’re down this way,
Please come in and say G’day,
Down at the Otway Daylight Mark!!!

Commonwealth Lodge 186 UGLV
Commonwealth Song
The words were composed by WBro Walter J Tuck, and at the regular meeting each month to the tune of "Just a song at Twilight, forty of fifty hearty male voices fill the South as a special welcome to visitors.

Just a song of Welcome, just a song of Cheer,
Just to say we're happy, glad  you all are here.

You'll find a latch-key waiting, and a greeting true,
And a hearty Welcome, from the Commonwealth,

To every one of you


Middle Park Lodge Lodge 206 UGLV
(Sung to the tunes of "Lily Marlene")

We would like to welcome you to Middle Park
And we make our welcome extended from our heart
We hope you enjoy our company
And come again, there'll always be
A warm and friendly welcome
To join our harmony
A warm and friendly welcome
To join our harmony !

Outtrum Lodge 209 UGLV
(Tune: The Wild Colonial Boy)

We welcome you to Outtrim
Our number two 0 nine
We my not be all grace and style
But promise a good time
Our food and drink is unsurpassed
The company's just fine
Oh, welcome to Old Outtrim
So Glad you spared the time.

We guarantee you'll come again
This proudly is our boast
The hospitality's just great
We're please to be your hosts
Our friendliness is known by ll
Who come from coast to coast
Oh, welcome to Old Outtrim
We're glad to drink this toast.

Old Scotch Collegians's Lodge 396 UGLV
Tune "Scotch Mixture"
Words by VWBro Michael Macneil

Old Scotch Masonic Lodge Visitors Song
When you come to Scotch Collegian's Lodge
We welcome you with zest;
Just out us to the test;
You're a very welcome guest.
We hope that when the evening ends
You'll feel you've spent the time with friends
And soon you'll come again to 'Scotch Collegians'

At Scotch collegians' Lodge we welcome you;
We are a happy crew
Who;re glad to see you too.
At Scotch Collegians' Lodge we welcome you
Come back to Scotch Collegians'

Lodge of the Golden Fleece 300 UGLV
“Jason’s Toast”
Fill your glasses up and drink
Drink to the bonds of Mason-ry
Stand and give our Masters a "CHEER"
And drink to all that he holds dear
So drink to all the happy hours
Spent at the Golden Flee-ce
Drink to all the good times spent together
Let each and everyone here drink.
To our Lodge! To our Lodge!
To our Lodge in it's glorious happiness!
To the Chair! To the Chair!
To the man that is leading and guiding us!
To the Queen! To the Queen!
To the rulers of men and their destinies!
To the Craft! To the Craft!
To the good work it's doing today!
Fill your glasses up and drink
Drink to the bonds of friend-ship
Stand and give your glasses a "CLINK
To everything that we hold dear.
So drink to all the happy hours
Shout till the rafters ring;
Drink to all the good times spent together
Let each and everyone here sing.
Old Melbournians No 317 UGLV
(Tune: Men of Harlech) 
At three-one-seven we're glad to say
You've come to visit us today
Welcome, Brethren, and we pray
We'll see you again !
To feel and grasp a friendly hand
In Brotherhood is simply grand
Peace be with our happy band, and
And please come back again!

Arcadian Veritas Vistors' Song No 340 UGLV
Masonic Lodge Songs

I've always been, since quite a lad,
Cheery and gay when things were bad -
That is a way I've always 'ad -
I look on the bright side!

I've gotter motter -
Always happy and bright!
Look around and you will find
Every cloud is silver lined;
The sun will shine
Although the sky's grey.
I've often said to meself, I've said,
"Cheer up, Boys, you'll soon be dead!
It's a short life but a gay one!"

The Arcadian Veritas Lodge Song is from the 1909 musical "The Arcadians" by Monckton, Talbot and Wimperis.  The Arcadians has long been considered the finest Edwardian musical comedy and certainly is a fitting source for a lodge song that is a little different from the rest.  This version was put together by Bro Dennis M, organist for both Lodge Devotion and Arcadian Veritas. Interestingly the last two lines of the song were often quoted in WW1 Trenches

Wesley Collegians No 358 UGLV
Let Wesley Collegians now honour each guest
Viva La Compagnie
As brothers and masons we greet you with zest
Viva La Compagnie
Viva La, Viva La, Viva L'am our;
Viva La, Viva La, Viva L'am our
Viva La Reine, Viva La Roi, Viva La Compagnie
Our unity, freedom and love may we share
Viva La Compagnie
As we meet each other on the level and part on the square
Viva La Compagnie
Viva La, Viva La, Viva L'am our;
Viva La, Viva La, Viva L'am our
Viva La Reine, Viva La Roi, Viva La Compagnie
Lodge Integrity No 376 UGLV
( Tune:  Auld Lang Syne)
Now here's a toast to Brethren all
Right glad of it we are
To drink a toast to all who come
To Lodge Integrity
We're glad to have you with us here
Our joys with us to share
We'll meet you on the level
and we'll part part upon the square
We'll part upon the square it's true
and square we'll always be
So come again another night
To Lodge Integrity
To the tune of "Lili Marlene"

Comacine Acanthus, Lodge of  '82,
Welcomes you to Waverley, Old friendships to renew,
Hold out your hand to every guest, Our joy express, And let's confess,
This visit we'll remember beyond the last adieu.
Comacine Acanthus, sing with all your might,
Tribute to the craftsman, who've honoured us tonight,
400 members drink this toast, No idle boast, And as your host,
We hope that every brother will soon come back again.

King David No 460 UGLV
 (Tune; a wee doch & doris)
Four sixty is the number
King David is the name
We want to make you welcome
So you'll come back again
it's nice to have you with us
And then before you go
To "Auld Lang Syne"
Just add this line
Come back to four-six-O
Bendigo Reunion No 477 UGLV
( Tune:  Waltzing Matilda)
There is a lodge meeting on a certain Saturday
Visitors are always welcome as can be
From Grand Lodge through to Entered Apprentices
Bendigo Reunion is where you should be
Bendigo Reunion, Bendigo Reunion
This is a lodge to be proud of you will agree
For we greet you as friends
and brothers in Freemasonry
here in our lodge where friendship is free.

Lodge of Good Companions # 647 Lodge Song UGLV

Good Companions song is a rewrite of a song written in WW1 and popularized after, becoming one of several very widely known songs of WW2. Its title is "Bless 'Em All", (also known as "The Long And The Short And The Tall"), has an earlier more “bawdy” version of "Bless 'Em All", but I will let you Google that one...

(To the tune of Bless 'em all)

Bless 'em all, Bless 'em all,
The long and the short and the tll
Bless all the Masters and Past Masters too,
Bless all the Brethren - we're glad to see you,
For we're saying, "Good luck to you all",
And thank you so much for the call,
You get the notion, We'll show our devotions.

So please come again,

Hearts of Oak No 681 UGLV

To our friends and guests assembled
Hearts of Oak bids you good cheer
True fair winds and pleasant sailing
As your homeward course you steer.

May your welcome here this evening
Be to you a guiding star,
Guide you safely into harbour,
Where your friends and loved ones are

Lodge of Concentration No 753 Visitors Song

Lodge of Concentration No 753 Visitors Song
Let Every Brother now join in a song.
Welcome to Concentration.
A hand to each brother
We're glad you're along

Hearty good wishes so true and sincere.
Hearty good wishes to all of you here.
Hearty good wishes and plenty of cheers

Lodge of Honour No 799
At 799 well we've gathered for a show
We like to welcome visitors
We hate to see them go.
We like to say G'day to you, extend a beaming smile
Accept our thanks for coming in
Please stick around a while....

Here's to our visitors, cheers, cheers, cheers
Our thanks to you for coming
We're glad to have you here
And we we look around the room
And see our friends about
We're might glad you came tonight
It's Lodge of Honour's shout !

Lodge of Commerce 837 SONG

Our Lodge is known as Commerce
Born in sixty four
Eight three seven our number,
Of Jaycee strain of yore.
A different ilk you’ll find us
True and loyal too
We boast of men accomplished
Brothers through and through
Tradition forms behind us
But onward is our path
So go ye men of Commerce
Onward is our Path
The tie that binds is foremost
Guests will know our toast
We beg to share our laughter
Wine and food the most
So come our brothers gather
And make our South the BEST
Parting take the hand shake
Put the odds to rest
If you would be a member
Join us on our way
So go ye men of Commerce
Onward is the way

We pledge our loyalty always
Grandmaster Craft and God
And dream a better world to be
Masonic paths are trod
The tenets with us safely
The art is in our hands
As we sing this grand refrain
As one unbroken band

Swan Hill Lodge 919 UGLV
(Tune: it's a long way to Tipperary)

We members of Swan Hill greet our visitors with song,
You have traveled far to see us and join our happy throng,
We raise our glasses to you our friendship is sincere,
Now we drink this toast to Brother Masons your so welcome here.

Lodge Amicus No 928 UGLV
(Tune: Men of Harlech)

Amicus a welcome gives you
Joined in Masonry we seek to
Foster friendships and good cheer to
Benefit the Craft.
Hoping that our time together
Proves to be a mutual pleasure
Friends are made and last forever
Here at Amicus
With our hand we greet you
With our heart we meet you
On the square, remaining there
Until the Tyler says the time has come
To part in peace and harmony
Resolving that the time will be
Not long before again with thee
We meet at Amicus

Lodge of Evolution 931 UGLV
(Tune; Battle Hymn of the Republic)

The Lodge of Evolution says it’s great to have you here,
We welcome every Brother with a gesture of good cheer,
In harmony we greet you and your friendship we hold dear,
At our Lodge 9-3-1

Here’s a toast to you my Brother,
As we share with one another,
Love and Harmony forever
At our Lodge 9-3-1