Masonic Buildings - Walhalla Lodge No 69 and its building

Devotion held its April meeting under dispensation at Walhalla on Saturday 28 April 2012.

Walhalla Lodge meets on the 2nd Saturday at 7:30 in a beautiful historic lodge room. The lodge was founded in June 1877 and is well worth a visit.


The Worshipful Master of Walhalla Lodge accompanied by other members,

visited our meeting. They were excited at the prospect of visiting another lodge working in their lodge room. It is not unusual for a lodge
to visit Walhalla, but normally any work done is undertaken using Walhalla’s warrant with visitors taking over chairs for their own candidate. According to Walhalla members, Lodge Devotion tyling under its own warrant was only the second lodge to do so at Walhalla since the 1970’s. We were also privileged to be joined by an Entered Apprentice from Walhalla at his first visit to another lodge. I hope he and other visiting Walhalla members had a great night!



The Walhalla Lodge Room.


The Walhalla Masonic Lodge Building was built in 1866 and was the home of the Wesleyan Chapel until 1877 when it was purchased by Freemasons. Founded in 1877, Walhalla's Masonic lodge No 69 is an old and distinguished Lodge. The Walhalla Lodge room is located right above the band rotunda opposite the Star Hotel. Older members using walking sticks climb the stairs with steadfastness - a very masonic thing to do. They make city masons complaining about no lifts in buildings look weak! The Lodge meets on the 2nd Saturday at 7:30, but if attending over the coming months – check with the secretary - the main bridge from the town to the lodge room is currently closed and the lodge may be meeting elsewhere.


It is great to see such an important part of our masonic history preserved and being used by lodges.


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Walhalla Lodge Room -  General Views.

It is said that over 120 masons have been squeezed into this area for the Installation of a Master.

Walhalla Lodge Room -  Worshipful Master and the East.

  Walhalla Historic Lodge Room Freemason  Worshipful Masters Seat  Walhalla Lodge UGLV 69 Warrant
 Masonic Kneeling Stood in the East  Masonic Past Masters Honour Board Walhalla  Worshipful Masters Pedestal

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Walhalla Lodge Room -  View of Senior Warden's Chair.

  Walhalla Masonic Senior Wardens Chair  
Masonic Items Working Tools Senor Wardens Pedestal SW
  Masonic Lewis Smooth Ashlar with pavement

Walhalla Lodge Room -  View of Junion Warden's Chair.

 Masonic Junior Wardens Chair Freemason Junior Wardens Pedestal with Rough Ashlar

Walhalla Lodge Room -  View of Director of Ceremonies Chair with Batons.




Masonic Director of Ceremonies Chair with Batons
Masonic Director of Ceremonies seat



Masonic Director of Ceremonies Battons


Walhalla Lodge Room -  Various Views inside a Masonic Lodge Room.

Deacons wand with historic honour board Freemasonry Masonic Dove Olive branch
Walhalla Lodge 69 Warrant and Honour Board


The Letter G in Walhalla Masonic Lodge Room

Leather Covered Hand Tooled Masonic Bible
Masonic Corinthian Pillar with Light Junior Wardens Pedestal Walhalla


Walhalla Historic Masonic Building - Dining Area and related.

Two Great Pillars which stood at the entrance or porch way to King Solomon’s Temple
Masonic Cartoon
Faith Hope Charity
Masonic Ephemera
Masonic paraphernalia 1887
Masonic paraphernalia Historic Installation Invitation
Masonic Pavement floor in South Walhalla Victoria Australia
Walhalla 69 Lodge Song with masonic pictures UGLV
St George Lodge No 18 Victorian Const Masonic Hall Dunolly Ephemera
Historic Lighting in Walhalla Masonic Building
Walhalla Lodge 69 Centenary Plaque