Large List of Notable and Famous Australian Freemasons

Famous &/or Notable Australian Freemasons


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This list began as a short list of Famous Australian Freemasons in an edition of our Lodge Newsletter “Devotion News” and has grown to include over 900 notable and/or famous Australian Freemasons.


There are many lists readily available of famous Freemasons on the internet, but when this list was started in 2007, no extensive list dedicated to just Australian Freemasons existed. Never keen to simply duplicate web content from other web sites on our site I set out to compile a list concerned with only Australian members of “The Craft”. My list is now widely used by others – please cite our web address when using our content.


This list has been compiled over years. For some time, references were not recorded, but as the list grew, it was realized it could become an authoritative and comprehensive record of Australian Freemasons. It is now the most authoritative and comprehensive list of Australian Freemasons on the web and a useful resource for researchers. References are now added, but readers should note names have only been included when the source of the same was considered reliable. Unfortunately, not all of those named have reflected the greatest credit on our Craft, but the test for inclusion is reasonable proof of membership, not subjective opinion on their actions or the lives they led. For want of other phrase, I’ve included the bad apples.


It is hard to organize such a list – where do you put a Governor General who won a Victoria Cross? An Archbishop with a Military Cross? An actor who was Grand Master and a State Politician, or a “military man” who was a doctor, humanitarian and community leader? We suggest if you are looking for something specific either peruse the list or hold the Ctrl key and press “F” to search it, or if you have a hardcopy version – use the index. I do not (knowingly!) duplicate many names in the list with the exception of those under the first heading.


Some inclusions are not Australians – but such men have been added for their strong link and or influence on Australia; early Governor Generals who were not “Australian” being a good example. Keep in mind this is a list of names, not a biography, I try to keep entries short but some details have been added for context and/or interest.


The real future value of the list might be to social historians examining how membership of the Craft influenced some of the great men recorded below, especially how being Freemasons may have affected how they interacted with each other and society. This topic is yet to be meaningfully examined in an Australian context. With this view, there are now many on the list that may not seem very notable or famous, but the list is now being used as a starting point by many researchers, so we include such names with these researchers in mind.


Note - If you reproduce all or part of this list or use it as a reference, in the interest of good manner and the Law, you MUST cite the source. We do not knowingly add a name unless the person is deceased or agreed to be, or is, in the public eye as a Freemason.


A note on footnotes; Almost all footnoted sources mention the Masonic Membership of the individual in conjunction to the specific item footnoted.

Table of Contents

Some House Hold Names of Men who were not Primarily Politicians. 3

Famous Freemasons; Australian Prime Ministers. 3

Famous Freemasons; Australian State Premiers. 4

Famous Freemasons; Australian State Premiers – NSW.. 4

Famous Freemasons; Australian State Premiers – Queensland. 4

Famous Freemasons; Australian State Premiers – South Australia. 4

Famous Freemasons; Australian State Premiers – Tasmania. 5

Famous Freemasons; Australian State Premiers – Victoria. 5

Famous Freemasons; Australian State Premiers – Western Australia. 5

Famous Freemasons; Australian & State Governors. 6

Famous Australian Freemasons; Australians of the Year.. 8

Famous Australian Freemasons; Australian (and Foreign) Explorers. 8

Famous Australian Freemasons; Actors, Entertainers & Musicians. 9

Famous Australian Freemasons; Sport 10

Famous Australian Freemasons; Military Men – Victoria Cross Recipients. 12

Famous Australian Freemasons; Military Men of Rank or Note. 13

Famous Australian Freemasons; Inventors & Business People. 17

Famous Australian Freemasons; Architects & Builders. 19

Famous Australian Freemasons; Architects. 19

Famous Australian Freemasons; Builders. 20

Famous Australian Freemasons; Artists. 20

Famous Australian Freemasons; Aviation. 21

Famous Australian Freemasons; Chinese of the Ninetieth Century. 21

Famous Australian Freemasons: Convicts. 22

Famous Australian Freemasons; Females (irregular) 23

Famous Australian Freemasons; Medicine. 23

Famous Australian Freemasons; Other Politicians. 24

Famous Australian Freemasons; Photographers, photographs & film makers. 30

Famous Australian Freemasons; Religious Leaders. 31

Famous Australian Freemasons; The Law.. 32

Famous Australian Freemasons: Poets, Writers and Authors. 35

Notable Australian Freemasons; Still more.. 35

Sometimes Claimed, Unlikely to be Freemasons. 51

Observations. 52

Sources. 53

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Some House Hold Names of Men who were not Primarily Politicians

(see sections below this one for references establishing Masonic membership)

·       "Smokey Dawson" Herbert Henry MBE, AM (1913 –2008), country music entertainer and community leader

·       Sir Charles Kingsford Smith (1897-1935), aviator first to cross the Pacific from the US to Brisbane in about 1928.

·       "Chips Rafferty" John William Pilbeam Goffage (1909-1971) Film actor

·       Graham Kennedy (1934-2005), entertainer and the "King of Television". Lodge of St Kilda, 1955

·       Charles "Bud" Tingwell (1923-2009) actor and spitfire pilot.

·       Sir Donald Bradman AC (1908-2001), world famous Australian cricketer.

·       Sir Hubert Opperman (1904-1996) world's fastest bicyclist in 1930s

·       Sir Joseph Banks (1743-1820).."Father Of Australia", botanist

·       John McDouall Stuart (1815-1866), explorer, claimed he recognised a Masonic greeting when he encountered a party of traditional owners in northern Australia.

·       Lachlan Macquarie (1762-1824), Governor of NSW (1810 to 1821)

·       James Boag (c.1822-1890), brewer, founded “J. Boag & Son” in 1883.

·       Charles Brownlow, football legend.

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Famous Freemasons; Australian Prime Ministers

·       Sir Edmund Barton GCMG, KC (1849-1920), 1st Australian Prime Minister (1901-1903).     Initiated into Australian Lodge of Harmony No 555 English Constitution on 13 March 1878.   

·       Sir George Reid GCB, GCMG, KC (1845-1918), 4th Prime Minister of Australia, Lodge Centennial No. 169, UGL of NSW on 16 Nov 1896  

·       Sir Joseph Cook GCMG (1860-1947) 6th Prime Minister of Australia. Initiated into Lodge Independent No 8 UGLNSW 12 Feb 1892. 

·       Viscount Stanley Melbourne Bruce (1883- 1967) 8th Prime Minister of Australia. Only Prime Minister to lose his seat at an election in 1929. First Australian to sit in the House of Lords. Initiated at Old Melbournians Lodge No 317 UGLV on 12 June 1925.     

·       Sir Earle Christmas Grafton Page GCMG, CH (1880-1961) 11th Prime Minister of Australia. Initiated at Lodge Prince Leopold No 87 UGLNSW on 4 Dec 1917

·       Sir Robert Menzies KT AK CH FAA FRS QC (1894-1978), 12th Prime Minister of Australia, Initiated into Austral Temple Lodge No. 110, UGLV on 10 March 1920. Received a 50 Year Jewel

·       Sir Arthur William Fadden GCMG (1894-1972) 13th Prime Minister of Australia. Initiated into Freemasonry at Caledonia Lodge No 737 Scottish Constitution in Queensland on 20 July 1915 

·       Sir John McEwen, GCMG, CH (1900-1980) 18th Prime Minister of Australia. Initiated into Freemasonry at Lauderdale Lodge No 361 UGLV on 28 July 1926

·       Sir John Grey Gorton (1911-2002) 19th Prime Minister of Australia. Initiated into Freemasonry at Kerrang Lodge No 100 UGLV on 5 Feb 1948.       

·       Sir William McMahon GCMG, CH (1908-1988) 20th Prime Minister of Australia.      Initiated at Lodge University of Sydney No 544 UGLNSW on 22 March 1974. 

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Famous Freemasons; Australian State Premiers

The list of Premiers has been expanded enough to warrant subsections. There are several below which generally do not appear in lists of Freemasons yet have reliable sources for inclusion.

Famous Freemasons; Australian State Premiers – NSW

·       Sir Charles Cowper KCMG (1807-1875), 2nd Premier of New South Wales five times, was initiated in The Lodge of Australia in 1862

·       Sir John Robertson KCMG (1816 - 1891) MLA MLC 5th Premier of NSW and Premier 5 times. Colonial Secretary. President Local Branch Irish (National) League from 1864 until 1865 Led squatter protest against Governor Gipps' attempt to restrict expansion beyond boundaries of location in North-West in 1838. Opposed Federation  Best remembered for land reform and in particular the Robertson Land Acts of 1861, which sought to open up the selection of Crown land and break the monopoly of the squatters.

·       James Squire Farnell (1825-1888), MLA, MLC 8th Premier NSW, politician, drover, bushman.  Provincial Grand Master of the Irish Constitution, First Grand Master GL of NSW, Member Leinster Marine Lodge..

·       Sir Robert Askin GCMG, (1907 - 1981) 32nd Premier of New South Wales, member Boree Lodge 335 & Prince Edward Lodge 349  In 1973 Askin became the first Premier of New South Wales to win a fourth successive term.

·       Sir Eric Willis KBE, CMG (1922-99),   34th Premier of New South Wales



Famous Freemasons; Australian State Premiers – Queensland

·       Sir Samuel Walker Griffith KCMG (1845-1920), Chief Justice and 9th Premier of Queensland (twice), Grand Master      

·       Sir Robert Philip KCMG(1851-1922), businessman and 15th Premier of Queensland,

·       William Forgan Smith (1887-1953) 24th Premier of Queensland 1932-1940, trade unionist and anti-conscriptionist, initiated into Prince Albert Lodge No 248 UGLQLD. MLA


Famous Freemasons; Australian State Premiers – South Australia

·       Maj Robert Torrens, (1780–1864), political economist, Member Royal Society, 1st Premier of South Australia and later [1872] Sir Robert Torrens, Initiated, 24 Nov 1824, then of Woolwich, L. of Antiquity No. 2, London.  

·       Sir Richard Davies Hanson (1805-1876), solicitor founding member of the South Australian Literary Society in August 1834, initiated Lodge of Friendship in 1834. 4th Premier (1857-1860) South Australia, as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court (from 1861) and as acting Governor (1872-1873).  Hanson St & Road Adelaide are named after him.

·       Sir John Hart CMG (1809-1873), SC Provincial Grand Master SA   10th Premier of South Australia three times, MLA MLC    Hart's Mill (1855) and the Adelaide Milling Company flour mill (c.1890) are prominent landmarks adjacent to the southern wharf of the Inner Harbour at Port Adelaide

·       Justice Sir James Boucaut KCMG (1831-1916) MLA. 11th Premier South Australia, Premier three times  

·       Sir John Alexander Cockburn KCMG (1850-1929), 18th Premier of South Australia, Federationalist and medical practitioner  Initiated in 1876, helped establish the Grand Lodge of South Australia and served in several high offices within it    Initiated Friendship Lodge No. 423 South Australian 1876

·       John Greeley Jenkins (1851-1923), 22nd Premier of South Australia  

·       Thomas Price (1852-1909), 24th Premier of South Australia, reformist, trade unionist

·       Archibald Henry Peake (1859-1920), 25th Premier of South Australia  

·       Robert Stanley “Bob” Richards (1885-1967), 32nd Premier of South Australia.     

·       Sir Thomas Playford IV GCMG (1896-1981), 33rd Premier of South Australia    (not to be confused with Thomas Playford II (1837-1915) who was also a Premier of South Australia and grandfather of Sir Thomas Playford IV ) Premier of South Australia from 5 November 1938 to 10 March 1965, the longest term of any elected government leader in the history of Australia

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Famous Freemasons; Australian State Premiers – Tasmania

·       Sir Neil Elliott Lewis KCMG (1858-1935),    lawyer and 19th Tasmanian Premier three times. MLA. Attorney-General. Federationalist. Lieutenant-Governor of Tasmania 1933-35. Chancellor of the University of Tasmania 1924-33  

·       Sir John William Evans CMG (1855-1943), seaman, businessman and politician, 21st Premier of Tasmania


Famous Freemasons; Australian State Premiers – Victoria

·       Sir James Brown Patterson KCMG (1833-1895), butcher, real estate agent & auctioneer, politician, 17th Victorian Premier, 2nd Grand Master of Grand Lodge Victoria (GLV)1886-88. Mayor of Chewton, MLA     

·       Sir George Turner KCMG (1851-1916) Privy Councilor, Victoria's first Australian-born Premier of Victoria (18th), Commonwealth Treasurer  & Minister, Mayor of St Kilda 1887-88. Introduced income tax (1894)  Initiated 1882 at The Brighton District Lodge No37  

·       Sir Alexander James Peacock KCMG (1861-1933), 20th Premier of Victoria and member of fourteen ministries. Grand Master (1900-05) of the United Grand Lodge of Victoria (UGLV)       

·       William Alexander Watt (1871-1946) politician, 24th Premier of Victoria, Acting Prime Minister post WW1. initiated North Melbourne Lodge 2 Dec 1901

·       Sir Harry Lawson KMCG (1875-1952), 27th Premier of Victoria 1918-1924, Scotch Collegians Lodge    

·       Sir Henry Edward Bolte GCMG (1908-1990), was the 38th and longest serving Premier of Victoria. Initiated into Lodge Meredith No 163 UGLV 9 October 1946


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Famous Freemasons; Australian State Premiers – Western Australia

·       Major General Sir Newton James Moore KCMG(1870-1936), 8th Premier of Western Australia, soldier and businessman, President of the Western Australian Municipal Association in 1904  

·       John Scaddan CMG (1876-1934) mine-engine driver, MLA. Known as “Happy Jack”  10th Western  Australian Premier  Youngest WA Premier   The town Scaddan is named after him.

·       Sir Charles Court AK, KCMG, OBE (1911 –2007), 21st Western Australian Premier  Past Master Lathom Lodge.


Famous Freemasons; Australian & State Governors

·       Lachlan Macquarie (1762-1824),  Governor of NSW       “Served as the last autocratic Governor of NSW (1810 to 1821) and played a leading role in the social, economic and architectural development of the colony”. Initiated January 1793 at Bombay, India in Lodge No1

·       Sir Isaac Alfred Isaacs (1855–1948), Governor-General, Attorney-General, High Court Judge and politician    Elected to the first Federal Parliament of Australia. Initiated Antrim No 349 Irish Const, member of Australia Felix, first Grand Register(1889-1890) of UGLV

·       Sir Ernest Clark (1864-1951), Governor of Tasmania, installed Grand Master of Tasmania in 1935      

·       Sir  Frederick Napier Broome KCMG (1842-1896)   Governor of Western Australia 1882-89    The town of Broome in Western Australia is named for him

·       Lord Huntingfield, William Charles Arcedeckne KCMG (1883-1969), Governor of Victoria (1931-1939).   14th Grand Master UGLV 1935-1939     Grand Master when Freemasons Hospital East Melbourne Opened.  Initiated United Lodge No. 1629 EC

·       Sir Robert William Duff GCMG, PC (1835-1895), Governor of NSW, Grand Master of NSW 

·       Air Vice Marshal Sir Robert Allingham George KCMG, KCVO, KBE, CB, MC (1896-1967) South Australian Governor   Grand Master South Australia 1956-1958  

·       Major-General Sir Reginald Alexander Dallas Brooks KCB CMG DSO KStJ KCVO KCMG (1896-1966), Governor of Victoria, 19th Grand Master UGLV 1951-1963. Victoria's longest serving Governor and Masonic Grand Master “was possibly the most popular Governor in Victoria's history” initiated in the Clarke Lodge No. 98 on 6 February 1950  Dallas Brooks Hall 300 Albert St East Melb was named after him

·       Lt General Sir John Northcott KCMG, CB, MVO, KStJ (1890-1966). NSW State Governor & Grand Master. Wounded at Gallipoli on 25 April 1915         

·       Lord Somers, Lieutenant-Colonel Arthur Herbert Tennyson Somers-Cocks KCMG, DSO, MC (1887-1944), Governor of Victoria, 12th Grand Master Victoria 1927-1932     Chief Scout of Victoria and succeeded Baden-Powell as Chief Scout of the British Commonwealth Initiated Household Brigade Lodge

·       George Edward John Mowbray Rous, 3rd Earl of Stradbroke CB CVO CBE KCMG ADC (1862-1947) KCMG, CB, CVO, CBE, VD, TD (1862-1947), Soldier & Governor of Victoria 1921-26       Initiated Lodge of Prudence No. 388 10th Grand Master UGLV 1922-1929

·       Lord Stonehaven, Major-General Michael Jeffery, Governor General 1925-1930, Grand Master UGLNSW    

·       Major-General Jeffery AC, CVO, MC.( 1937- ), Governor General of Western Australia 1993 –2002 and then Australia 2003–2008, Former CO of SAS Regiment (Australia). Initiated in St George’s Lodge No 6 on 23 November 1994,    

·       Sir Samuel J Way (1836-1916), South Australian Lt Governor, Grand Master South Australia 1884-        

·       Sir Malcolm Barclay-Harvey (1890-1969), South Australian Governor, Grand Master South Australia 1941-1943      95th Grand Master Mason of Scotland (1949-54)  initiated in Apollo University Lodge No. 357 (E.C.) in 1908

·       Sir William Ellison-Macartney KCMG (1852-1924) Governor of Tasmania 1912-1917, Governor of Western Australia 1917-1920. Grand Master WA 1918-?, Grand Master Tasmania    Initiated Apollo University Lodge No. 357 EC on 6 June 1872

·       Sir Eric Neal (1924-) AC CVO South Australian Governor 1996-2001, Chair Wespac

·       Sir Alan James Mansfield KCMG KCVO KStJ (1902-1980) Chief Justice, Governor of Queensland 1966-1972, Chief Australian Prosecutor 1946-47 at the trials of war criminals in Tokyo, Chancellor The University of Queensland 1966-76, Grand Master QLD 

·       Frederic John Napier Thesiger, 1st Viscount Chelmsford GCSI, GCMG, GCIE, GBE, PC (1868 - 1933) British statesman served as Governor of Queensland 1905–1909, Governor of NSW 1909 -1913. Viceroy of India. Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of NSW 1910-1913.   Initiated 1 June 1898 in Lodge of Amity No. 137 EC

·       Sir Gerard Smith KCMG (1839-1920), Governor of Western Australia (1895-1900)      First Grand Master of Western Australia Grand Lodge. Initiated into Freemasonry on 4 May 1880 in the United Studholme Alliance Lodge No. 1591 EC

·       Lord Kintore, Algernon Hawkins Thomond Keith-Falconer (1852- 1930) Governor of South Australia and Grand Master South Australia 1889-1895   

·       Lord Carrington, Charles Robert Carrington KG GCMG PC DL JP (1843-1928), Governor of NSW and District Grand Master NSW in 1888 to 1890    First Grand Master United Grand Lodge NSW Initiated 28 October 1861 in Sir Isaac Newton Lodge No. 859 EC

·       Sir Thomas Mellis Napier KCMG (1882-1976), Judge, Lieutenant Governor 1942-73, Grand Master of South Australia 1928-1930    

·       Sir Harry Holdsworth Rawson GCB GCMG (1843-1910), Admiral, Governor of NSW 1902-1909. “He promoted 'the ultimate formation of a separate navy' for Australia” Grand Master of United Grand Lodge of New South Wales (1905-09). Initiated in Royal Sussex Lodge No. 501 EC in November     

·       Lord Brassey. Thomas Brassey KCB (1836-1916), first Governor of Victoria to be elected Grand Master 1896-1900, help found Volunteer Naval Reserves. Initiated Oxford University Lodge 1850. In Melbourne he joined the Clarke Lodge No. 98

·       Sir John Goodwin KCB, CMG, DSO, Queensland Governor and Queensland Grand Master.      

·       Lord Gowrie, Sir Alexander Gore Arkwright Hore-Ruthven VC DSO with Bar (1872-1955) Victoria Cross Winner, and Australia's longest serving Governor-General. Grand Master of NSW Initiated into Freemasonry at Lodge St Andrews Military Lodge No 668 on 15 March 1893.          

·       Sir Leslie Orme Wilson DSO GCIE GCSI. (1876-1955), Governor 1932-1946 and Grand Master of Queensland 1934-1946.       Governor of Bombay 1923-28. Initiated in Lodge Ionic No. 65 NSWC on 17 January 1904

·       Sir Victor Albert George Child-Villiers, 7th Earl of Jersey GCB, GCMG, PC, DL, JP (1845-1915), Governor of NSW, Grand Master UGLNSW (installed 1891)    initiated into Apollo University Lodge No. 357 EC, on 25 October 1865 affiliated with Lodge Ionic No. 65 NSWC

·       General Sir Charles Gairdner GBE, KCMG, KCVO, CB (1898–1983) Governor of Western Australia in 1951-63, Governor of Tasmania 1963-68. Initiated in Shamrock Lodge No. 101 (Irish constitution)  Grand Master

·       Lord Carmichael, Thomas Gibson Carmichael, GCSI KCMG (1859-1926) Governor Victoria 1908-11  Governor of Madras, India, Governor of Bengal. Grand Master UGLV 1909-1912. Initiated 1895 in Lodge Dramatic and Arts No. 757 SC

·       Sir Douglas Nicholls KCVO, OBE (1906-1988), Governor of South Australia   and prominent Indigenous Australian, pioneering reconciliation. First Australian Aboriginal to be knighted and first to serve in vice regal office. In 1934, 3rd in Brownlow count 1935 first Aboriginal selected Victorian Interstate Team. Initiated Lodge Antoc in 1954

·       Sir George Cumine Strahan KCMG. (1838-1887), Governor of Tasmania.

·       Sir Ronald Hibbert Cross KCMG (1896-1968), British Parliamentarian. British High Commissioner to Australia 1941. Governor of Tasmania 1951

·       Lieutenant-Colonel George James Molle (1773-1823), soldier and Lieutenant-Governor NSW, commander 46th Regiment in February, 1814 Sydney Took part in the first public Masonic ceremony in Australia, at the laying of the foundation stone of Captain John Piper's new house on what is now Point Piper   Lodge of Social and Military Virtues in late 1816.

·       Hercules George Robert Robinson, 1st Baron Rosmead GCMG PC (1824-1887), was a British colonial administrator who became the 5th Governor of Hong Kong and subsequently, the 14th Governor of New South Wales   

·       Col James Erskine CB (1765-1825)fought at the Battle of Vinegar Hill (Ireland) in June 1798. Lieutenant-Governor Port Jackson & NSW. Presented silver trowel to Australian Social Lodge No. 260 

·       John Hutt (1795-1880) Governor of Western Australia   Presided over first Masonic Meeting in WA Foundation Master of Lodge of Saint John No 712 EC first Lodge in WA  Persuaded first Freemason (Francis Lochée (1811-1893)) to be initiated in Western Australian Colony

·       Lieutenant-General Sir John Lavarack, Grand Master QLD   Governor of Queensland from 1946-1957.



NOTE – Two Governors not noted above appear in the Premiers lists.


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Famous Australian Freemasons; Australians of the Year..

·       Major General Alan Bishop Stretton AO CBE (DSO Vietnamese) (1922-2012), Australian of the Year 1975

·       Sir Edward 'Weary' Dunlop, Australian of the Year 1976 (see military men section for footnotes)



Famous Australian Freemasons; Australian (and Foreign) Explorers

·       Captain Matthew Flinders (1774-1814), explorer  

·       Hamilton Hume (1797-1873)  first Australian explorer to be born here. Initiated at Leinster Marine Lodge of Australia No 266, Irish Const on 12 Sept 1825.

·       William Wentworth (1790-1872) explorer, poet, journalist and politician. Member Lodge Amis Incorruptibles of Orient de Paris in 1818.  Member The Lodge of Australia No 3`

·       Lieutenant John Oxley (1783-1828) RN explorer. Surveyor-General. Member Lodge of Social and Military Virtues No 277 Irish Const.    

·       John McDouall Stuart (1815-1866) explorer. Initiated into the Lodge of Truth No.933 E.C. North Adelaide on 1 August 1859. Stuart claimed he recognised a Masonic greeting when he encountered a party of traditional owners in northern Australia.

·       Charles Karius (?-?) Explorer in PNG. Initiated New Guinea Lodge (292 UGLQ) 29 Nov 1926,   

·       Sir Joseph Banks (1743-1820)  "Father Of Australia", botanist      Member Inverness Lodge, No. 4

·       Augustus C. Gregory KCMG (1819-1905)  Explorer   Surveyor-General of Queensland,   found coal in Western Australia  English District Grand Master

·       Inspector-General Belgrave Edward Sutton Ninnis CVO (1837 – 1922) Royal Navy Surgeon, surveyor, Arctic explorer, and leading Freemason. Served as part of a surveying expedition to the Northern Territory of South Australia, helping to chart the area to the west of the Adelaide River and returning biological specimens to Adelaide for study. Initiated 1872 in Zetland Lodge No 515 Malta Died by accident Antarctica in December 1912 aged 25 years.

·       Charles Archibald Brookes Hoadley CBE (1887-1947), explorer, educationist and scout leader. Member Australasian Antarctic Exploration Expedition led by Mawson. first principal of Footscray Technical School. King's Polar Medal (1915) and the Order of the Silver Wolf (1931). Cape Hoadley in Antarctica is named after him. Initiated 1915

·       Arthur Todd Holroyd MD, MB, FZS, FLS, FRGS (1806-1887),   physician, explorer and jurist. Fellow, Zoological Society of London. First European to cross the Bayuda desert to Khartoum and the first Englishman to visit Kordofan. Fellow Royal Geographical Society. MLC MLA. First Mayor municipality of Prospect and Sherwood ( now Holroyd). District Grand Master of the English constitution (1867-77)  

·       Albert Frederick Calvert (1872-1946), author, explorer, traveler and mining engineer. Initiated 1893

·       Edmund Albert Colson (1881-1950), explorer and bushman. “..understood the rites, customs and dialects of several Aboriginal tribes”. Crossed of the Simpson Desert accompanied by Eringa Peter of the Antakurinya tribe (1936)

·       Michael Terry (1899–1981), explorer and author. In 1923 he and his companion Richard Yockney drove from Winton, Queensland, to Broome, Western Australia, in a 1913 T-model Ford


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Famous Australian Freemasons; Actors, Entertainers & Musicians

·       Herbert Henry "Smokey Dawson" MBE AM (1913 –2008), country music entertainer and community leader      

·       Graham Kennedy AO (1934-2005), entertainer and "King of Television". Lodge of St Kilda, 1955      

·       "Chips Rafferty" John William Pilbeam Goffage (1909-1971) Film actor. Initiated at Lodge Literature No 500 UGLNSW in 1957      

·       Charles "Bud" Tingwell AM (1923-2009) actor and spitfire pilot. Initiated Lodge Carinya No 785 on 27 Jan 1950    

·       George Seth Coppin (1819-1906),  politician, comic actor and entrepreneur. An energetic Freemason he became the first Grand Master of Victoria (Grand Lodge Victoria later dissolved when United Grand Lodge Victoria was formed, Coppin presided over the first (and last (1889) meeting of the GL). Coppin has been credited with fathering the Australian theatre     Initiated St Johns Lodge No 346 IC

·       Harry Van Der Sluys, aka "Roy Rene Mo (1892-1954) better known as “Mo” the clown. Lodge Thespian No 256 NSW, NSW Australia      

·       Nathan Phillips better known as “Stiffy” the clown (?-1932), Lodge Thespian No 256 NSW    

·       Raymond Charles "Ray" Barrett (1927 –2009) movie actor and voice of John Tracey in “Thunderbirds”. Initiated in 1949 in Empire Lodge No.197 of the United Grand Lodge of Queensland. 

·        Philip Peter Jacob Wirth (1864-1937) bandsman and circus proprietor, with his brother, founded Wirth Bros Ltd Circus (1913-1963)

·       Friedrich Wilhelm August Klauer ( 1829 -1906)  Band musician, composer, arranger, publican, gold miner, played at the Eureka Stockade. Oldest publican in Adelaide. He was a prominent Freemason, Past Master of the Duke of Leinster Lodge   Member of the Adelaide City Council.

·       Walter Malcolm Neil McEachern (1883-1945), singer, one half of the comic musical duo Mr Flotsam and Mr Jetsam. Toured with Nellie Melba

·       George Bennett (c1817-1854) Singer, pianist, organist, concert presenter, composer. Born UK c.1817 Arrived Adelaide, South Australia 1839 Died Adelaide, 22 September 1854, aged 37 

·       Arthur King (?-1908) prominent musician & conductor on the Goldfields. Kalgoorie Masonic Lodge 24 

·       Mr St John Caws, first secretary of the Musical Society of Victoria, of which he was one of the founders   Lodge Judah No. 20

·       Samuel KAYE, Singing-master, Professor of Music, organist, music seller, organ builder, arranger, music publisher, Active Melbourne, by 1860 Departed Melbourne, after July 1876. Music for the Masonic Order, being Ritual No 1 selected and arranged by Bro. Samuel Kaye 

·       Henry (de) Burgh, (1841-1869?) Amateur vocalist, pianist, composer  

·       Edward Ralph de Tisne (1890-1931) American Actor, Initiated into Freemasonry in Thespian Lodge No. 256, UGL of NSW on November 22, 1921, later affiliated with Thespian Lodge No. 268 in Brisbane 1922   

·       William Ellsworth Robinson “Chung Ling Soo“ aka “Ching Ling Soo” 1861-1918  International “Chinese” Magician, his death on stage was widely reported in Australia,  Lodge Thespian No 256 NSW        

·       Lancelot Sherlock Fitzgerald aka. Lance Vane (1884-1942) actor. Initiated Thespian No. 268  UGLQ  December 7, 1922, later affilicated affiliated with Thespian Lodge 256 UGLNSW

·       Hugh Huxham - English actor, vaudevillian, politician, leader Hugh Huxham's Serenaders,  Thespian Lodge No. 73 QC

·       Clarence Alphonse Lambert aka Lou Vernon (1888-1971), screen, stage and radio actor and entertainer, appeared in Bonanza and Gunsmoke, and Australian TV dramas Homicide, Division 4  and movies such as The Power and the Glory (1940) and  “On the Beech” 1959. Initiated  Thespian Lodge No. 268, UGLQ December 1919  

·       Claude Holland (1901-1984)- Australian actor, movie star, broadcaster, radio station manager. member Hugh Huxham's Serenaders. Initiated Thespian Lodge No. 268 on November 1, 1923. 

·       John Vyvyan Ormonde Dobbie (1903-1952), Australian actor, movie star, broadcaster, auctioneer. Leading parting in “His Royal Highness” 1932,  Australia's first musical film Initiated Thespian Lodge No. 268  UGLV  3 May 1945

·       Lt George Patrick (Pat) Hanna (1888-1973), New Zealand army officer, actor, movie star, cartoonist. Initiated into Thespian Lodge No. 268 on July 3, 1924

·       Arthur Phillips Hemsley (1891-1954) actor, comic and radio, part of comic act “Brull & Hemsley”. Initiated Thespian Lodge No. 268, UGLQ 1920 


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Famous Australian Freemasons; Sport

·       Sir Donald Bradman AC (1908-2001), world famous Australian cricketer. Initiated Lodge Tarbolton No 12 UGLNSW 26 Nov 1929.      

·       William Albert Stanley (Bert) Oldfield MBE (1894-1976), cricketer     Wisden Cricketer of the Year 1927. Initiated Lodge Arcadia No 177 UGLNSW on 11 June 1920  

·       Sir Hubert Opperman, OBE (1904-1996) world's fastest bicyclist in 1930s; Government Minister; High Commissioner to Malta. Initiated into Stonnington Lodge No 368 UGLV on 23 Dec 1925.     Member Peace and Loyalty Lodge

·       Bill Ponsford MBE (1900-1991), test cricketer       

·       Charles Brownlow (1861-1924) football  Unity and Prudence Lodge initiated in 1885   

·       John Treloar (1928- ) one of the fastest sprinters in the world of his time, winner of three track sprint gold medals at the Auckland 1950 Empire Games. Initiated at Lodge Frank McDowell No 362 on 4 March 1948

·       Edward (Eddie) Charlton AM (1929-2004) professional snooker and billiards champion. Initiated into Lodge Swansea No 755 UGL of NSW&ACT 14 July 1961.

·       Walter Albert Lindrum CBE (1898 - 1960) professional billiards player. Initiated Crimea Lodge No 432 8 Oct 1934

·       Jack Plummer, sprinter, Australian 1500m track champion and also at Auckland 1950 Empire Games 

·       Aaron Treve (Tommy) Woodcock (1905-1985), horseracing, Australian handler of the racehorse Phar Lap  Initiated 11 Nov 1943 in Smithfield Lodge 414 UGLV 

·       Ray Land, who competed in sprints and relays at Melbourne 1956

·       Vic Patrick (1920-2006) "the best Australian boxer never to have won a world title". Australian Lightweight Title in 1941. Initiated at Lodge Fellowship No 623 on 28 Jan 1942

·       Mickey (Roy) Tollis ( 1927 – 2007), boxer 

·       John “Jimmy” Hill (c1925- ), boxer, holds 50 year jewel    

·       Henry Messenger (1883-1959), Rugby player. Initiated at Lodge Thespian No 265 in 1915 

·       William John Truscott 'Nipper' (1886-1966), footballer inducted into the Sport Australia Hall of Fame in 1985 and the Australian Football Hall of Fame in 1996

·       Deverick John (Mick) Cronin (1911-1979), Australian Rules footballer and commentator

·       William Hender Hellings, swimmer one of the founders of the NSW Swimming Association

·       John Hill (b1925?), member Victorian Boxing Hall of Fame, 50 Year Jewel holder.

·       Edgar Laurence ( Dunc) Grey (1906-1996), Olympic bicyclist  

·       Mervyn (Merv) Thomas Wood, LVO, MBE, QPM (1917 –2006) Eight-time Australian national sculling champion, four-time Olympian and three-time Olympic medalist. Held 28 State Sculling titles. Australian athlete of the year. Later Police Commissioner of the NSW Police Force.  

·       William (Bill) M Lawry AM (1937- ) cricket  initiated Manangatang lodge 705 UGLV in 1962

·       Wally Grout (1927-1968), test cricketer  

·       Charles George "Charlie" Macartney (1886 – 1958) cricket  “known as "The Governor-General"

·       Stanley Rupert Rowley (1876-1924), Olympic Sprinter Paris 1900, member Lodge Austral

·       Leo Ejner Jensen (1912-1978), wrestler and physiotherapist. Australian Heavy Weight Champion 1952

·       Dr William Caldwell McClelland CBE (1875-1957) Melbourne Football Club captain 1901-04, President of the Victorian Football League in 1926-55 and of the Melbourne Cricket Club in 1944-57  Australian Football Hall of Fame.

·       Glyn de Villiers Bosisto MBE (1899-1990). Lawn Bowls, “created so many records that he was dubbed the (Sir Donald) `Bradman of bowls’ 

·       Bob Jones (1952-) Racing Car Driver & Businessman, Grand Master of Victoria, V8s at Sandown and Bathurst  represented Victoria in basketball and played for Williamstown in the VFA and South Melbourne under-19s in the VFL 

·       Arthur Tunstall OBE (1922-2016), Boxing & Sports Administration.

·       John James “Jack” Lyons (1863-1927), state and international cricket batsman, household name.       

·       Peter Jackson aka "Black Prince" aka “'Peter the Great'” (3 July 1861 – 13 July 1901) “Australian pugilist” “a man of colour” heavy weight champion of Australia. Buried in The Brisbane General Cemetery also known as Toowong Cemetery, A magnificent tomb was erected by subscription with the words, 'This was a man'.   


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Famous Australian Freemasons; Military Men – Victoria Cross Recipients

·       Lord Gowrie, Sir Alexander Gore Arkwright Hore-Ruthven VC DSO with Bar (1872-1955) Victoria Cross Winner, and Australia's longest serving Governor-General (see Governor General Section above)

·       Lt William Dunstan VC (1895–1957), Victoria Cross Winner. Victorian Naval and Military Lodge.   

·       John Hutton Bisbee VC (1869-1930), first Australian soldier to be awarded the Victoria Cross (in Boer War, South Africa). Initiated Lodge Bulwer No 1068 England on 6 Jan 1917

·       Major General Neville R Howse VC, KCB, KCMG (1863-1930), surgeon & soldier, politician  first Victoria Cross Winner in Australian Services and only medical member of the Australian Forces to be awarded the VC. MLA Initiated Lodge Ophir on 29 Aug 1901 

·       Captain Albert Jacka, VC, MC with Bar (1893-1932)  Australia’s first WW1 VC   

·       John Hurst Edmondson (1914-1941) Victoria Cross Winner. Initiated into Lodge Liverpool No 197 on 3 April 1935,   first Australian VC of WW2   

·       Arthur Blackburn VC (1892-1960) Victoria Cross Winner. Initiated Peter's Collegiate Lodge No 58 South Australia on 9 Dec 1918. 

·       Walter (Walley) Brown VC (1885-1942) Victoria Cross Winner. Initiated Lodge Godeldrie No 558 on 7 April 1931. 

·       George Cartwright VC (1894-1978) Victoria Cross Winner. Initiated Lodge Merrylands No 479 on 1 Nov 1923.

·       William Currey VC (1895-1948) Victoria Cross Winner. Initiated into Lodge Carlton No 382 on 11 March 1930.

·       James Heather Gordon VC (1907-1986) Victoria Cross Winner. Initiated at Lodge United Service No 307 WA on 2 April 1959

·       Blair A Wark VC (1894-1941) Victoria Cross Winner. Initiated at Lodge Lane Cove No 338 on 8 Nov 1921 

·       James Gorman VC (1834-1882) Victoria Cross Winner initiated at The Leinster Marine Lodge of Australia in 1878.

·       John Woods Whittle VC (1882-1946) Victoria Cross Winner. Initiated at Lodge Sydney St Andrew no 7 on 1 Nov 1923

·       James Rogers VC (1873-1961) Victoria Cross Winner. Initiated at Lodge Robbie Burns No 88 UGLV on 11 Nov 1913  

·       Hugo Throssell VC (1884-1933) Victoria Cross Winner. Initiated at Lodge Bulwer No 1068 UGLE on 15 June 1917

·       William Donovan Joynt VC (1889-1986) Victoria Cross Winner. Initiated at Old Melbournians Lodge no 317 UGLV on 12 Oct 1923. 

·       George J Howell VC (1893-1964) Victoria Cross Winner. Initiated into Freemasonry on 2 Dec 1920. 

·       Major Frederick Harold Tubb VC(1881 - 1917)  Victoria Cross Winner  

·        Corporal Cameron Baird VC MG (1981-2013), Initiated 23 Sept 2006 Lodge Thespian No. 256 ULG NSW & ACT


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Famous Australian Freemasons; Military Men of Rank or Note

·       Col Dr Sir Weary Dunlop AC, CMG, OBE (1907-1993), War Hero & Doctor WW2 Japanese POW, Changi Railway - saved hundreds including Sir William Clavel (author of Shogun) Initiated in Lodge Liberation, No 674 in 1954 UGLV 

·       Major-General Harold Edward "Pompey" Elliott CB, CMG, DSO, DCM, VD (1878–1931), a legend among 1st AIF soldiers, and later a Senator for Victoria   Member Victorian Naval and Military Lodge 49

·       Sir Frederick Rudolph William Scherger KBE, CB, DSO, AFC (1904-1984), air force officer, airline commissioner and company chairman. Australians highest known Military ranking Freemason. He served as Chief of the Air Staff, the RAAF's highest-ranking position (1957 – 1961) and as Chairman of the Chiefs of Staff Committee (1961 -1966), forerunner of the role of Australia's Chief of the Defense Force. He was the first RAAF officer to hold the rank of Air Chief Marshal (the equivalent of 4 Stars). MMM of Werribee Mark Lodge No.98 (Craft Lodge currently unknown – was WM Adastral Lodge No. 397, 1939-1945),

·       Jack Lockett OAM (1891-2002) was Australia's oldest man and oldest war veteran when he died at the age of 111 and was honoured with a State Funeral in Victoria   80 years as a Freemason.

·       Air Commodore Rex Taylor CBE, John Knox Lodge   

·       Air-Commodore Arthur Henry (Harry) Cobby DSO DFC (two Bars) GM CBE (1894-1955), Victorian Naval and Military Lodge 49  Cobby shot down 29 aircraft and 13 balloons between February and September 1918, and was the leading A.F.C. ace. United States of America Medal of Freedom with bronze palm, for meritorious wartime service

·       Major-General Sir Robert Risson DSO CBE CB OStJ Kt(1901-1992). Chairman Melbourne and Metropolitan Tramways Board. Joined Freemasonry in 1961 and 25th Grand Master of the UGLV 1974 - 1976   chief commissioner of the Boy Scouts Association 1958-1963  Initiated Baden Powell 24 July 1961

·       Major-General Frank E. Poke (?-?) AO, RFD ED PDGM  Grand Master UGLV

·       Major-General Sir Alan Ramsay CB CBE DSO ED (1895-1973)

·       Major-General R Kendall CBE

·       Major General John Keatly Forsyth CMG (1867-1928) commander Fourth Light Horse Regiment Arrived Gallipoli May 1914

·       Major-General Robert Edward Jackson CMG DSO (1886-1948)   Served at Gallipoli to WW2

·       Major-General Arthur Gillespie (AG) Wilson DSO CBE (1897-?)

·       Major-General RE Wade CB CBE (1924-1995)

·       Major-General Thomas Henry Dodds CMG CVO DSO (1873-1943) Victorian Naval and Military Lodge 49  Deputy Adjutant General in France to AIF. Hawthorn City Councilor, Honorary Federal Treasurer of RSL.

·       Major General (CMF) John Rowlstone Stevenson DSO CBE (1908-1971), parliamentary officer and soldier. Battalion & Brigade Commander. Served on the Kokoda Track. accepted the surrender of the Japanese forces on Nauru and Ocean islands

·       Major-General Paul Alfred Cullen AC, CBE, DSO & Bar, ED (1909 – 2007)  Battalion Commander on the Kokoda Track, founder and first chairman of Austcare and a noted philanthropist (born Paul Cohen to Judah Cohen, a member of a long standing Australian Jewish Family)

·       Chap-General Rev Albert Thomas Holden CBE (1866-1935), 7th Grand Master UGLV 1912-1914. Leader in the Methodist Church. Initiated Grange Lodge 27 Sept 1898   Holden Masonic Research Circle in named in his honour.

·       Lieutenant-General Sir Carl Jess CB, CMG, CBE, DSO (1884-1948)

·       Lieutenant-General Sir Leslie Morshead KCB, KBE, CMG, DSO, ED (1889-1959), Commander Rats of Tobruk and New Guinea and Borneo Campaigns

·       Brigadier The Hon MWJ Bourchier CMG, DSO, VD, MLA (1881-1937)  led his Regiment, the 4th Australian Light Horse, in the Charge at Beersheba

·       Lieutenant-General Sir Frank Berryman KCVO, CB, CBE, DSO (1894-1981).

·       Lieutenant-General Rudolph Bierwirth CBE (1899-1993)  Commander in Chief, British Commonwealth Forces Korea (BCFK),

·       Lieutenant-General Sir Robert Drew K.C.B., C.B.E., Q.H.P., M.B., F.R.C.P. (1907-1991) Director-General Of Army Medical Services 1965-1969  

·       Major-General EJ Milford  CB, (1894-1972) Divisional Commander (5th & 7th) WW2, noon on 8 September 1945 Milford accepted the surrender of all Japanese troops in Borneo

·       Rear-Admiral Guy Griffiths AO, DSO, DSC, RAN  He was on the HMS Repulse, which was hit by a bomb and five torpedoes on December 10, 1941. It went down with the loss of 513 lives.

·       Brigadier General Sir Walter Ramsay McNicoll DSO, KBE, CMG (1877-1947), schoolmaster, politician, soldier and administrator. MLA. Led the 6th Battalion in the landing at Anzac Cove on 25 April, and received one of the first awards of the Distinguished Service Order in the AIF administrator of the Mandated Territory of New Guinea in August (1934-1942).

·       Brigadier General Evan Alexander Wisdom CB CMG DSO (1869-1945) Soldier Businessman. One of first to receive a commission (Lieut 1 Oct 1901) after Commonwealth took over Defence Dept, in command of Cannington Mounted Infantry. (Staff Officer to General White at evacuation of Anzac) then served in France. Mayor of Claremont 1908-12. Administrator of Mandated Territory of ex-German New Guinea 1921-1932. MLA

·       General John Jackson Paine (1864-1936) CBE VD Soldier and solicitor Mayor of Windsor for 9 years   

·       Lieutenant-General Sir Horace Robertson KBE DSO (1894-1960)

·       Lieutenant-General Sir Stanley George Savige KBE, CB, DSO, MC, ED (1890-1954) soldier and founder of Legacy. Landed Gallipoli 6 March 1915 

·       Lieutenant-Colonel B.R. (Barry) Tinkler, MBE  Australian Army Training Team Vietnam  

·       Colonel Sir Thomas Charles (Tom) Eastick DSO, CMG, ED (1900-1988), engineer and army officer. Regiment Commander. RSL State president  Took the Japanese surrender at Kuching Borneo in 1945

·       Colonel Alexander Robert Heron DSO CMG (1888-1949), soldier and pharmacist. Battalion Commander WW1 & 2.

·       Colonel James Lawson DSO (1884-1965) Led 'A' Squadron which led the Charge at Beersheba 31 Oct 1917

·       Colonel Terrance (Terry) Raymond Bates (1934?- 2015).

·       Colonel James Campbell Stewart DSO with Bar, CMG (1884-1947), soldier and public servant, acting Battalion Commander Gallipoli, Brigade Commander France

·       Colonel Leslie Walker (?-?), member first South Australian Lodge, Hand of Friendship EC No.613. Walker Street Adelaide is named after him

·       Colonel Burford Sampson DSO (1882-1959), soldier and politician. Platoon commander at Gallipoli, MLC  

·       Colonel D D Dawson VD (1876-1935) promoted to Lieutenant-Colonel in the AIF in 1916 and given command of the 25th Battalion on Gallipoli, Anglican Church Leader member of the General Synod of Australia & elected the first district president for Central Queensland of the Returned Sailors’ and Soldiers’ Imperial League of Australia Member Rockhampton City Council

·       Colonel Clement James Cummings DSO (1908–1991), soldier, accountant, and sportsman. Battalion Commander. RSL’s Meritorious Service Medal (1990)  One of Australia's most distinguished field officers of World War II  Colonel Cummings Drive, Buchans Point, Cairns is named after him.

·       Lieutenant-Colonel Sir Harold Luxton, former Lord Mayor of Melbourne  (1888-1957)

·       Lieutenant-Colonel George Francis Murphy CMG DSO with bar, (1883-1962) soldier, teacher and administrator. DSO with Bar  foundation member of Sydney Legacy

·       Lieutenant-Colonel Walter Edmund Hutchinson Cass CMG (1876-1931), soldier and commandant. brigade major of the 2nd Brigade, AIF that took part in the landing at Anzac Cove but unit was transferred to Cape Helles to advance against the Turks at Krithia on 8 May. Battalion Commander.

·       Lieutenant-Colonel Sir Harold Stokes CBE (1899-1977), engineer, company director. in 1952-74 President of the Austin Hospital and chairman of the board of the Cancer Institute

·       Lieutenant-Colonel Dr Howard Kynaston Denham DSO (1883-1972), soldier and medical practitioner. Battalion Commander. Initiated 1911

·       Lieutenant-Colonel Dr Arthur Ross Clayton DSO (1876-1963), medical practitioner Mayor of the Moonta 1924-26 & 1939-40

·       Lieutenant-Colonel Herbert William Lloyd, CB, CMG, CVO,DSO (1883 - 1957) MLA  Fought at Gallipoli where he earned his DSO

·       Lieutenant-Colonel Theodore Gordon Walker DSO (1900-1971), army officer and businessman. 24th Battalion Commander. POW

·       Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Hazell Elliott CMG, DSO and Bar CMG (1882-1956), soldier and clerk. Within hours of the landing at Gallipoli on 25 April took command of the 12th battalion following the wounding of other officers. Commanded in France and received the Légion d'honneur. Initiated 1911

·       Lieutenant-Colonel George Henry Dean (1859-1953), soldier, stock and station agent and grazier. July 1912 appointed to command the 8th Light Horse Brigade, 1915 as a Lt-Colonel commanded the 13th Light Horse Regiment which served, unmounted, at Gallipoli from early September

·       Lieutenant-Colonel William Charles Nightingale Waite MC (1880-1973), soldier and auctioneer. Served in Boer War, WW1 &2 (home). Landed at Gallipoli on 25 April 1915 and served there until the evacuation in December, first commanding the 7th Field Artillery Battery and then the 8th, MC at Gallipoli. member of the Burnside Town Council for seventeen years. The Colonel Waite Memorial Oval at Kensington Gardens, Adelaide, honours his service to the council. At 90 he presided over the last memorial meeting of Boer War veterans. Especially well known as Chief Marshal on Anzac Day in Adelaide; proudly mounted on a dapple-grey charger, he led the parade on twenty-nine occasions.

·       Lieutenant-Colonel Ernest Arthur Kendall CMG (1876-1938), veterinary surgeon. First Chair Victoria’s Milk Board

·       Lieutenant-Colonel Sir Byrne Hart MC, CBE (1895-1989), soldier, accountant and company director. From January 1943 commanded the 2nd Australian Water Transport Group

·       Lieutenant Colonel Allan Gordon Cameron DSO and Bar (1909-1960), bank officer and soldier was awarded the DSO with Bar in New Guinea. Battalion Commander.  

·       Lieutenant Colonel John Charles Strickland (1856-1933) Senior Militia Officer in Australia. Initiated Lodge of St John 1878 and PM of the same, Grand Scribe Ezra    

·       Wing Commander William Lloyd Brill DSO, DFC with Bar (1916-1964), RAAF officer

·       Wing Commander Nick Leray-Meyer AM (?-), president RAAF Vietnam Veterans Association

·       Major Alexander Thomas Paterson MC (1886-1950), soldier and businessman.

·       Major William Adolphus (Bill) Chaffey (1915-1987), farmer and politician MLA. Served in Z’ Special Unit 1944-45  Initiated in 1940

·       Major John William Hamilton (?-1915)  Killed at Gallipoli 

·       Major George Albert Eddy (1860-1900) 2IC 1st Australian Regiment KIA Battle of Rensburg (Hobkirk's Farm "Pink Hill"), 12 February 1900, Member Victorian Naval and Military Lodge 49

·       Major George Bland Humble (1839-1930), teacher and Fremantle town clerk   Humble Way Nth Freemantle is named for him.

·       Brigadier Raymond Walter Tovell CBE, DSO and Bar, ED. (1890–1966) MP. Chief Patron of the Rats of Tobruk Association. MLA  

·       Brigadier Arthur Harry Langham Godfrey MC, DSO and Bar (1896-1942), army officer and auctioneer. Battalion Commander. Served in WW1 & 2. Most senior AIF officer killed in action at El Alamein.. 

·       Brigadier Sir Bernard Evans KBE DSO ED (1905-1981)  architect, Lord Mayor of Melbourne 1959-1961

·       Brigadier Sir William Hall KBE DSO ED

·       Brigadier Sir George Hodges Knox KBE, CMG, ED, (1885- 1960) orchardist, soldier and politician, philanthropist MLA, whom the Shire of Knox, later to be known as the City of Knox was named after him. Member Peace and Loyalty UGLV  Battalion Commander of 23rd Battalion from August at Gallipoli. Speaker of the House.

·       Brigadier Keith V Rossi (Rtd) AM OBE RFD ED (1921-2016)   Served in WW2 in and, later, in Vietnam. Active in the RSL, Legacy and VVAA.

·       Captain John Edwin (Jack) McKeddie MC and Bar (1902-1980), army officer and stockbroker, aide-de-camp to Major General (Sir) Leslie Morshead in 1941 and served with him during the siege of Tobruk.

·       Captain James Croker Ferguson, J.P (1830?-1891)., “ONE of the most expert riflemen in the colony”    

·       Captain Robert Russell Fullarton (1829-1895), naval officer and public servant. Naval Commander (all Naval Reserves)  Melbourne Harbour Master

·       Bruce Ruxton (1926-2011), former President of Victorian RSL. 

·       Lieutenant William Sinclair MM MC (1887-1959), soldier, boxmaker and sales representative

·       John Alexander Watson DSO (1891-1980), grocer, insurance agent and army officer. Logistics officer during the siege at Tobruk

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Famous Australian Freemasons; Inventors & Business People

·       James Boag (c.1822-1890), brewer, founded “J. Boag & Son” in February 1883.

·       Thomas Mayne (1901-1995) developed the drink "Milo" still sold today. Initiated into Lodge King Edward No 189 UGLV.

·       Harry Melbourne (1913-2007) invented the "Freddo Frog" chocolate. Initiated into Freemasonry at Victoria Park Lodge No 388 UGLV on 24 April 1944.

·       Frederick Peters (1836-1937) founded Peter's Ice-cream. Initiated into Terre Coupee Lodge No 204 Grand Lodge of Indiana on 27 Dec 1890

·       Fred Walker (1884-1935) best remembered for creating "Vegemite" Spread. Initiated at Austral Temple Lodge No 110 UGLV on 9 July 1919  

·       Cecil Albert Gregory (1894-1974) Founder of "Gregory's Street Directory of Sydney and Suburbs". Initiated Lodge Arcadia No 177 UGLNSW on 12 May 1922.

·       Mervyn Richardson (1893-1972) invented the Victa Lawn Mower. Initiated Lodge Wentworth no 89 on 6 Feb 1945.

·       Joseph Best (1830-1887) and Henry Best (1832-1913), vignerons, founded the vineyard that today trades as “Seppelts Great Western Wines”

·       Sir James Gilbert Hardy (1932- ) winemaker and businessman noted for his yachting achievements.       Initiated Lodge City of Sydney 952 on 21 November 1962  

·       Sir Edward John Lees Hallstrom (1886-1970) famous philanthropist and invented the "Silent Knight Refrigerator". Initiated at Lodge Roseville No 344 on 24 Aug 1922

·       William Albert Flick (1890-1980), pest exterminator, founded W. A. Flick & Co., Australia's largest pest control company, and one that was among the largest in the world

·       William Dymock (1861-1900), bookseller   

·       William Knox (1850-1913), businessman and politician. MLA, MLC. 1885 secretary Broken Hill Proprietary Co. Ltd “Generally regarded as the brains behind B.H.P” Sat on board of Mount Lyell Mining and Railway Co. Ltd & BHP. President Melbourne Chamber of Commerce. Malvern Shire councilor & President. Declined a Knighthood.

·       Sir Alfred Henry Ashbolt (1870-1930), notable businessman fostered economic development, particularly in Tasmania. Consul for Russia in Tasmania until he resigned on the outbreak of the revolution. President Royal Hobart Golf Club

·       John Crann (1848-1935), sugar refiner, one of the Cranns of Robert Cran & Co.

·       William James (Bill) Proud (1871-1931), jeweler founded “Prouds the Jewellers

·       Frank Whiddon (1877- 1947). With this brother, founded Whiddon Bros Ltd. Initiated into Lodge Neutral Bay No. 267. Grand Master UGLNSW 1945.  

·       Henry Perdriau (1845-1935), pioneer rubber merchant and manufacturer. Director Dunlop-Perdriau Rubber Co. Ltd.  

·       Sir George Victor Lansell (1883-1959), businessman, politician and philanthropist. Director of the Sandhurst Trustees' Co. MLC & Director of many companies like Bendigo Pottery Company Ltd

·       Sir Gordon Burns Rolph CMG (1893-1959). Businessman and Newspaper Owner. President of the Australian Provincial Press Association, Launceston Chamber of Commerce, Federated Chambers of Commerce of the British Empire, Honorary Justices' Association of Tasmania, National Agricultural and Pastoral Society, Launceston War Memorial Community Centre Association, Royal Society of St George, Royal Commonwealth Society, Launceston Rotary Club & the Australian Federation of Commercial Broadcasting Stations. Chairman of Australian Provincial Daily Press and delegate to four Imperial Press conferences. Chief executive of the Tasmanian Executors and Trustees Association Pty Ltd, Equitable Building Society, Walpamur Co. (Aust.) Ltd, Cleanquick Pty Ltd, Tip Top Paints (Aust.), Tamar Services Pty Ltd, Tasmanian Softwoods Pty Ltd and United Dairies and Cool Stores of Tasmania.

·       Charles Andrew Ord MBE. (1905-1977), banker and stockbroker. Philanthropist. Co-founded Ord & Minnett, later acquired other businesses and developed into one of Australia's leading brokerage businesses. State Chair National Heart Foundation of Australia

·       Hugo Carl Emil Muecke (1842-1929), MLC politician, customs and shipping agent, Honorary German Consul 1882-1914. Boards of the Bank of Adelaide, Adelaide Steamship Co. Ltd and Executor Trustee & Agency Co. of South Australia Ltd and the local boards of South British Fire & Marine Insurance Co. and National Mutual Life Association of Australasia (1878-1915). Chairman BHP (1914). MLA. Naturalized but still interned in April 1916 at Fort Largs  District Grand Master SC in SA     

·       William Holyman (1833-1919), master mariner and ship owner. In 1911 bought automobiles to carry mail from Launceston to Beauty Point, the first regular mail service by motor car in Tasmania  

·       Thomas Swallow (1823-1890),  businessman, manufacturer, mechanical inventor, member of the first municipal council Sandridge (Port Melbourne) (1860) and was Mayor for several terms before retiring in 1875. Major Volunteer Artillery  SWALLOW ST Port Melbourne was named after him, noted for founding the Swallow & Ariel biscuit factory which at the time (1850's) was the 5th largest steam biscuit factory in the WORLD.  Swallow's Landing & Swallow Rd & Swallow Street Cairns also named after him.

·       Sir Roderick William Miller CBE (1911-1971), company director, transport pioneer. Pioneered the coal trade with Japan (and later with Europe)

·       Joseph Taylor (Joe) Coffill (1841-1919), teamster, livery stable proprietor and funeral director  In 1912 Coffill merged with A. C. J. Wood to form the largest funeral-directing enterprise in Sydney.

·       John Vans Agnew Bruce (1822-1863), road and railway construction contractor. By 1857 was well known as one of the largest employers of labour in the colony.

·       Leo Susman (1832-1903),  German Jew, Merchant & Freemason, one of Hobart's wealthiest shop-keepers. Initiated Tasmanian Union Lodge, presented with the first Past Master jewel ever given to a Past Master in Tasmania, 25 year chair (?-1898) Tasmanian Masonic Benevolence Fund. 

·       Herbert Taylor (1885-1970), accountant and company director, conservative party organizer. President Melbourne Chamber of Commerce. Treasurer and President RACV.  (check this he was life governor of freemason hospital but no mention of initiation.. )

·       Thomas Alison Scott (1777?-1881), father of the Australian sugar and banana industries,  

·       James McFarlane Lapsley PM (1856-1931), fire brigade officer & inventor. Invented Lapsley condenser. Grand Master WA SC 1906 to 1931.   Lapsley Street Dunlop ACT is named in his honour for is invention.

·       James Freeland Leacock - inventor of the "ute" in 1929  application to register a convertible body for motor vehicles was submitted to the Patents Office on behalf of inventor James Freeland Leacock, and accepted in 1930. Leacock’s invention pre-dated the launch of the first official Australian ‘ute’ by five years.

·       Alfred Henry Massina (1834-1917), printer & publisher. Published Australian Journal. Funded Marcus Clarke visiting Tasmania (1869) to gather material for Term of His Natural Life which Australian Journal commenced serialized publication 1870. A. H. Massina & Co. installed Victoria's first linotype machine in 1894. It’s worth being proven; the machine was introduced to the Herald in 1895  Director ‘Herald’ and ‘Weekly Times’. Published Adam Lindsay Gordon's poems

·       William (Billy) Guyatt (c1921?-?). Champion bicyclist, later opened Billy Guyatt’s Electrical Stores

·       Archibald Aitken son of Thomas Aitken (1821-1884) who founded Victoria Pde Brewery where Victoria Bitter Beer was first made by Thomas and would later be a key site of Carlton United Brewery (CUB). Archibald, Initiated Fitzroy Lodge on 17 July 1884. Also a member of Coppin Lodge. Snr Grand Warden, GLV, 1887. Grand Master of the Knights Templar 28/03/1889 

·       George Edwin Emry CMG (1859-1937) GM State Savings Bank 1897-1929, Grand Master UGLV 1907-8   Important Rotarian

·       Hugh Victor McKay CBE (H V McKay) (1865-1926) inventor, industrialist,  owner of the Sunshine Harvester Works.  Installed as  Worshipful Master of Sunshine Masonic Lodge no. 226 in 1913  Lost Arbitration in 1907 which resulted in the basic wage. Director BHP    Owned Rupertswood

·       Sir William Charles Angliss (1865-1957) butcher, pastoralist, pioneer meat exporter, businessman, politician and philanthropist, member Smithfield Lodge   MLC. Started William Angliss Food Trades School now known as the William Angliss Institute of TAFE(Check issue 122 Vic freemason)   

·       Robert James Gilbertson (c1881/2?-1940), owned one of the  largest chain of butchers in Victoria. Member Essendon Maribyrnong Temperance Lodge   Mayor Essendon. 


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Famous Australian Freemasons; Architects & Builders

Several noted architects and builders appear in other sections.

Famous Australian Freemasons; Architects

·       Sir Francis Howard Greenway (1777-1837), colonial era architect      (Also under convicts) His image was on the old $10 Australian Bank note 

·       Eric Hughes (1901-1964) President Royal Victorian Institute of Architects 20th Grand Master UGLV 1963-1964 Initiated Lodge Amity 22 Feb 1934

·       John Smith Murdoch CMG (1862-1945), architect and public servant. Chief Architect for the Commonwealth of Australia from 1919, responsible for designing many government buildings, most notably the Provisional Parliament House in Canberra, the home Federal Parliament 1927 - 1988. ()  

·       John Petrie (1822-1992), architect, politician, first Mayor of Brisbane, active member of the first Masonic lodge in Queensland.

·       Percy William Harrison (1864-1951) notable architect, President of WAIA from 1907-1909

·       Lieutenant-General Sir Talbot Hobbs KCB, KCMG, VD (1864-1938), soldier, notable architect, involved in many community organizations such as Surf Life-Saving, RSL, Boy Scouts and Rotary and Legacy  Pro Grand Master

·       William Charles Vahland (1828 – 1915)   City of Sandhurst councilor, Chairman and Managing director of the Bendigo Mutual Permanent Land and Building Society, Freemason and acclaimed architect, Bendigo’s Alexandra Fountain, Town Hall, Capital Theatre and the Anne Caudle Centre were all designed by Vahland who is credited with designing around 100 buildings and landmarks throughout the region  Initiated Golden Lodge of Bendigo in 1857

·       Thomas English   (1819-1884). Gawler Mayor.  MLC Colonial Architect  

·       George Thomas Temple Poole (George Thomas Temple-Poole) (1856-1934), architect, Western Australian superintendent of public works. Thirty-four of the approximately 200 for which he was responsible had been classified by the National Trust of Australia by 1980 as 'essential to the heritage of Australia and must be preserved'; most important of these are Treasury Buildings & the Lands Department in Perth. Founder of the Western Australian Institute of Architects (1896), four times its President.

·       Robert Flack Richards (c 1866-1938, 72 when he died), Hobart architect

·       Lange Leopold Powell (1886-1938), architect

·       Cuthbert Claude Mortier Whitley (1886-1942), architect and public servant  played Australian Rules football with the Hawthorn Football Club in Melbourne and won several golf trophies in Canberra

·       Joel Eade (1823-1911), builder, architect and educationist, magistrate and Mayor of Collingwood in 1870-71. Life governor of the Melbourne Hospital. Mayor of Collingwood (1870-71)

·       John Burcham Clamp (1869-1931), architect & Indigenous Rights supporter

·       Francis Ernest Stowe (c1867-1936) Architect and mechanical engineer.  Founder and Principal Sydney Marine and General Engineers College. Designed Baulkham Hills Masonic School, Ashfield Masonic Hospital, North Sydney, Crows Nest, Newtown & Glen Innes Masonic Temples. Designed and installed Rockhampton and Balmaine Tramway Systems. Initiated 1897, Master Lodge Unity in 1915

·       John Holderness Bates (“ J H “) (c1861-1923, Architect, Mayor of Forbes    

·       William Henry Ellerker JP (1837?-1891) architect, politician, Major St Kilda  Signed contract on new Princess Bridge Melbourne,  Initiated 1859

·       (Thomas) Bennet Dunstan Reynolds MM (1898-1949), architect. Designed Ivalda Masonic Temple and Egyptian Revival Emulation Hall in Canterbury & Plaza Theatre Kyabram   

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Famous Australian Freemasons; Builders

·       Clements Langford (1853-1930), master builder, Anglican lay leader. Built many buildings in Melbourne and Victoria, built spires at St Pauls Cathedral at cost, many conspicuous buildings, such as Scott's Hotel, Centre Way Arcade, Astor Theatre the Comedy Theatre, the Myer Emporium, the Colosseum at Prahran, and Ball and Welch's building, were constructed under his direction

·       Ernest Alfred Watts (1893-1979), builder, built building in Bourke Street for G. J. Coles & Co. Pty Ltd, and additions to the National Gallery of Victoria. He built many large structures, including the Chevron Hotel (1934), the southern stand at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (1936) and the Hotel Australia (1939). Elected, unopposed, as president (1938-39) of the Master Builders Association of Victoria

·       Arthur George Stokes, (c1861- 1936)  Hobart Councilor  Master Builder  


Famous Australian Freemasons; Artists

·       Sir William Alexander Dargie CBE (1912-2003) artist, portrait painter, holds the current record for the most Archibald Prizes won (eight). Official artist during WW2. Initiated June 1951 Lodge Arboreal No 641 UGLV, received a 50 Year Jewel of Service in the Craft.   

·       Carl Magnus Oscar Friström (1856-1918),professional painter, President New Society of Artists

·       George Frederick Harris ( 1856 - 1924), artist 

·       Harry Pelling Gill (1855-1916), painter, art curator and teacher, 

·       James Ashton (1859-1935), artist. President (Royal) South Australian Society of Arts

·       Philip Blashki, born Favel Wagczewski (1837-1916) Silversmith. Initiated Lodge Judah circa 1865     

·       Abraham Abrahams (1813-1892)  Painter & prominent philanthropist


Famous Australian Freemasons; Aviation

·       Air Commodore Sir Charles Kingsford Smith (1897-1935), aviator who was first to cross the Pacific from the US to Brisbane in about 1928. He was a MM of a Brisbane lodge, and, as a matter of interest, it is his MM apron which is perambulated in the memorial service each Anzac Day in the Brisbane Memorial Masonic Centre. This apron was presented by his family to The AIF Memorial Lodge No 289 UGLQ who care for it. Initiated at Gascoyne Lodge on 9 April 1925.

·       Lawrence Hargrave (1850-1915) aviation pioneer. Initiated at United Service Lodge of New South Wales No 937 English Const on 2 April 1877

·       Allan Robert Stanley Vickers, flying doctor, see the Medicine section.

·       Lieutenant Dr George Pinnock Merz (1891- 1915), as Dux, one of the first four to graduate as a military pilot in Australia in November 1914. First death of an Australian airman in war. Australia’s  first military aviation medical officer,     Member Victorian Naval and Military Lodge

·       Sir Reginald Myles (Reg) Ansett (1909-1981), aviator and businessman. Held Australian pilot’s licence number 419 & founded Ansett Airways Ltd


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Famous Australian Freemasons; Chinese of the Ninetieth Century

While it is “unmasonic” to discriminate on race, it strongly appears that discrimination did occur, especially in the 1800’s. Incidents such as the Lambing Flat Riot and Anti-Chinese legislation evidences this. Chinese Australian Freemasons of the Nineteenth Century are therefore of particularly of interest. In the Twentieth Century, diversity is commonplace, especially after WW2. Please don’t confuse “Chinese Masonic Society” with “Freemasonry” – these are often two different things and in the Chinese context “Masonic” is applied to varied organizations such as Tongs, Huis Triads, Kongsi, some being criminal, some fraternal, others co-operatives or political.  


·       Mei Quong Tart (Mei Guangda) (1850–1903),      philanthropist, first Chinese Initiate in Australia in 1885     was one of Sydney’s most famous philanthropists and well-loved personalities” initiated into the Lodge of Tranquility in 1885.   

·       Way Lee, Yet Soo War (c. 1853–1909)    Chinese businessman & philanthropist, leading Chinese figure in Adelaide in the late nineteen century    United Trademen Lodge SAC

·       Sun Johnson   Chinese Freemason

·       WRG Lee and his son William Lee 

·       William Robert George Lee was initiated on 18 August 1890

·       James Chuey 

·       William Ah Ket (1876-1936), barrister & Chinese Community Leader. co-founder and president of the Sino-Australian Association, the first Australian-Chinese club. acting Consul-General for China in 1913-14 and in 1917

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Famous Australian Freemasons: Convicts

(It is worth noting that Freemasons are generally be expelled from the Craft on serious conviction, while men with criminal convictions can find it difficult to become a Freemason.)


·       Sir Henry Browne Hayes (1762-1832), convict, transported to New South Wales for kidnapping Mary Pike, heiress to a fortune of £20,000  Attempted in 1803 to found a Masonic Lodge for which he incurred the displeasure of Governor King. It is doubtful if Hayes had a warrant to establish a lodge, though he claimed he did, but his meeting on 14 May 1803 is regarded as the foundation day of Freemasonry in Australia.       The very first St Patrick’s Day ceremony held in New South Wales was on the 17th March 1810 at Sir Henry Browne Hayes's Vaucluse home,

·       Robert William Felton Lathrop Murray (1777-1850), convict (bigamy, pardoned)., editor Colonial Times,  journalist. “Father of Freemasonry” in Tasmania.  

·       Richard Fitzgerald (1772-1840), convict, public servant and settler. One of the early proprietors of the Bank of New South Wales. “ of the earliest Freemasons in the country and is said to have played a considerable part in establishing the craft in Sydney; this is supported by a strong tradition, but his name has not been found in early Masonic documents”

·       James Alexander Thomson (1805-1860), architect, engineer and building contractor. Emancipist transported for theft. Superintendent of the church building at Richmond Tasmania (St Luke's 1834-37). Conditional pardon in Jan 1835 - immediately set up a business in Liverpool Street, not only as architect, engineer and surveyor, but also as valuer, estate agent, map printer and dealer in machinery. His spectacular buildings were few, unquestionably the most interesting and important work is the Hobart Synagogue (1843-45), the most comprehensive example of the Regency Egyptian style in Australia. Whatever his merits as architect, and they are relatively minor, Thomson provides a remarkable case of a former convict establishing himself as a successful businessman and was respected in many circles.

·       Dr William Bland (1789-1868),  medical practitioner, surgeon, and politician. Sydney's first full-time private practitioner. Naval surgeon who was sent to Australia as a convict after killing a shipmate in a pistol duel. Philanthropist. MLA. First president of the Australian Medical Association formed in 1859. Accorded a state funeral.

·       Samuel Clayton (?-?, 1783?-1853?) portraitist, engraver, art teacher and silversmith,, a Past Master of Lodge No.6, Dublin, The Master of Ceremonies at the earliest lodge in Australia and without whose guidance the new lodge might not have survived.     Transported to NSW, reputedly for forgery, engraved the banknotes for the Bank of New South Wales when it opened its doors on 8 April 1817, also engraved the first banknotes for the Van Diemen’s Land Bank. Received his ticket of leave on 1 October 1824,

·       Francis Howard Greenway (1777-1837), colonial era architect       (Also under architects). Greenway appeared on the old paper $10 Australian Bank note


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Famous Australian Freemasons; Females (irregular)

(Although “irregular” Freemasons, these women were almost certainly influenced by their membership in a Masonic Order.)


·       Edith Dircksey Cowan OBE (1861-1932) (Co-Freemason), social worker, first woman elected to Australian Parliament, women's activist, Member of St Cuthberts Lodge Perth Australia (Le Droit Humain)     Foundation member Co-Freemasonry in WA (1916)

·       Bessie Mabel Rischbieth (née Earle) OBE (1874-1967) (Co-Freemason), was an influential and early Australian feminist and social activist

·       Fanny Furner (1864–1938) (Co-Freemason)   activist who worked to further the rights of women and children in the early 1900s in Sydney.



Famous Australian Freemasons; Medicine

·       Col Dr Sir Weary Dunlop is listed under “Military Men”

·       Dr Allan Robert Stanley Vickers CMG, MB, ChM (1901-1967), flying doctor

·       Dr George Bankin Bearham OBE (1899-) leading Melbourne surgeon, gynecologist and obstetrician. Past Grand Master  Initiated Clarke Lodge I June 1927

·       Dr Walter Balls-Headley (1841{1842?}-1918), gynecologist, Grand Master Victoria in 1905-07  initiated Sir Isaac Newton Lodge 1161 14 June 1861

·       Caleb Soul (1817-1894), druggist and chemist,

·       Sidney Firth Lumb (1893-1988), professor of Dentistry, House surgeon and superintendent Melbourne Dental Hospital. Dean Dental faculty at University of Queensland, Fellow Royal Colleges of Surgeons of England

·       Dr Isaac Aaron (1804-1877), medical practitioner. Royal College of Surgeons. Editor Australian Medical Journal which he purchased in 1847.

·       Dr John Maund (1823-1858), physician and analytical chemist. He and Joseph Black were appointed founding editors of the Australian Medical Journal. Co-founded Melbourne’s Royal Women's Hospital

·       Dr. Richard Thomas Tracy (1826-1874) One of original committee that first published in 1856 the Australian Medical Journal. With John Maund was co-founder in 1856 of the Melbourne Lying-in Hospital and Infirmary for Diseases of Women and Children (later the Royal Women's Hospital). Performed the first successful ovariotomy in Victoria (1864) and quickly established an international reputation as a pioneer gynecological surgeon 

·       Dr Handasyde Duncan (1811-1878), medical practitioner. An original member of the Medical Board of South Australia (1844), and served on it until his death; his name was third of the original seven on its medical register. Initiated 1853.

·       Dr Joseph Steigrad CBE (1902-1971), surgeon and soldier. Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, Military Hospital Commander. Jewish Community Leader

·       Dr Arthur Richardson, (1844-1927) doctor pioneer in Kalgoorlie member Kalgoorlie Council, Temperance Advocate 

·       Dr William Hull Lewis (1806-1875) Doctor, surgeon and magistrate in Gawler 

·       Dr John Harris (1754-1838), formerly surgeon of the New South Wales Corps; Early Sydney Settler.

·       Sir John Jamison (1776 –1844) KGV Royal Navy Surgeon  & prominent landowner. Magistrate. Founding Father of NSW. Founder Bank of New South Wales. Founder and President Agricultural and Horticultural Society of New South Wales (now the Royal Agricultural Society of New South Wales) in 1822. Founder and president (1825 - 1827) of the Sydney Turf Club. Founder and first president of the Australian Racing and Jockey Club in 1828. A street in Sydney is named after him. MLC

·       Dr. Octavus (Octavius) Weld BA, MD (c1834-1901) Mt Barker Pioneer. Initiated Canada 1858   President of the Floricultural Society, as a mark of respect flags were flown at half-mast throughout the district at his death. A rose is named after him.

·       Sir Alexander Fleming (1881-1955) medicine  was an Australian pharmacologist and pathologist who shared the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1945 with Sir Ernst Boris Chain and Sir Howard Florey for his role in the making of penicillin. Initiated into Sancta Maria Lodge No. 2682, London in 1909    

·       Sir John (Jack) Frew (1912–1985) OBE. Medicine, Dr on Burma-Thailand Railway, teacher Melbourne University, “`one of the last giants in general medicine’  


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Famous Australian Freemasons; Other Politicians

·        Sir George Strickland Kingston (1807–1880)     engineer and politician, First speaker South Australian House of Assembly   Kingston Terrace Adelaide is named after him

·        George David Langridge (1829-1891) Victorian politician and public figure. Acting Premier of Victoria. “His public meetings at Collingwood were gala occasions: He never lost the common touch, and artisans and labourers mourned his death in impressive numbers.”

·       George McLeay (1892-1955), politician and businessman. MLA. Senate Whip. Federal Minister. 

·       Herbert James Mockford Payne (1866-1944), draper and politician MLA   Member Royal Commission into Wages and Wage Earners (1906–07), Gov Minister  noted for his introduction in the Senate in July 1924 of a measure for compulsory voting in Commonwealth elections, becoming only the second private senator’s bill since 1901 to carry Parliament. This was the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1924.

·       Arthur Hardy (1817-1909),  pastoralist, barrister and quarry-owner, Crown Prosecutor, MLA. He built the colony's first country Mechanics' Institute. First District Grand Master of the English Freemasons in South Australia 1867-84       

·       Ebenezer Cooke (1832-1907),    accountant, parliamentarian and public servant. MLA. Commissioner of audit. Established audit officials as a distinct branch of the civil service. First President Public Service Association    

·       John Sutherland (1816-1889), builder and politician. MLA, MLC. Major of Sydney 1861.   

·       Alexander Wilson (1889-1954), farmer and politician

·       Sir Henry Briggs (1844-1919), headmaster and politician, Federationalist. President of the Legislative Council 

·       Sir John Quick (1852- 1932) Federationalist, lawyer politician and member Sandhurst for 9 years. Member first Parliament of Australia   Initiated Lodge Judah 5 Nov 1879

·       Joseph Wearne (1832-1884), flour-miller and politician. MLA, Orangeman, Temperance Advocate.  

·       William Dartnell Johnson (1870-1948), carpenter and politician. MLA. Labor Party Leader. One of the first State parliamentarians to oppose conscription and consequently lost his seat at the 1917 election. Speaker and Chair Parliamentary Party.

·       David Robert Hall (1874-1945), lawyer and politician. Solicitor-General, Attorney-General, MLA MLC  

·       Sir Edwin Thomas Smith KCMG, (1830-1919)    brewer, philanthropist and politician, Mayor of Kensington and Norwood in 1867-70 and 1871-73, member of each house of Parliament (MLA, MLC)   initiated East Torrens Lodge of Faith No.408 I.C. (later the Lodge of Faith No.9)  Sir Edwin Smith Avenue, Adelaide is named after him,

·       William Francis Schey (1857-1913), union leader, Orangeman, politician and public servant, MLA

·       Vincent Pyke (1827-1894), politician, public servant, magistrate and writer, MLA, MLC  

·       Charles William Oakes (1861-1928), jeweler and politician  Deputy Leader of the Nationalist Party, Minster, and acting NSW Premier. President of the New South Wales Rugby Union and the Cricket Association, chairman of trustees of the Sydney Cricket Ground and vice-president of the Surf Life Saving Institution. Orangeman.

·       John Wheeler (1853-1915), accountant, Orangeman and politician

·       Stanley R. Whitford (1878-1959), politician, unionist, anti-conscriptionist.

·       William Henry Wilks (1863-1940), fuel merchant, politician and public servant, Grand Master Grand Lodge of Scotland. Orangeman.  

·       Henry Roberts Williams (1848-1935), mining director and politician MLA, miners’ rights

·       John Arthur Wright (1841-1920), politician, engineer and railway commissioner

·       Thomas (Tom) Armstrong (1885-1955), businessman and politician

·       Leslie Frank Louis (Les) Diplock (1899-1983), schoolteacher and politician, member of the DLP

·       Aubrey Slessar (?- 1972) served 3 terms in QLD parliament

·       George Kerr (1853-1930), blacksmith, politician and grazier. MLA. Leader of the Parliamentary Labor Party  & Minister for Railways 

·       Andrew Hendry Ross (1829-1910), medical practitioner and politician. MLA

·       John Riddoch (1827-1901), pastoralists parliamentarian MLA.  

·       George Riddoch (1842-1919) pastoralist parliamentarian MLA 

·       George Graham (1838-1922), farmer and politician, MLA. First President of the Shepparton Shire Council. Minister of several federal departments. 

·       Alfred Elliot Chandler (1873-1935) nurseryman, MLC, one of the first three initiates at Peace and Loyalty UGLV and the Chandler Highway is named after him  With father's backing began 47-acre Everson Nursery 1895 in area which he later named Boronia, specialized in daffodils and boronia;

·       Sir Herbert Horace (Bert) Olney (1875-1957), manufacturer, politician and philanthropist. Chair of: Victorian Hospital and Charities Board, Dental Hospital of Melbourne, Zoological Board of Victoria, Yarra Bend National Park Trust and chair of the Rhyll and Phillip Island Koala Reserve trusts. In 1942, when knighted, he was a member of twenty-five committees, being president, chairman or convener of twelve of them. MLC  

·       Frank Augustus Chaffey (1888-1940), farmer and politician. MLA. Colonial Secretary  

·       Walter Peden Joyce Skelton (1883-1979), railway officer and politician, unionist, prohibitionist MLA. Founded & Presided over the Protestant Independent Labour Party.

·       Edward Fitzgerald Russell (1867-1943), trade unionist, Port Melbourne Mayor, president of the Trades Hall Council, Melbourne

·       James Tolmie (1862-1939), newspaper proprietor and politician, MLA

·       George Hugh Alexander Mackay (1872-1961), politician and Speaker of the House of Representatives, MLA

·       Sir Henry Cuthbert KCMG (1829-1907), lawyer and politician. MLC, Solicitor General. Ballarat identify.  

·       Emanuel Steinfeld (1828-1893), furniture manufacturer and retailer, politician, MLC, President Chamber of Manufactures. Mayor Ballarat East Council. Friend of Redmond Barry 

·       Albert Edwin Elworthy Lee Tucker (1843-1902), parliamentarian, police magistrate. Mayor Fitzroy Council. MLA. Chairman Royal Commission (1878) on closed roads and member of the 1878 commission of inquiry into crown land, Royal Commissions on the Mildura settlement in 1896 and on state forests and timber reserves in 1897, director of the Melbourne Permanent Mutual Benefit Building Society. Founding member (1871) of the Australian Natives' Association.

·       Evelyn Douglas Darby (1910-1985), teacher and politician. MLA. Founded & President (1939-53) the British Orphans Adoption Society (BOAS). Anti-communist, right wing activist.  

·       Sir Reginald Victor Wilson (1877-1957), businessman and politician, MLC. Member of the Royal Commission inquiring into Cockatoo Island dockyard (1921). President Motion Picture Distributors' Association (1927-39). senior vice-chairman (1938-57) of the Royal North Shore Hospital board, a member (1938-46) of the National Health Research Council and chairman (1939-57) of National Press Pty Ltd

·       Keith Dodgshun (1893-1971), farmer and politician. Karkarooc Shire Council, MLA.    Deputy Leader County Party, Deputy Victorian Premier

·       Sir David Storey (1856-1924),  businessman and politician. Defeated fellow mason Edmund Barton in Randwick 1920 election. MLA, MLC  President Ulster Association of New South Wales

·       Tom Cleave Stott CBE (1899-1976), wheat-farmer and politician. MLA sat in parliament for an unbroken thirty-seven years. Speaker, post 1962 held balance of power.  

·       Ninian Melville (1843-1897),  cabinet maker, undertaker and politician. MLA. Mayor Newtown. Mayor Ashfield and Summer Hill. Orangeman 

·       John Hurley (1844-1911), mining speculator and politician. MLA. Orangeman

·       Francis Augustus Wright (1835-1903), carrier (Wright Heaton & Co) and politician. MLA. Mayor of Redfern. postmaster-general. Deputy District Grand Master EC

·       Samuel Edward Lees (1843-1916), printer and politician MLA MLC 

·       George Cann (1871-1948), politician. President of the Western Miners' Association. MLA  

·       William Byrnes (1809-1891), MLC. At his death on 25 October 1891 at Parramatta he had the distinction of being both the oldest member of the Legislative Council and the oldest Freemason in the colony.     

·       Edwin Joseph Mackrell (1878-1965), politician MLA

·       Andrew Tennant (1835-1913), pastoralist and politician, MLA MLC   

·       Arthur Herbert Whittingham (1869-1927), grazier and politician  MLC

·       Edward Alfred Anstey (1858-1952), builder and politician, pro-conscriptionalist, He resigned from the A. L. P. in 1916 over conscription, foundation member of the National (Labor) Party

·        Robert Fowler (1840-1906), pottery manufacturer and politician, philanthropist.  Member 1886 to the Royal Commission on intoxicating drink, chairman of his district Public School Board. Director of Sydney Hospital and the Benevolent Asylum and a Governor of the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital for twenty-four years MLA MLC  Mayor of Sydney.

·       Sir Claude Ernest Weymouth James (1878-1961), politician, president of the Launceston Club in 1927 and of the London Club in 1942. Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Tasmania in 1926-28      and founder and first master of the Australian Masonic Lodge, London, 1947. He was co-founder and treasurer of the Northern Tasmanian Home for Boys, secretary of the Launceston section of the Belgian Relief Fund and president of the Tasmanian Rights League. Initiated in the Tasmanian St Andrew Lodge 1901. MLA   Mayor of Launceston

·       Robert Hollis (1851-1937), engine driver, trade union leader and politician. Director of Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in 1913-33. Member of Australian Socialist League (1894)  Mayor of Launceston.  MLA (NSW)

·       Richard Cleburne (1799-1864), merchant, politician, anti-transportationalist. MLC

·       James Fletcher (1834-1891)  Coal Miner and mine owner, newspaper owner & politician, First president Miners' Union (1861), First Mayor of Wallsend. In 1876, he became proprietor of the Newcastle Morning Herald and Miners' Advocate.  “The Largest Funeral Newcastle Had Ever Seen, 25,000 People Lined the Streets“  MLA

·       Frederick William Coneybeer (1859-1950), trade unionist and politician, Speaker of the House. minister of education MLA

·       John Gibson Farleigh (1861-1949), manufacturer and politician, Orangeman. MLC  

·       Sir John Cowan (1866-1953), grazier and politician. MLC. Government whip for twenty years, and when he retired in 1944 had the longest continuous service of any member in both Houses.. Member Mobilong District Council for 20 years, and its chairman for 15 years. Government Minister

·       John Estell (1861-1928), coalminer and politician, Labor Party Whip 1904-1913, anti-conscriptionist, minister for railways, trade unionist. alderman on the Plattsburg Municipal Council in 1887-1900 and Mayor in 1891, 1897 and 1899, President of Wallsend and Plattsburg Fire Brigade, patron and president of Plattsburg Mechanics' Institute and a member of the committee of management of the Wallsend Mining District Hospital. MLA MLC  Mayor of Plattsburg

·       William James Beckett CBE (1870-1965), politician. MLA MLC  

·       Thomas Henry Brooker (1850-1927), salesman, wood-merchant and politician. Mayor of Hindmarsh (1891) MLA

·       Theodor Johannes Scherk (1836-1923), teacher, agent and politician. president of the German Club Adelaide first honorary member of the United Daughters of Australia. MLA

·       Joseph Henry Lewis Turley (Henry Turley) (1859-1929), anti-consciptionalist, Trade Union Official, MLC, MLA 

·       George Robert (Bob) Nichols (1809-1857), lawyer and politician. MLA MLC. First native-born Australian admitted as a solicitor in New South Wales. Owned The Australian newspaper. Auditor General  

·       Sir Joseph Palmer Abbott KCMG (1842-1901), solicitor and politician, federationist, MLA Grand Master NSW (1895-1901). Speaker of the House. Initiated in 1864       

·       James Russell (1829-1889). Merchant and Politician. In 1871-78 and 1882-89 Russell served as a Ballarat East Councilor & Mayor in 1874-75 and 1886-87. Former Mayor of Sebastopol.  MLA. Orangemen

·       Dr Andrew Ross MD (1829-1910). Doctor and surgeon. Mayor of Molong. First and only member for Molong for 25 years until seat abolished. Magistrate & MLA  

·       Sir George Ritchie KCMG (1864-1944), river trader and politician, MLA, MLC,  During his parliamentary career he held every ministerial position and was a minister in both Houses, a feat rarely equaled.. “One of the earliest pioneers of the River Murray”. Mayor of Goolwa & Adelaide Alderman, Acting Premier

·       Sir Alexander Lyell McEwin (1897-1988), Wheat grower & Politician, Chief Secretary MLC  represented the SA (1925-27) in rifle-shooting. Minister for Mines & Health. Lyell McEwin Hospital is named for him

·       John Warburton (Jack) Pennington CBE (1870-1945), storekeeper, grazier and politician, MLA, Bet Bet Shire Council in 1900-07, Party Whip in Lawson Government 1918-23, Education Minister.  

·       Nathaniel Barclay DCM (1894-1962), soldier settler and politician, ex-servicemen leader. MLA   Barkley Square Red Cliffs, Victoria is named for him

·       Joseph Vardon (1843-1913), printer and politician, Temperance Advocate. Mayor of Hindmarsh in 1888-9 MLC 

·       Edward Charles Vardon (1866–1937) Printer and Politician. MLA MLC  (son of Joseph Vardon (1843-1913))

·       James Aitchison Johnston Hunter (1882-1968), accountant and politician. Co-founder Queensland Country Party at Toowoomba in 1936. MLA

·       James Park Dawson Laurie (aka “Park Laurie”) (1846-1928) MLA. Initiated  Mt Gambier Lodge circa 1867   

·       Ephraim Henry Coombe (1858-1917), journalist and politician, MLA. South Australian town of Coombe is named after him.

·       Arthur Wade OAM (1919 – 2014)– MLA for Newcastle from 1968 to 1988

·       Cecil Thompson (‘Charlie’) Oliver AM (1901-1990), Trade Union Official, politician, MLA. ALP State President, NSW Secretary AWU. Initiated 1962

·       Thomas Davies Mutch (1885-1958), journalist, socialist, Trade Union Official, reformer, politician and historian. MLA,  Minister for Education Trustee of Public Library of New South Wales 1916-1958

·       James Tobias (Toby) Ryan (1818-1899), butcher, pastoralist, politician and sportsman. MLA. First Master of Queen's Lodge 982 EC in Penrith NSW. 

·       Sir Maurice Charles O'Connell, (1812-1879), soldier, public servant and politician President and member MLC First provincial Grand Master of the Irish Constitution, in Queensland, Queensland Pioneer    O’Connell Town (now Newtown NSW) is named for him or his wife.

·       Sir Frederick Palgrave Barlee KCMG (1827-1884), WA Colonial Secretary 1855-77, Magistrate, & MLC. first president of the Working Men's Association in 1864  ; Lieutenant-Governor of the British Honduras from 1877-1882; Administrator of Trinidad in 1884.

·       Sir Gilbert Lawrence Chandler OMG, KBE, (1903-1974) MLC who was founder and president of the Angliss Hospital for 35 years.

·       Sir Asher Alexander Joel KBE AO (1912-1998)   businessman & politician MLC

·       George Francis Freudenstein, (1921-2007) MLA

·       William Thompson (1862-1937) Grand Master NSW 1914-1924. Laid 45 Foundation Stones for Masonic Buildings. Chair Benevolent Society NSW. Member for Ryde   William Thompson Masonic School named after him 

·       Tom Cleave Stott CBE (1899-1976), wheat famer and politician. Helped form Farmers Protection Association in 1929, General Secretary Australian Wheatgrowers' Federation. Sat in parliament for an unbroken thirty-seven years. Post 1962 election, held the balance of power in the House of Assembly and was elected Speaker.  Stott Highway was named in 2008 in his honour.

·       Sir Charles Brunton (1867-1938) Melbourne Lord Mayor, President Victorian Bowling Association  Brunton Ave Melbourne is named for him.  

·       Leslie Arthur Logan (1908-2000) politician. President BOGP Grand Lodge 1972–1979. MLC   

·       Edmund Birch (1831-1875) pharmacist and MLC WA   Perth Lodge

·       Clayton Turner Mason JP (1847-1911) Engineer, MLC WA  Commissioner of Railways  WM St George’s Lodge # 2165 EC in 1888   

·       Joseph Taylor Monger (1834-1891) Miller and storekeeper, MLC WA 

·       Edward Newman JP (1832-1872) Merchant and MLC WA 

·       Josceline George Herbert  Amherst (1846-1900), MLC WA  

·       George William Barnard (1873-1941) storekeeper MLA WA 

·       Edward Charles Barnett (1854-1922) merchant, member Albany Municipal Council,  MLA WA

·       Harry Edward Bolton (1870-1956) engine driver, Mayor of East Fremantle Council, one–time Deputy Grand Master, MLA WA  

·       Frank Tyndall Broun (1876 (1871?)-1930) farmer, MLA WA   Government Minister. Colonial Secretary. Past Master, Beverley Lodge 73 WAC 

·       Henry James Brown (1865-1933 ) farmer, MLA WA  Founding Member Pingelly Lodge

·       Daniel Keen Congdon JP (c1836-38 – 1907) Merchant MLA WA, Mayor of Freemantle, Mayor of Nth Freemantle   Deputy District Grand Master     

·       James Thomas Franklin (1854 (1855?)-1940) builder and contractor, MLC WA  Perth Municipal Council 1904, Perth City Council 1905–1923 Mayor of Perth 1923–1929, Lord Mayor 1929–1930, 1932–1934.

·       Edgar Henry Harris (1875-1934 ) MLC, WA 

·       Henry Walter Davidson (1865?-1926) Local Gov Councilor, possible member Kalgoorie Lodge 24 WAC Mayor of Kalgoorie

·       Albert Young Hassell (1841-1918) pastoralist, explorer, Vice-Consul Norway, MLC WA. Owner Jerramungup Station. Horse racing identity, Founding member Plantagenet Lodge 1454 EC, 

·       William Dartnell Johnson (1870-1948) carpenter & director, MLA 

·       Ernest Charles Bavage Locke (1856-1937) grazier, MLA WA, owner of several champion horses Founder Tattersalls Club  

·       Charles McDowall (c1862-1916) auctioneer MLA Nunawading Council and later Mayor of Coolgardie 1904-06. WA State President Australian Natives Association.

·       Alfred John Stephenson (1845–1914) was a politician & newspaper proprietor in Queensland, Australia. One of the owners of the Queensland Times. Mayor of Ipswich & District Grand Master EC     

·       William Joseph Mann (1875-1951) newspaper owner and editor established the South-Western News, MLA WA 

·       Griffin Cant Money (1865-1958) notable solicitor and pastoralist, MLA WA  

·       Richard William Price MBE (1869-1937) journalist, Unionist, 2nd Lt WW1, MLA WA 

·       John Stewart (1868-1927) merchant MLA WA

·       Sydney Stubbs CMG (1861-1953) teacher, merchant and farmer. Mayor of Claremont 1901-03; Mayor of Perth 1906-07. MLC, MLA   

·       John Howard Taylor (1861-1925) stockbroker, won Queen’s Cup at Royal Cork Regatta in 1899; MLC Member Federal Convention 1897.  Foundation member of Coolgardie Masonic Lodge

·       Frederick James Withers (1881-1963) Engine Driver, Unionist  Politician,  Mayor of Bunbury 1951-55. MLA 

·       James William Wright (1854-1917) Architect and civil engineer. Founder WA Architects’ Assoc. MLC  

·       John Arthur Wright (1841-1920) Engineer. MLA WA  District Grand Master, 

·       Herbert John Yelland (1878-1962) Farmer  MLC WA 

·       William Hague (1864-1924), storekeeper and politician MLA Chair Angaston District Council Past Master Barossa Lodge & member Angaston Lodge 

·       Sir John Newlands KCMG CBE (1864-1932) railway man, trade unionist,  & politician. State Funeral. MLA MLC   

·       James Martin (1821-1899 ) Mining Machinery Manufacturer  and Politician. There is a monument in Gawler to his memory as “The Father of Gawler”. Mayor of Gawler MLC.    

·       Maurice Salom (1831-1903), business man and politician president of the Hebrew Philanthropic Society, Director Commercial Bank of South Australia MLC   

·       George Adam Kempton (1871/2?-1945) dentist and politician, MLC WA   Mayor of Geraldton

·       William Copley (1845-1925), farmer and politician, Government Minister  MLA MLC The Town of Copley South Australia is named for him.  Member IOOFMU. PM Orroroo Lodge 

·       Robert Campbell (1804-1859), politician, philanthropist, anti-transportationist, merchant, Colonial Treasurer, First Provincial Scottish Grand Master of the Province of Australia (1856) MLA MLC      

·       Oswald Robinson Snowball (1859-1928), solicitor and politician, MLA Speaker of the House of Assembly pro-conscriptionalist, Temperance Advocate, Orangeman, Grand Master of the Orange Order, initiated into Freemasonry 1884 at Brunswick    


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Famous Australian Freemasons; Photographers, photographs & film makers

·       Ken G Hall AO OBE (1901-1994). Australian film producer and was the first Australian to win an Oscar. Initiated into Freemasonry at Lodge Anima No 421 on 12 Dec 1922.    

·       Henry William Mobsby (1860-1933), artist, photographer and motion picture pioneer. took the first moving picture footage in Queensland in 1898 using Lumiere cinematograph, Member of Indooroopilly No.155, United Grand Lodge of Queensland 

·       Abraham (‘Izzy’) Orloff (1891-1981), photographer  Many photos of Perth and Fremantle in the early 20th century were taken by him.  Founder of the Caledonian Lodge

·       Charles Nettleton (1826-1902), photographer. Systematically recorded Melbourne's growth from a small town to a metropolis, photographed the first Australian steam train when the private Melbourne-Sandridge (Port Melbourne) line was opened 1854. Police photographer for 25+ years and photographed Ned Kelly  Official Royal Photographer in Australia.  Member of Collingwood Lodge

·       Ernest Lund Mitchell (1876-1959), photographer and farmer, official photographer to the Governor of Western Australia. Initiated 1900 Lodge Cambrian No.10 

·       Paul Heinrich Matthias Foelsche (1831-1914) Magistrate, Police Inspector, notable historic photographer     Initiated 1861

·       Saul Solomon (1836-1929) early photographer, Alderman Adelaide, MLA, very active Freemason; first officer is SA Grand Lodge, president BOGP. Also IOOF. Studio in Ballarat from 1857- 1874 and various other locations (including NZ). From 1874 to 1891 Solomon operated under the name of the Adelaide School of Photography at 51 Rundle Street, Adelaide  

·       David Tree and “Sam the koala” became an international iconic image of the Black Saturday 2009 fires in Victoria; Australia’s worst bushfire disaster. David was photographed in his CFA uniform holding Sam’s “hand” and giving her water from a water bottle. The photo (and a video) were taken about a week before Black Saturday while trying to get the Delburn Fire complex under control. That fire burnt 60,000 hectares and destroyed thirty homes and was still burning out of control a week later when the Kinglake fire complex started.”

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Famous Australian Freemasons; Religious Leaders

·       Charles Edward Camidge (1837-1911), Anglican Bishop of Bathurst   

·       Dr Harrington Clare Lees (1870-1929), Anglican Archbishop of Melbourne  1921-1929,  foundation member of the Old Melbournians’ Masonic Lodge.

·       Rev HG Cranswick, Bishop of Gippsland

·       Henry Lowther Clarke (1850-1926), Anglican Archbishop of Melbourne   Provincial Grand Master of Masonic Province of the East and West Ridings of Yorkshire.

·       Most Reverend Charles Own Leaver Riley OBE (1854-1929 ) Archbishop of Perth. Served as Chaplain General of the Australian army units during WW1. Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Western Australia, “ his spiritual influence in the development of the Australian lodges still exists” Initiated into Peace and Unity 314 Lancaster     

·       Moses Rintel (1823-1880) Jewish minister & philanthropist first Rabbi of Melbourne 

·       Sir Israel Brodie KBE. (1895-1975)   (Very Rev) Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregation of the British Commonwealth. Duke of Sussex Lodge No 48 UGLV  

·       Rabbi Raymond Apple AO RFD (1935-)      The Great Synagogue Sydney “retired in 2005 after many years as Australia’s highest-profile Rabbi”

·       Christopher Thomas Frow Goy MBE (1897-1982) Moderator Presbyterian Church in Victoria 1956-?

·       Joseph John Booth MC (1886-1965) Fourth Archbishop of Melbourne and Bishop of Geelong (Church of England), Initiated 15 September 1914 Footscray St John's Lodge N 71

·       Chap Archdeacon GE Lambie, Past Grand Chaplain

·       Horace Crotty (1886-1951) Church of England Bishop of Bathhurst (N.S.W.) 1928-1936

·       Rabbi Jacob Danglow CMG OBE VD (1880-1962),     Melbourne Hebrew Congregation, Army Chaplain

·       Rev T.J. Riddle, Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Victoria

·       George C. Barber President-General of Methodist Church of Australia (1948-51)

·       Rabbi Dr Joseph Abrahams M.A. (1855 ?–1938?)  Worshipful Master of the Lodge of Australia Felix (1908) and Grand Chaplain of UGLV (1910), Chief Rabbi Melbourne Hebrew Congregation.

·       Joseph Hunter Goble (1863–1932) “one of the best known Baptist Ministers in Australia” “Joe Goble's rapport with working men and women made his ministry one of the most outstanding in Australia”

·       Robert Kirkwood Ewing (c.1823-1899), minister of religion and controversialist. President Launceston Philharmonic Society and formed St Andrew's Teetotal Society. President of Launceston Mechanics' Institute. Became Provincial Grand Master in 1858 moderator of the Presbyterian Church in 1863

·       Walter Albiston (1889-1965), Congregational minister. Secretary of the Congregational Union of Victoria. Secretary then President of the Congregational Union of Australia and New Zealand.

·       James Douglas Northey (1890-1975), Congregational clergyman, chairman Congregational Union of Victoria. President Council of Churches of Victoria. In 1938 helped found Christian Commonwealth Movement. President Melbourne College of Divinity. Principal Congregational College of Victoria, Congregational Union of Australia and New Zealand. Initiated 1921, Grand Chaplain.

·       Thomas Parking (Tom) Willason (1882?-1939), Methodist Minister

·       Edward Sidney Kiek (1883-1959) Congregational minister. “revitalized the South Australian theological world in the 1920s”

·       William Marcus Dill Macky (1849-1913), Presbyterian minister, Orangeman. “.. a controversial and militant Protestant, with an impeccable Irish Protestant lineage.” Founder and First President Protestant Defense Association.  Editor “Watchman” (1902-1904) selling 20,000 copies per week.

·       Robert Wilson Macaulay (1882-1951), Presbyterian clergyman. Executive-member (1920-48) Australian League of Nations Union (United Nations Association) and of the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration (1944-48). Moderator Victorian Assembly. first president (1932-38) of the Christian Social Order Movement. Moderator-General (1942-45) of the Presbyterian Church of Australia

·       Isack Morris (1881-1951), notable Rabbi   

·       Asher Hymen Hart (?-?), First WM Australia Felix 1 initiated that lodge 1841. Founder Melbourne Hebrew Congregation (1841)

·       Francis Lyon Cohen (1862-1934), Rabbi, served as the first Jewish chaplain of the British Army (1892-1904)  

·       William Frank Hambly (1908-1972), Methodist minister, biblical scholar and college principal. Deputy Chancellor (1968-71) of the University of Adelaide,

·       Rev. Edward Mallen (Henry)  Collick OBE (1868-1959), Archdeacon of Kalgoorlie  ministered in Boer and WW1 Wars (Captain B2455)

·       Archdeacon Thomas McClemans (C 1862-1912), rector St Johns Church of England Kalgoorlie     

·       Rev Sydney Leonard Buckley (1862-1964), founder and first Headmaster Ivanhoe Grammar Melbourne 1915 (then St James Grammar School, renamed in 1920), founded and first WM Ivanhoe Grammarians Lodge 1946   

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Famous Australian Freemasons; The Law

·       Sir Redmond Barry KCMG (1813-1880) philanthropist & Judge, Victoria’s first Solicitor-General later Justice of the Supreme Court, founder Melbourne University and its first Chancellor, Founder Victoria State Library. The judge who sentenced Ned Kelly. Acquitted rebels of Eureka Stockade.

·       Sir William Clarke (1831-1897), landowner, stud-breeder and philanthropist, first Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Victoria (1889-1896)        Initiated Tasmanian Union Lodge 356 on 11 Oct 1855

·       William Meek, Victoria’s First Lawyer, foundation senior warden of Australia Felix No. 1.   founding Secretary of the Melbourne Club. Initiated in Restoration Lodge, no. 128 31 July 1834 in Harlington, England

·       Justice Jeffrey Hart Bent (1781-1852), Judge of the Supreme Court of Civil Judicature in NSW.   Lodge of Social and Military Virtues No 227 IC, MM cert issued 1 Jan 1817

·       Sir James Cockle FRS FRAS FCP (1819-1895) lawyer and mathematician. First Chief Justice of Queensland, Australia from 1863-79 

·       Sir Robert Richard Torrens, GCMG (31 May 1814 – 31 August 1884), land titles law reformer was the third Premier of South Australia and a pioneer and author of simplified system of transferring land. author of the Real Property Act 1857 (‘the Torrens Act’),

·       William James Byrne (1871-1951) 15th Grand Master UGLV 1939-1942     Established one of Melbourne’s most respected law firms” Initiated Kent Lodge - 28 Feb 1907

·       Justice Charles Stumm KC (1965?-1929) Queensland Supreme Court Judge, Grand Master QLD 1922-1929        

·       Justice Benjamin H Matthews, (1891-1974) Grand Master Queensland., Judge Supreme Court of Queensland

·       Justice Hayden Erskine Starke KCMG (1871 – 1958), High Court Judge Not to be confused with his son John Erskine Starke (1913 - 1994) – both Judges. H.E. Starke “Between 1903 (when the High Court was created) and 1920, he appeared before the court 211 times, more than any other justice of the court”

·       William Bede Dalley QC (1831-1888) Barrister, Solicitor-General, Attorney-General. MLA MLC. An interesting Catholic member of “the establishment” and quite an amazing man. Australia's first privy councilor. Initiated Lodge of Australia 1858. A Sydney Street is named after him

·       Charles Edward de Boos (1819-1900) journalist and police magistrate, mining warden and in 1881 presented with a gold medal 'as a mark of esteem' by Chinese miners in the Braidwood district

·       Oliver James Gillard Kt (1906-1984) Supreme Court Judge. 21st Grand Master UGLV 1965-1968 Initiated Eros Lodge 7 April 1934

·       Chief Justice Thomas Slaney Poole (1873-1927) Grand Master South Australia GL      

·       Sir Geoffrey Sandford Reed (1892-1970), Supreme Court Judge and foundation director-general of the Australian Security Intelligence Organization (ASIO). Chaired three Royal Commissions. (Another one conspiracy theorists will love).

·       Sir Leslie James Herron (1902-1973), Chief Justice,

·       Sir Wilfred Kelsham Fullagar KBE (1892-1961), High Court Judge

·       William John Fookes (?-1925) President Law Institute of Victoria 1902-03  

·       Justice Arthur Piper(1865-1936), Judge Supreme Court South Australia, Grand Master South Australia Freemasons 

·       Norman Thomas William Allan (1909-1977), Police Commissioner

·       Francis Erich (Frank) Bischof (1904-1979), Police Commissioner QLD (I guess we need to claim the bad with the good).

·       Clifford Henry Book KC (1895-1954) Judge, Crown Prosecutor 1926-1942. 16th Grand Master UGLV. Initiated Melbourne University Lodge 11 Dec 1919

·       Athol James Kennedy (?-?) Corporate Lawyer, Magistrate. Initiated United Accountants Lodge 13 Dec 1927

·       Francis Robert Nelson (1906-1985)  Supreme Court Judge

·       Justice Keith John Austin Asche AC QC (1928-) Senior Judge Family Court. President of RMIT & Chancellor Deakin University, 30th Grand Master UGLV 1984 – 1986  Fourteenth Administrator of the Northern Territory 1993-1997 (Initiated 30 Sept 1967 Lodge of Famonsel OR Initiated Sir Samuel Walker Griffith Lodge 408QC  ?)

·       Justice Howard E Zelling, CBE QC Grand Master South Australia 1972-1976

·       Justice Samuel J Jacobs, AO QC Grand Master South Australia 1979-1982  

·       Clive William Harris (1918-) County Court Judge, Chairman Workers Compensation Board. 24 Grand Master of UGLV. Initiated East Camberwell Lodge 19 Dec 1946

·       Frederick Charles Standish (1824-) District Grand Master Victoria EC (1861-?). Assistant Commissioner Goldfields (1854-?)  Chinese Protector (1858-?), Chief Commissioner of Police for Victoria (1858-1880)  Chief Commissioner during the hunt for the Kelly Gang. Credited with creating the Melbourne Cup Horse Race. 

·       Robert Cleghorn MacKenzie,  Goldfield Warden Victoria First President Maldon Hospital

·       Eustace Beardoe Grundy KC (1849-1938) Lawyer, Pro Grand Master South Australia, initiated Mt Gambier Lodge 1207 EC 1877 

·       Sir George Coutts Ligertwood (1888-1967), judge, Chancellor of the University of Adelaide (1961-66)

·       Neville Leonard Colbran AM (1928-2007) President Law Institute of Victoria 28th Grand Master UGLV 1980-1982 initiated Lodge of Precision 17 Dec 1949  

·       Arthur Lang Campbell (1889-1949), Professor Of Law University of Adelaide.

·       Sir Bernard Sugerman KC (1904-1976), Supreme Court Judge, KC, arbitrator who confirmed standard 40 hour week. first editor (1927-46) of the Australian Law Journal

·       Justice William Alfred Wearing (1816-1875), Supreme Court Judge & QC

·       George John Crawford (1812-1852), judge. first to wear a judicial wig in the SA colony

·       John McLerie (1809-1874), soldier and police officer. 1850 superintendent of Sydney Police. By 1874, mainly because of his efforts, the police had gained public confidence by controlling most bush ranging. Founder of the Society for the Relief of Destitute Children

·       Chief Justice Harold Bayard Piper (1894-1953), judge and company director. Chaired two Royal Commissions, one into betting the other on lotteries. Chairman Australian Red Cross Society

·       Honourable Francis Stewart Boyce KC (1872-1940), barrister and politician, Supreme Court Judge, Attorney-General. Temperance Advocate MLC   

·       Peter Brett (1918-1975), Professor of Jurisprudence

·       Justice Richard Bullock Andrews QC (1823-1884), Supreme Court Judge and Attorney-General. MLA. Prominent SA Colonist.  Sixth South Australian State Funeral.

·       Edward Castres Gwynne (1811-1888)  Supreme Court Judge   MLC

·       Justice Charles Edward Chubb QC (1845-1930), Supreme Court Judge, attorney-general, crown prosecutor, and politician, MLA   

·       William Henry Moore (1788?-1854), Solicitor of the Crown

·       Chief Justice Sir Archibald Paull Burt KB (1810-1879), Chief Justice & Judge     (Laid Foundation Stone 1866 in WA)   Western Australia's first chief justice

·       William Gordon Hayes-Williams (1862–1934) Registrar General (1898-1927). 

·       Vaughan Werner Grand Master UGLV, assistant commissioner of Victoria Police, 

·       Lloyd Waddy (1939-) AM, RFD, QC  Judge

·       Hugh Montgomerie Hamilton (1854-1930), Judge. Grandmaster; UGLNSW (1909), Mark Master Masons (1912-13) & Royal Arch Masons (910-11, 1912 and 1924). One of the first to bring golf clubs into New South Wales. As a result of the part he played in Murchison expedition in the New Zealand, Mount Hamilton is named after him. Involved in many community organizations including Honorary Life Governor Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and President of many other Organizations.. Initiated Northern Bar 1610 EC, member, Burwood 153 NSWC

·       William John Peterswald (von Peterswald) ) (1829-1896) Commissioner of Police South Australia..“..assisted in establishing the first Royal Arch Chapter in the colony.” and Member United Service Lodge in South Australia. 

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Famous Australian Freemasons: Poets, Writers and Authors

·       Thomas E Spencer  (1845-1911)    Poet, writer of humorous ballads, building contractor, industrial arbitrator. Among his more popular works are 'How McDougall Topped the Score' and 'Why Doherty Died'   

·       Robert Steel Byrnes MBE (1899-1979), Presbyterian administrator, poet and writer

·       Henry Melville (1799-1873), journalist, publisher and author 

·       Francis (Frank) Clune OBE (1893-1971), author 

·       Karl Rawdon von Stieglitz OBE (1893-1967) surveyor, pastoralist and historian and author  Official Historian to the Tasmanian Government 

·       Thomas Worsnop (1821-1898), town clerk and author. Wrote History of the City of Adelaide (1878); 'The Historical Record of South Australia 1512-1854'. In 1897 he published The Prehistoric Arts, Manufactures, Works, Weapons, etc., of the Aborigines of Australia.Fellow of the Royal Historical Society, London 

·        George Mackaness OBE (1882-1968), educationist, author and bibliophile, major figure in Sydney literary circles. notable contributions in three fields— English teacher, historian who made available quantities of documentary material, bibliophile who made the collecting of Australiana popular

·       Frederick John Prichard (1851–1920), journalist During WW1 wrote under the name of 'Union Jack' to keep readers informed of developments on the front

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Notable Australian Freemasons; Still more..

·       Adolphus Appleroth (1886-1952) wrote the famous jingle "I like aeroplane Jelly". Initiated at Lodge Vaucluse 15 March 1928. 

·       Hugh Webster, once Professor of Physics at Uni Qld and for a time Australia's Science Rep to the United Nations. Hugh worked with Rutherford and actually 'split the atom' shortly before him, Rutherford got into print while Hugh cautiously checked and rechecked his results

·       John Hosking (1806-1882), first Mayor of Sydney initiated Lodge of Australia 

·       Frederick Thomas Hickford (1862-1929) Barrister & Politician, Mayor of Brunswick, President Metropolitan Fire Brigade, Chairman Tramways Trust 9th Grand Master UGLV 1918-22   Pro GM UGLV 1922-26  Initiated Davies Lodge 1893

·       Sir Albert John Gould (1847-1936), lawyer and politician. Minister for Justice under Sir Henry Parkes (1889-91) and (Sir) George Reid (1894-98). 

·       Sir Ernest Fisk (1886-1965) radio pioneer. Initiated into Freemasonry at St John Lodge No 579, UGLE on 28 April 1910

·       Alfred Carson OBE (1859-1944), journalist and social worker. Founder of the Infant Health Association, president of the Silver Chain District Nursing Association for thirty years, and chairman of the Bush Nursing Society    Alfred Carson Lodge 267 is named after him

·       Herbert Brayley Collett (1877-1947), librarian, soldier and politician. Patron of the Totally and Permanently Disabled Soldiers' Association of Australia   

·       David Isaac Freedman (1874–1939) Politician & chaplain in the AIF, he served on Gallipoli, in Egypt and France throughout which he wrote to the family of every Jewish soldier he met. Two thousand mourners attended his burial in Karrakatta cemetery

·        Arthur Rudolph Bailey (1863-1938), pharmacist was a driving force behind the Pure Foods Act

·       George Ernest “G. E.” Hudson CMG  (1862-1926), Chairman of Tariff Board, Chief Surveyor Victoria      

·       A Blashki (?-1938) prominent business man, founded the Jewish Aid society, “Past Grand Master Victorian Grand Lodge”

·       Charles Carty Salmon (1860-1917), politician & Federationalist Speaker of the House, 8th Grand Master UGLV         Initiated Talbot Lodge 12 Dec 1852

·       James Ernest Ogden (1868-1932), miner, unionist and politician

·       Frederick John Ludowici (1873-1969), businessman and conservationist

·       John Paul Sennitt (1851-1922), Local Councilor South Melbourne City Council, JP engineer and ice-cream manufacturer Admiral Collingwood Lodge

·       Leslie George (Les) Cole (1892-1978), magician,

·       Sir Andrew Clarke (1824-1902), military engineer, politician and public servant. Surveyor-General.. Initiated Lodge Happiness

·       Ernest Henry Farrar (1879-1952), trade unionist and politician. MLC

·       Thomas Stephen Burston (1858-1928), three times Mayor of Toowoomba, Past Grand Master SC QLD  

·       John Tuthill Bagot (1819- 1870 ) MP, Solicitor-General (1857), Commissioner of Crown. Lands (1860/61). Provincial Grand Master Irish Constitution,, member first Parliament of 1857   

·       William Dixon Campbell Denovan (1829-1906), miner, reformer, politician and public servant 

·       Hubert Leslie Primrose (1880-1942), solicitor and politician, member of New Guard, “On 19 March 1932, after another senior New Guardsman, Francis de Groot, had unofficially 'opened' the southern approaches of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, on the northern side, Primrose, as North Sydney's Mayor, ceremoniously slashed another ribbon”

·       Major Dr John Connell AM (1913- 2016), engineer business man, founder of Aurecon, Melbourne City Train Loop, Grand Master UGLV 1986-89    

·       Sir James Anderson Murdoch CMG (1867-1939), retail trader, politician and philanthropist. MLC

·       Sir William John Macleay (1820-1891), pastoralist, politician and patron of science MLC MLA

·       Sir George Eccles Kelso King (1853-1943), businessman, initiated on 7 June 1878 in the Prince of Wales Lodge, Sydney, influential in establishing the Provincial Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons, became Grand Mark Master Mason of New South Wales (1892-95).

·       Sir William Lawrence Baillieu (1859-1936), financier and politician. On the death of Prince Bailieu “he told his nephew that 'everything the Baillieu family has they owe to your Uncle Willie'; and one-fifth of his estate of almost £500,000 was left to the University of Melbourne Library 'in memory of William Lawrence Baillieu'.

·       Sir Clive Latham Baillieu KB (1889–1967) financier and politician,  

·       Francis Ormond (1829-1889) philanthropist, politician, grazier, founded RMIT (then known as Working Men’s College), Ormond Hall at the Victorian Institute of the Blind, Ormond College at Melbourne University are named after him.

·       George Edwin Emery CMG (1859-1937), 5th Grand Master UGLV (1907-1909)      Commissioner of both Savings Bank     and Post Office Savings Bank, becoming General Manager when both merged, one of the founders of Rotary in Victoria  Initiated Lodge of Australasia 20 Dec 1894

·       Sir John Winthrop Hackett KCMG (1848-1916), politician, lawyer, principal proprietor of the West Australian Newspaper Grand Master of Grand Lodge of Freemasons of Western Australia in 1901-03 Father of the Federal House Parliament 1906—16.

·       Joseph Henry Abbott (1830-1904), businessman, civic leader and politician. Member of the Royal Commission on Law reform which began in 1897

·       Sir Manuel Hornibrook (1893-1970), eminent civic construction engineer, Prince Albert Lodge No 248 UGLQLD

·       Sir Henry Weedon (1859-1921), philanthropist and politician, Melbourne’s Lord Mayor 1905-1908  Chair Tramways Trust Initiated Duke of Manchester Lodge 13 March 1885

·       William Warren Kerr CMC CBE (1864-1949) 13th Grand Master UGLV 1932-1935. President of both Victorian and Australian Chamber of Commerce, President State Bank Victoria  founding council-member of Swinburne Technical College 1908, Mayor of Kew 1907. Initiated Austral-Temple Lodge 11 Nov 1908

·       Alexander Corrie (1886 -1941) One of founders of Launceston Stock Exchange & first President and one of the founders of the Brisbane Stock Exchange, first QLD Grand Master   

·       Richard Arnold Rowe (1890-1960) 18th Grand Master of UGLV 1947-1951. Chairman Melbourne Stock Exchange and also Associated Stock Exchangers of Australia. President RACV  Initiated Rechab Lodge 14 May 1917

·        Edward Hargraves (1816–1891) – discoverer of gold in Australia 

·       Sir William Brunton KCB (1867-1938) Lord Mayor Melbourne 1923-1926  Foundation Chairman of Freemasons Hospital.  Initiated Victorian Naval and Military Lodge 1905

·       Phillip Cohen (1852-?) Chief Clerk Dept of Mines Victoria for 22 years. Initiated Duke of Sussex Oct 1878.

·       William Henry(?-1903), owned the “South Melbourne Citizen’s Newspaper”

·       Sir Thomas Hiley, QLD Treasurer, Prince Albert Lodge No 248 UGLQLD

·       Angell Ellis (1831–1916),  foundation Editor “Victorian Craftsman”   

·       Frank Ernest Pettifer (1873-1946) 17th Grand Master of UGLV 1945-1946 President Braille Writers Association Initiated Austral-Temple Lodge 8 Dec 1920

·       William Player Bice (1855-1933) 11th Grand Master UGLV 1926-1927. Of particular note for effectively banning public wearing of regalia and putting temples “off limits to the general community”. His name is on Gipps St Foundation Stone. Initiated Earl of Carnarvon on 26 Oct 1886   

·       Charles Roger Darvall CBE Kt(1906-) State Electricity Commissioner 22 Grand Master UGLV 1968-1970. Initiated Wimmera Lodge 20 Oct 1944

·       Sydney Lance Townsend Kt. (1912-1983) Dean of Medicine Melbourne University. 23rd Grand Master UGLV 1970-1972 Initiated 24 Sept 1948 Philatelic Lodge

·       James W Jackobs, Secretary of the Royal Freemasons Homes 1947-1967

·       Christopher Robert Barnes James (1899-) 26th Grand Master UGLV Initiated 7 Feb 1945 into City of Kew Lodge

·       Francis Arthur Macarthur-Onslow (1879-1938), three times Mayor of Camden, Queen's Medal with five clasps.

·       Reginald Edward Gregory MBE (1911 -) honorary Secretary Girl Guide Association, 27th Grand Master UGLV 1978-1980 Left $3 million to Masonic Charity

·       Henry John Nathan (1927-) 29th Grand Master UGLV 1982-1984 Initiated Lodge Fraternal 1948   

·       John William Connell OA (1913-2016) 31st Grand Master UGLV 1986-1989 Initiated 27 Sept 1946 Francis Ormond Lodge  

·       George Brunswick Smythe, Magistrate, first Master of a Lodge in Victoria, Australia Felix 1839      Bunswick Street Fitzroy Melbourne is named after him.  Initiated St. Mary's Lodge No. 76, London in 1835

·       John Stephenson, “Father of Freemasonry..” (in Victoria), Assistant Editor ‘Port Philip Gazette”

·       William Herbert Green OBE (1878-1968) businessman, philanthropist, politician Mayor of Townsville, Foundation District Grand Master of the District Grand Lodge of North Queensland   

·       David Davies(1862-?), politician, owner “South Wales Daily Post”

·       William Edwin Black, ( ? - 1884) assisted Colon Light layout Adelaide Streets. “To him (Black) belongs the distinction of being the father of the first white boy born in South Australia.”

·       Prof George Ingle Finch, MBE, DSc, (1888-1970), chemist and mountaineer, Fellow of the Royal Society Initiated, aged 40 Hampstead L. No. 2408 EC

·       Frederick Thomas Wimble (1846-1936), politician, ink-maker, type-founder and printers’ furnisher, founding editor Cairns Post, Lodge Austral, No. 194, UGLNSW   Wimble Street Brinsmead Cairns is named after him

·       Ray Campbell, National Commodore of the Australian Volunteer Coastguard, initiated Lodge of Confidence in 1977

·       Reginald John Burchell (1913-1922) MC, politician  

·       Anthony Raymond 'Tony' Lauer, APM, JP (1935- ) was the Commissioner of the New South Wales Police from 1991 until 1996.   

·       Bruce Skeggs OAM, KSJ (1932 -2013) Journalist, trotting commentator, publisher, Mayor, state MP    

·       Henry Condell (1797 - 1871) First Mayor of Melbourne.  

·       Harold Coates OBE (1917-2002) NSW politician  Grand Master NSW    

·       Maurice Herman Kellerman OBE (1902-2000)   NSW Board of Jewish Education Initiated Lodge Apsley

·       Robert Dunbar Scott, Surveyor (c1822 – 7 March 1898) Laid out the township of Camperdown 

·       Gordon Charles Lewis, Radio (c1921-2012)  

·       Charles Richmond John Glover (1870-1936) philanthropist, director or governor of several organizations including Municipal Tramways Trust, Bank of Adelaide, Adelaide Children’s Hospital, National Parks Board and St John Ambulance Association. Mayor of Adelaide (the first to be called Lord Mayor) in 1917,   Grand Secretary in the early 1900s,  Glover Avenue in Adelaide is named after him.

·       Mr. John Daniels, (1818 - 1887). Colonist; sergeant in a regiment in charge of convicts at Norfolk Island; a prominent Freemason  

·       Bill Mason (1972- ? ) is not a Freemason but a famous jewel thief, we add him here to amuse ourselves with people who reproduce our list from and represent it as their own. Bill was Initiated into our list on 12 March 2015

·       W Oldham (1811- 1883),Magistrate, founder of Kapunda, “Protector of Aborigines, and in that capacity compiled a grammar of the Adelaide aboriginal tongue.”, Organized the military volunteer Mines Rifle Company, 

·       William Lawes Ware (1847 – 1921(?) ), Auditor for the City of Adelaide 1878 -1885(?)

·       William Fiveash (? – 1892), connected with J. E. Seppelt (father of B. Seppelt), of Seppeltsfield, and through that connection was instrumental in building up one of the largest wine businesses in Australia. Founder of Irish Const in Colony and central in construction of Alfred Masonic Hall Waymouth-street, Chairman of their Trustees for the same   

·       James Elliott ( ? - 1883) J.P.,  co-founder, editor and part proprietor of the Kapunda Herald. Chairman of the Hospital Board, Vice-President of the Institute, member of the School Board of Advice, the Horticultural Society, and Dutton Park Committees, and Director of the Marble and Building Company, all of Kapunda. Founder of Dutton Park and the Kapunda Hospital;

·       James Scandrett (1836- 1903), printer, journalist, co-founder Kapunda Herald

·       Henry Edward Downer (1836–1905), member of parliament and Attorney-General  Deputy District Grand Master under the English constitution,       Initiated in United Tradesmen's Lodge No.853/583 E.C  

·       Fred Johns, (1868-1932), Biographer, In 1906 he published his Johns's Notable Australians  

·       William Henry Gray (1808-1896), pioneer, a founder of the Reedbeds Mounted Rifle Company (1859). In 1889 WH Gray, gave large area of land west of Adelaide (now Adelaide Airport) to the Grand Lodge of South Australia for Masonic Homes. These were not built, the land being purchased by the Government about 1906 for the Glenelg Sewerage Treatment Works, but the capital sum formed the foundation sum of the present day Masonic Homes. Gray Street in the West End of Adelaide named after him, he also owned land in the Darwin NT region where a suburb is named for him.  

·       Henry Richard Mildred (1795-1877). Lawyer, politician, Pro Grand Master EC in South Australia. In 1851 he presided as ProGM at the stone laying of the German-British Hospital in Carrington Street. Member of the House of Assembly 1857-1865 and a Legislative Councilor 1866-1873. Mildred Road in North Adelaide was named after him

·       Sir Lewis Cohen  (1849-1933) many times Mayor and Lord Mayor Adelaide. Sir Lewis Cohen Avenue, Adelaide, named after him,  

·        Charles Dyte (?- 1893) Jew, involved in Eureka Stockade, MP & Councilor and Mayor of Ballarat East    

·       Charles Kenworthy, intermediary for the Americans taken at the storming of the Eureka Stockade. He helped organise the release of American miner Charles Ferguson. 

·        Emmanuel Steinfeld *(1828-1893), Mayor Ballarat East Council (1866-69)    

·       Robert Gouger (1802-1846), “First Colonial Secretary” (South Australia)  was one of the founders of South Australia”  Gouger St Adelaide is named after him

·       Francis Lochée (1811-1893) JP, lawyer, editor and banker. “Governor John Hutt became a close friend and persuaded him to become the first Freemason initiated in the colony”. Proprietor, editor and publisher – the Inquirer  “Mr. Lochée shared in the year 1845, the distinction of being the first Masons initiated in Western Australia.” 

·       Sir John Morphett, (1809–1892)    South Australian Pioneer, Politician   Morphett St Adelaide is named after him.

·       Norman Selfe (1839–1911) engineer, naval architect, inventor, urban planner and outspoken advocate of technical education, the Sydney suburb of Normanhurst was named for him

·       Thomas Gilbert (1789-1873), pioneer, First South Australian Post Master, initiated Lodge of Friendship in 1834. Gilbert Street in Adelaide and the River Gilbert were named after him  

·       Alexander Boden AO (1913-1993), industrialist, author, philanthropist. Fellow Australian Academy of Science 

·       Sir Herbert Lethington Maitland (1868–1923) surgeon and sportsman.

·       John Samuel Shearston (1853-1916), seamen's missionary

·       Rev Solomon Mark Solomon (?-1941), Scouting, The Victorian Zionist League (conspiracy theorists will love that one).

·       Octavius Charles Beale (1850-1930), piano manufacturer and a philanthropist.  

·       Frederick William Neitenstein (1850-1921), prison reformer   

·       Leonard Burnie (Len) Harris (1890-1964), newspaper publisher and printer

·       Frederick John Prichard (1851-1920), journalist  

·       Lionel George Logue (1880-1953), speech therapist – made Famous by the movie – the Kings Speech.   Initiated St George's Lodge WA on 18 September 1908  

·       William Ramsay Young DCM, MM (1894-1965), soldier and butcher.

·       Walter Albert Selle CBE (1883-1968), schoolteacher and university registrar

·        Michel Francois (Frank) Albert (1874-1962), music publisher, radio station & cinema owner. Director of the Australian Broadcasting Co. Ltd. Founding secretary in 1927-35 and president in 1936-37 of the Geographical Society of New South Wales. early member of the Royal Automobile Club of Australia and a founder and commodore of the Motor Boat Club (Royal Motor Yacht Club)

·       Sir Walter Thomas Merriman (1882-1972), sheep breeder

·       James Richard Collins CBE (1869-1934) secretary to the Treasury and commissioner of war. His signature appeared on paper money issued in Australia 1910 to 1926. represented Australia on the Pacific Cable Board (1926-30), on Reparations Conference at The Hague (1929-30) and Lausanne (1932) and as leader of the delegation to the Assembly of the League of Nations in 1931

·       George Henry Thorn (1840-1905), politician MLC. Managed his father's (George Thorn (1806-1876), soldier, businessman and politician ) properties on the Darling Downs.

·       John Macintosh (1821-1911), ironmonger, alderman, magistrate, and politician. MLA MLC 

·       Arthur Ashworth Aspinall (1846-1929), Presbyterian clergyman and school principal

·       William Phelan (1915-1973), businessman and politician. Mayor of Maryborough 1954/5

·       James H Porter (-1940), Fremantle printer

·       Georg Heinrich Friedrich Ulrich (1830-1900), (aka George Henry Frederick aka George Favorke) geologist and mineralogist. Goldminer. Fellow Geological Society of London, original member of the Australian Institute of Mining Engineers  Mining Lecturer University of Melbourne.

·       Edmund Tom Webb (1830-1899), storekeeper and politician. MLA MLC. Bathurst Major. Methodist Lay Leader. Orangeman  Involved in 1893 case of Masonic Building 

·       Sir William John Sowden (1858-1943), journalist and newspaper editor. First SA State President of the Returned Sailors’ and Soldiers’ Imperial League of Australia   Founded 4 lodges, Master of three

·       Asdruebal James Keast CBE (1892-1980), mining engineer & company director

·       Sir Raymond Douglas (Bob) Huish CBE (1898-1970), ex-servicemen's leader and businessman. President Returned Sailors’ and Soldiers’ Imperial League of Australia

·       Arthur John Carter (1847-1917), businessman, Vice-Consul for Sweden and Norway, consular agent for France in 1902 and Consul for Norway in 1906. Received the Norwegian Order of St Olav. Five terms as President Brisbane Chamber of Commerce, MLC, leader of the Federation League

·       Kenneth Hunter Laidlaw (1887-1981), union official. Founded the Union, The United Bank Officers’ Association of Queensland

·       Francesco Sceusa (1851-1919), socialist, foundation member of the (Royal) Geographical Society of Australasia (1883), President Italian Working Men's Benefit Society, founded the first Italian newspaper in Australia (1885), the Italo-Australiano, A founder of the Australian Socialist League in 1890

·       Avrum (Tim) Einihovici (1895-1988), medical practitioner and Esperantist

·       Hugo Flecker (1884-1957), medical practitioner, radiotherapist, toxicologist and natural historian. Flecker Botanic Gardens, Cairns, are named in his honour.

·       John Maxwell (Max) Freeland DFC AM (1920-1983), air force officer and Professor of Architecture. On 1 Sept 1945 led a fly-past at Melbourne celebrations to mark the end of WW2 Senior Lecturer Royal Melbourne Technical College. Chair of Architecture University of New South Wales. Initiated Erskine Murray Lodge Melbourne 1954

·       Harry Samuel Taylor (1873-1932), newspaper owner

·       George Thornton (1819-1901), merchant, magistrate, and politician. Mayor of Sydney, obelisk (Thornton's 'scent bottle') in Hyde Park monument to him. MLA MLC. Founding director and chairman City Bank of Sydney,  trustee of the Savings Bank of New South Wales, chairman of the Mutual Insurance Society of Victoria. A founding councilor of the NSE Aborigines Protection Association in 1880, officially appointed protector of the Aborigines. Vice-commodore of the Sydney Yacht Club 1859, founding member of the Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron in 1862, founding president of the Sydney Rowing Club and of the New South Wales Rowing Association  Irish Provincial Grand Master 1857-67       Leinster Marine Lodge of Australia No. 266 

·       Leslie Cecil Joshua Nott OBE (1895-1963), comptroller-general of prisons

·       Robert Ross Haverfield (1819-1889), grazier, newspaper proprietor and editor. With A. M. Lloyd he produced an issue of the Bendigo Advertiser and Sandhurst Commercial Circular, the first newspaper published on the Victorian goldfield, appointed (1861) secretary to the Royal Commission on Burke and Wills

·       Charles Tucker (1857-1928), customs agent, politician and pastoralist, MLA. After South Australia's longest criminal trial (97 witnesses, about 8000 exhibits over 31 days) in 1907, as customs agent for John Martin & Co. Ltd, Tucker was found guilty of having defrauded the Customs Department during the 1890s of duties payable on goods imported by the firm

·       Charles Edward Jeanneret (1834-1898), steamboat-owner and politician. MLA.   His Hints for the Preservation of the Teeth (1830) was the first dental publication in Sydney. Mayor Hunter's Hill three times.

·        James Graham (1819-1898), merchant, agent and politician. Company Director, MLC. Consul for Sardinia in 1859 and later for United Italy. Early member of the Melbourne Club and its president in 1865, a founding member of the Old Colonists' Association. One of Victoria's most prominent men of commerce.

·       Eric Campbell DSO (1893-1970), solicitor and leader of the New Guard 

·       Otto Georg Hermann Dittmar Krome (1863-1917), educationist, In 1894 Krome and Thomas Palmer leased Melbourne Teachers' College, Carlton, from the Education Department and opened University High School, a private, co-educational secondary school which quickly became one of the largest and most successful in Melbourne. Headmaster of Wesley College (1897), Methodist Ladies' College, Kew (1906)

·       David John McClelland (1873-1962), engineer, S.E.C. commissioner (1932-41), Chaired Royal Commission on State Rivers (1936). Member of a Royal Commission into Tasmanian Hydro-Electric Commission (1940-41). Supervised construction of new stands in the 1930s and 1950s at the MCG and regrading the ground for the 1956 Olympic Games

·       Alexander Bain Moncrieff CMG (1845-1928), engineer, chairman Supply and Tender Board (1895-99); President Institution of Surveyors in 1901; Chairman Municipal Tramways Trust in 1907-22; and, from 1909, railways commissioner. Elected to the British Institution of Civil Engineers, London, in 1888 and the American Society of Civil Engineers in 1894

·       James Morgan (1816-1878), MLA newspaper proprietor and politician 

·       Horace Bohmer Newman (1889-1968), importer and manufacturing agent, Jewish Community leader  Zionist

·       Alexander Morton (1854-1907), museum director and naturalist 

·       Charles Ferris Lewis (1828-1900), 'the Father of St Arnaud'

·       Robert Adam Ritchie (1836-1891), manufacturer and politician, MLA 

·       John William Israel (1850-1926), Auditor General of Tasmania, first Commonwealth Auditor General. 1897 First President of the Board of Benevolence Tasmania. Founding President of the Civil Service Association in 1897.     

·       Christy Kosmas Freeleagus (1889-1957), businessman and honorary Consul to Greece. Greek Community Leader, Silver Cross of George I (1941), gold cross 1951

·       Alfred Harris (1870-1944), journalist, newspaper owner and editor, Jewish anti-Zionist, edited and printed first issue of the Hebrew Standard of Australasia:

·       Alfred Edward Gerard (1877-1950), merchant and Aboriginal welfare worker, Methodist Layman.   

·       George Samuel Hutton (1848-1913), local councilor, Initiated 1871, 1889 Provincial Grand Master of Queensland under the Irish constitution. The first building of the Freemasons' Homes at Sandgate was named Hutton. Mayor Hamilton Town Council in 1 1905-06 and foundation member of the Brisbane Club. 

·       Simon Bouda (??-), journalist and television 

·       Thomas Walker Fowler (1859-1928), civil engineer, surveying & civil engineering lecturer, Royal Commission member, engineer-in-chief of Tasmania and permanent head of the Public Works Department, Chairman of the Municipal Surveyors' Board of Victoria  

·       Malcolm John Leggoe Uren (1900-1973) OBE, journalist & intelligence officer

·       Josiah Eustace Dodd (1856-1952), organ builder The organs at St Mary's Cathedral, Perth (1910), St John's Cathedral, Napier, New Zealand (1910), Patterson Street Methodist Church, Launceston, Tasmania (1912), St Carthage's Cathedral, Lismore, New South Wales (1912) and St Joseph's Church, Malvern, Victoria (1917) were good examples of his larger instruments.

·       William Berry (1857-1928), marine engineer, Methodist lay leader, Trade Union Official. Chairman for 30 years of Victorian Trotting Association. President of the Ascot Racing Club President of the Ascot Racing Club, in 1948 the association became the Melbourne Racing Club and he was its chairman in 1949-50. He also served for 19 years as a trustee of the Victoria Amateur Turf Club, which controlled the Caulfield Racecourse Reserve.

·       John Bryant Stokes (1925-1979), public servant, first President Western Districts Rugby Union Football Club  Initiated in 1951 into Lodge Canberra

·       William Francis Waters (1897-1968), public servant, bushwalker, Boy Scout leader, holder of Silver Wolf

·       William Lushington Goodwin (1798?-1862), journalist, master of the convict transport Kains, politician, newspaper owner and editor.

·       Othman Frank Blakey (1897-1952), engineer, leader in the application of techniques such as welded steel framework and reinforced concrete, President Institution of Engineers (1945)

·       Edward Campbell CBE (1883-1944), businessman and Melbourne Lord Mayor (1937), Philanthropist. Foundation member of the Wesley Collegians' Lodge and of the Victorian Engineers' Lodge No. 411. Life governor of the Royal Victorian Institute for the Blind

·       Henry Deane Walsh (1853-1921), engineer, St John Ambulance Association Treasurer

·       Robert George Cameron (1886-1960), educationist

·       Charles William Ferdinand, (generally recorded as “C.W.F.” ) Trapmann, (1838-1885) brewer& bottler, Three times Mayor of Hindmarsh, Major in VMF. 

·       Bertie Richard (Bert) Milliner (1911-1975), politician and trade unionist, MLC

·       Henry Macdermott (1798-1848).    Wine and Spirit Merchant Mayor of Sydney 1845. Radical Political Activist.

·       George Fuller Godfrey CBE (1904-1989), journalist and union official  President of the Australian Journalists Association & witness to Japanese Sub attack in Sydney Harbour ?

·       William Eustace Maclean JP (1884-1964), engineer, chief of the Hydro Electric Commission, Tasmania(1933)

·       Thomas Gilbert Henry Jones (1895-1970), Professor of Chemistry. President (1932-33) Royal Society of Queensland, Fellow of the R.A.C.I., President (1938-39) of its Queensland branch and national president (1938-39). Chair of chemistry at the University of Queensland. Grand Master 1954-7 Grand Lodge of Queensland

·       William George Inglis Hayman (1897-1968), electrical engineer and educationist  Haymen Road in Perth is named after him.

·       Thomas Ross (1866-1936), glassmaker. Mayor of Waterloo.

·       Watkin Wynne (1844-1921), newspaper manager.  Imported one of the first motor cars to Australia. Alderman (1896-1901) on Waverley Municipal Council, Mayor of Waverley Municipal Council (1898-99). A founder in 1888 of the United Grand Lodge of New South Wales. General Manager Daily Telegraph.  Initiated 1881 at Lodge of Australia No 3

·       Wall H Tew (1915-2007), OBE, JP who was the last Shire President, first Mayor of Knox (position held four times). Wally was involved in the procurement of the Knox Historical Society building, Ambleside Homestead, the inception of the Knox War Memorial and the establishment of Amaroo Hostel;  Wally Tew reserve in Ferntree Gully Melbourne is named after him

·       Frederick William Bullock (1851 –1931) Auctioneer, Real Estate Agent, Mayor of Adelaide (1891-92)   An early South Australian pioneer

·       John Lazar (1801/3?-1879), actor. Mayor of Adelaide from 1855 to 1858. A portrait in oils is in the Freemasons' Hall, Adelaide. District Grand Master. Later town clerk of Hokitika NZ     

·       Nicholas George Sparks (1857-1930), fire brigade office, Kings Police Medal

·       John Michael Finnerty (1853-1913), mining warden and magistrate   

·       John Thomas Smith (1816-1879), publican, philanthropist, politician and landowner. Won Bourke Ward on the first Melbourne Town Council in Dec 1842 remaining a councilor for the rest of his life, seven times Mayor of Melbourne between 1851 and 1864. Built the Queen's Theatre Royal, Melbourne's first theatre. MLA, MLC.   First Freemason initiated in Victoria Smith St Collingwood is named in his honour Third Master of Australia Felix, Victoria’s Oldest Lodge, Initiated there 12th April 1840   

·       Edwin Buckland (1871-1959), Huntly Shire Councilor 'the best known personality in Bendigo and the North'  

·       James Shaw (1846-1910), Builder & investor, First Mayor of Coolgardie, Mayor of Adelaide (1888)   

·       Alexander Kennedy Smith (1824-1881), engineer. He built gas works at Ballarat, Castlemaine, Sandhurst, Melbourne and Newcastle. Provided plans and specifications for many gas supplies in Australia and abroad, including Sydney, Shanghai, Yokohama, Auckland, Dunedin and Nelson, and for Victorian towns such as Portland, Warrnambool and Stawell. Designed the Sydney and the Coliban water-supplies and was engineer to the South Yarra Waterworks in the 1860s. Major in the Victorian Volunteer Artillery Regiment. Melbourne City Council and was Mayor in 1875-76. MLA   Provincial Grand Master SC

·       Robert Campbell junior (1789-1851), merchant, entrepreneur and pastoralist. President Bank of New South Wales. (1843-51)  Initiated in Sydney 6 Jan 1823 Australian Social Lodge No. 260, Irish Constitution 

·       Robert Campbell (1804-1859) MLA, MLC “five or six thousand colonists” attended his funeral in Parramatta, first Provincial Grand Master under the Scottish Constitution in Australia (1856).   anti-transportationist    

·       Anton William Rutherford Vroland (1874-1957), educationist., text book author. President Victorian State Schools Teachers' Union, helped form Victorian Teachers' Union

·       David Allen (1780-1852), Deputy Commissary General, arrived Sydney 1813. A man of poor reputation.   

·       Cpl William Blizzard (c1784-1832) [spelt as Blizard in the Lodge register] was master of No. 218 as from the 24th December, 1820. He enlisted in 1793 at St Vincent in the West Indies as a 10 year old boy drummer. He remained in NSW having taken his discharge. He was also the foundation Outer Guard of the Lodge of Australia No. 820, English Constitution, on the 6th April, 1829.  

·       Sebastian Hodge, ("Bass” HODGE) (1833-1889) Bandsman (11th Regiment), clarinettist, saxophone player, publican Born 1833 In Australia with 11th Regiment, January 1846-September 1857 Returned to Sydney, January 1862 Died Sydney, 21 April 1889, aged 56 (Not to be confused with Sebastian "Bass" Hodge of Bathurst (a cousin))     United Service Lodge No 24 NSW

·       Frank (Francis) Howson (1817- 1869) Baritone vocalist, conductor, arranger. Born London, arrived Hobart, 28 January 1842 (per Sydney, from the Downs, 3 October 1841) Departed Newcastle, 10 April 1866 (per Japan, for San Francisco) Died Omaha, USA, 16 September 1869, aged 52

·       James Brackenrig (1758?-1844?) Foundation Senior Deacon at The Australian Social Lodge No. 260, Private in the NSW Corps who arrived in the colony aboard the ship 'Neptune' (second Fleet).

·       Capt John Piper (1773-1851)  Norfolk Island commander 1804-1810  Point Piper is named for him, arrived in Sydney in 1792 & one of the wealthiest individuals in early Sydney.  

·       Edward Coulson (1844-1936) Initiated in 1874 in Lodge of St John in Wangrarrata. First Grand Master of United Lodge of Mark Master Masons of Victoria for 38 years. Member Collingwood Council, Mayor of Collingwood (1907&1908) on the board Queens Memorial Infectious Diseases Hospital. Chair of Sailors’ Homes for 17 years. Member Melbourne Tramways Trust for 15 years.   

·       Frank Shann MA (1882-1943), headmaster Trinity College in Kew Melbourne. Past Master at Trinity Grammarians Lodge  President of the Headmasters of the Associated Grammar Schools (1924, 1931 and 1938), and of the Headmasters' Conference of Australia

·       Michael Schiavello (1975- )Australian sports commentator. Initiated in 2009 in Balwyn-Deepdene Lodge No. 275 UGLV 

·       Alan Humphrey Croxford (1922-1985), barrister, cattle-breeder and works administrator. Poor services & planning drew him into politics, elected to Doncaster and Templestowe Shire Council (1961). As councilor & chairman (1961-66) of the Warrandyte Waterworks Trust, appointed council’s delegate to the Melbourne and Metropolitan Board of Works. Chair Melbourne and Metropolitan Board of Works 1966-82 (MMBW). Initiated in 1943, possibly in Chatham Lodge where he later was Master.

·       Nicholas Weekes (1833-1887), Chemist & Prominent Freemason. First Grand Secretary of Grand Lodge NSW     Mayor of Manly  Died in office as Mayor & Grand Sec, laid in State at GL and 800 attended funeral and the WMGM presided over a Lodge of Sorrow. A street is named for his and GL erected a substantial memorial in Waverly Cemetery NSW

·       Edward Knight (?-1875) Chief Magistrate, Foundation Councilor and Mayor City of Geelong.

·       Lewis Ormsby Martin (1870-1944) Lawyer & MLA, Mayor of Taree, legal advisor to Manning Shire Council, WM of Lodge Manning 1901-2  

·       Ellis Frederick Leathwick Robinson, (1839(?)-1905)  Honorary Secretary Deaf and Dumb Institution. Chair, Freemasons Benevolent Institution (NSW), Balmain Lodge No 868 EC (WM 1886)

·       Captain Philip Leigh ( c1813 - 1886) One of the earliest initiates at Australia Felix EC (WM 1851), Master of the same in 1851 took part in the Masonic demonstrations at the opening of Prince's Bridge Melbourne

·       William Robert Fitzsimmons (c1871-1926), Dentist, MLA & President Kuring-gai Shire Council

·       Henry Langhorne (Jack) Binney, JP (1875-1925) Orchardist, Member Mobilong Council, President Murray River Rowing Club, Vice President South Australian Rowing Association, “He accompanied the Olympic eight to Paris at his- own expense, and rendered valuable assistance to the crew when it was in training.”  

·       Henry Norval Edwards, generally “H N Edwards” (c1832-1915) Twenty Years a councilor of Port Melbourne, all flags at half mast on his death in Port Melbourne Past Master of Sandridge Marine Lodge 21 UGLV 

·       Joseph Levi (1856-1944). Magistrate. Past Master Australia Felix Lodge. Sat on various hospital boards included Eye and Ear & Melbourne Hospital. President St Kilda Hebrew Congregation, Melbourne Jewish Philanthropic, Jewish Orphan and Neglected Child, & Anglo Jewish Societies.

·       Edward Newman JP (?-1903) Dispensing Chemist, witness Eureka Stockade Rebellion, co-founder Ballarat Benevolent Asylum, Borough Council member

·       William Stewart (1883 - ?), Grand Secretary UGLV    for 32 years,  Mayor of Oakleigh 1918-9 & 1926-7 

·       William Samuel Foxall (c1848- 1914) Goulburn business man, Goulburn Lodge of Australia

·       Archibald Joseph White, JP (?-1939) President Gloucester Council,

·       Henry Gordon Morton JP (1825-1885) engineer, Magistrate, active in agricultural and progressive organizations   

·       James Henry Porter (c1868-1940), printer, newspaper owner. Owned Porter and Salmon Printers in Freemantle. Past Master Lodge Thistle 889 SC, Foundation Master, Lodge Corinthian 66 WAC.

·       J D Stevenson(c1868-1931), Grand Secretary Grand Lodge of Western Australian Freemasons for 31 years   or 32 years. Past Master Bonnie Doon Lodge WA  Initiated St John No 1 WAC

·       Alexander Cunningham McCallum KCT MBE (c1865-1941),businessman, Director & Grand Master Western Australia 1930-33    Foundation Member Military RAC No 15 WAC

·       James Henry Cunningham (1837-1909), Grand Secretary Freemasons South Australia  District Grand Secretary (EC)    Initiated Tradesman Lodge 1869.

·       Dr William Barlow CMG (1834-1915), barrister and university administrator, Vice-Chancellor Adelaide University    First WM of Lodge St Auban  

·       James Sykes Battye CBE(1871-1954), Librarian, first Chief Librarian WA, Chancellor University of Western Australia, The J S Battye Library of Western Australian History and a Street in Canberra are named for him.  Grand Master WAC 1936-50. Initiated 1898                 

·       Albrecht Eiler Jensen, (c1884-1946), Grand Sec WAC,  Sec Miner Workers Relief Fund. Initiated Golden Square in 1908          

·       Robert Kyffin Thomas (1851-1910), proprietor of The- Register and associated journals.  

·       Leonard Samuel Burton(1824- 1895) Chemist and Teacher, Headmaster St Georges School Gawler regarded as one of the best in the Colony. Mayor of Gawler. Leading Gawler Citizen      

·       Leopold Judell (1848-1927) businessman. Foundation member and Past Master Orroroo Masonic Lodge   

·       Frederick Charles Beck (1874-1936) Journalist who wrote for The Argus newspaper.. United Press Lodge 281 UGLV & Windsor Lodge 72 and others  President Board of Benevolence 1924, Grand Treasurer 1926. Initiated Windsor Lodge in 1902

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Suggested names needing further research.

·       Frederick Sanders ( -1950) Grand Secretary WAC

·       David Munro 3rd Grand Master of Grand Lodge Victoria (GLV) 1888-89    Could it be this man ? David Munro (1844-1898), engineer, inventory, speculator and contractor. Died of alcoholism after financial failure and bankruptcy. If David Munro & Co, then there is an interesting link there  

·       Captain Frank Reid Tubb MC. Frank Tubb served in the 7th Battalion, being awarded a Military Cross in fighting around Pozieres in August 1916. See also P00735.014. (AWM) Brother of Frederick H Tubb, VC

·       James Stuart [Stewart], Foundation Senior Warden at The Australian Social Lodge No. 260

·       Brother Drummond as Senior Tyler

·       Brother Hetherington as Junior Tyler

·       Mathew (Matthew) Bacon (?-?)  The Foundation Master NSW. Officer of the 48th [Northamptonshire] Regiment of Foot, Initiated under Irish travel warrant, No.218   Master Australian Social Lodge 260 IC, now named Lodge Antiquity No 1 under the UGLNSW&ACT.   Might be (?-1825) who arrived Port Jackson aboard Surrey (or Surry) 28 July 1818, married Mary A. McDonald in 1821 at St. Philip’s Church, Sydney, partnered John Payne in Wellington Brewery. “Matthew Bacon, late 73rd Regiment and Commissariat Department, died at his home in York Street, Sydney on 24 August 1825, aged 36 years.”

·       John Abbott JP (c1868-1938), Leading Citizen and President Dandenong Shire Council, member 1910-22. Foundation member Australian Natives’ Association. “Brought electric light to Dandenong” Lodge of Sincerity.

·       Harry R Roberts (born Robertson also known as Henry R Roberts) (?-1924), Shakespearean Actor, Lodge Thespian No 256 NSW

·       William John “Willie” Fennell aka “Phooey Fennell “ (1920-1992), actor and comedian,  Lodge Thespian No 256 NSW

·       Jim Gussey, born James Thomas Gussy (c1906-1990) musician  & conductor  ABC Dance Band, Gussey St Moncrieff ACT is named for him, Lodge Thespian No 256 NSW  

·       Bobby Le Brun OAM (1910-1985), vaudeville comic, theatre owner, producer, dancer, Lodge Thespian No 256 NSW

·       Leo “Lucky”  Grills OAM ( 1928-2007)  actor and comedian, played "Bluey Hills”  in TV police drama Bluey, Lodge Thespian No 256 NSW

·       Jimmy Haynes (Vaudeville Entertainer), Lodge Thespian No 256 NSW

·       Jimmy Parkinson, TV and Recording Personality, Lodge Thespian No 256 NSW

·       Ted James (Entertainer & Agent), Lodge Thespian No 256 NSW

·       Doug Ashton OAM (1918/9-2011) & son Merv Ashton, both of Ashton’s Circus, oldest operating circus in Australia and Western World, Lodge Thespian No 256 NSW

·       Charles Robert Montague Luke “Monte”  Luke (1885-1962), renowned photographer, actor and director, Lodge Thespian No 256 NSW

·       Bobby Wright (Actor), Lodge Thespian No 256 NSW

·       Bertram Leon Cohen aka Bert Le Blanc (1884-1974), Comedian and Producer Lodge Thespian No 256 NSW  “Although now largely forgotten his influence…was as significant as Phillips and Rene, and indeed Le Blanc was readily accepted by his peers as belonging in the same class as other iconic Australia comedians such as George Wallace and Jim Gerald”

·       Charles W. Wray (1922-2013), one of 328 survivors of  sinking of HMAS Perth and one of the 218 captured sailors  who survived  being Japanese POW Initiated Mt. Gravatt Lodge No. 325 in 1946  after being impressed by POW Freemasons.

·       Tasman Bradley or Bradley Tasman - Australian Circus Manager

·       Robert James “Bob” Fitzsimmons (1863-1917), World Champion Boxer, Lodge Thespian No 256 NSW

·       Hubert William Verco (also a famous boxer known by the name of ‘Soldier Thompson’), Lodge Thespian No 256 NSW

·       Paul Dalton (?-?), international  Entertainer, illusionist Charlie Chaplain’s Tramp impersonator,  Lodge Thespian No 256 NSW

·       Norman White (c1887-1950) Thespian Lodge No. 268, UGLQ inaugural Master 10 Oct 1918, General Manager of Brisbane's Daily Mail      His brother was Ray White, likely founder  Ray White Real Estate (initials of brothers and place of birth all match White family originally from Tasmania   Also Mr A J Boyd, staff member of Daily Mail



Suggested names needing further evidence, without further evidence currently being found.

·       George Furphy Industry. Could this in fact be John Furphy (1842-1920), engineering blacksmith, George was one of his sons.

·       Alan Davidson, cricket. Two possibles; Alan Davidson, (1897-1962) or Alan Keith Davidson AM MBE (1929-)

·       Sir Eric Herbert Pearce OBE (1905-1997), broadcaster, entertainer

·       William Elliot, pioneer ( C1802-1889)

·       Sir Henry Somer (Harry) Gullett KCMG (1878-1940), farmer, journalist, historian and Cabinet Minister MLA. Official WW1 Correspondent on the Western Front. OR Henry (Harry) Gullett (1837-1914), journalist and politician (or both)

·       Sonny Johns Rupanyup 2014 Citizen of the Year

·       Sidney Philip (Sid aka “Patto”) Patterson (1927- 1999) cycling

·       Charles Heath (1867-1948 ?), Prominent local architect, designed the red brick lodge in Davies Street, Brunswick, which was built by fellow mason W.H. Cooper in 1923  May have designed Cobury soldier's memorial and Town Hall.

·       John Brian “Jack” Iverson (1915 – 1973) cricket

·       Sir (William) Ian Clunies Ross (1899 – 1959) - science. His Image was on the $50 Australian Bank Note, 1973 until 1992

·       Jack Thompson (1922-1992)  jockey, Australian Horse Racing Hall of Fame

·       Dr. Harvey Eustace Astles (?-?) First President of the Melbourne Savage Club

·       William Archibald Borthwick (1924- 2001) MLA was Minister of Lands, Soldier Settlement, Health and Deputy Victorian Premier

·       Nicholas Bayly (1770? (1769?)-1823?) ex Lt NSW Corp 

·       Sir Arthur Dean KC (1893-1970) Justice of the Supreme Court Victoria  Chairman of the council of the Presbyterian Ladies' College(1945-58), he oversaw its move from East Melbourne to Burwood. Lecturer and later chancellor of Melbourne University (1954-66)

·       George Avery (1925-2006), Olympics

·       Bob Haynes commentator

·       Walter Burley Griffin  

·       Sir Kenneth Luke (1896-1971) football administration

·       Richard Allan “Dick” French (1938-), cricket umpire 

·       Thomas Henry Bath, CBE (1875 – 1956) politician, trade unionist, newspaper editor, writer, and cooperativist. MLA   Member Knights of Labour, involved in the founding of Lodge Bonnie Doon No. 839. SC 

·       Rear Admiral Brian Tremayne TRELOAR, AO. (7.12.1927 - 14.12.2012) Surgeon, RAN (ret.)

·       John Harry Grainger (1854-1917), architect

·       George Percy Grainger (1882-1961), musician

·       Wallace Telford “Wal” Murray (11 September 1931 – 15 July 2004) NSW Deputy Premier  MLA

·       Langford Arthur Baker (1859-1935) Headmaster St. Leonard's Grammar School— (1883) Headmaster Sydney Church Of England Grammar School (1890). initiated as a member of Lodge Samaritan in July, 1887,

·       John Angus Laird (J.A. Laird,) (1862-?? ) Architect. The architectural firm of Laird and Buchan (originally known as Laird and Barlow) was prolific in Geelong and district in the late 19th and 20th centuries.  

·       Colonel Sir John William Castine (1846-1939), Politician,  member of parliament for 18 years. Helped establish the National Rifle Association.  

·       Albert Molineux (1832-1908), farmer, editor and promoter of agriculture, instigator of the Central Agricultural Bureau

·       Matthew "Matt" Singleton (1927-). Government Minister Joined 1953 60 Year Jewell holder

·       Dudley “Doug” Gordon Padman OBE (1885 - 1970) Mayor of Albury 1939 - 1945. MLA 1947-65

·       Gordon Watt, Chief Inspector

·       Earl Ronald Owen AO (1934 – 2014) microsurgeon pioneer, co-led the first successful hand transplant

·       Sir Andrew Bruce Small (1895–1980) cycling, developed Malvern Star into a household name, Mayor of the City of the Gold Coast, MLA

·       Lionel Edmund Rose MBE (1948-2011) Former multiple world boxing champion, first Indigenous Australian named Australian of the Year.

·       Robert “Bobby” Baddeley Simpson AO (1936-) cricket  

·       William (Billy) Lloyd Murdoch (1854/5 –1911), cricket, Australian Second Test Captain in 1882  

·       James Hardie (1851-1920), businessman  founder Hardie Industries

·       Albert "Tibby" Cotter (1883–1917) State and International cricket    the best fast bowler through the first decade of the 20th century he had a reputation for breaking stumps. Served at Gallipoli, shot and died at Beersheeba WW1. WW2 soldiers visited his grave in Palestine “the most noted Australian cricketer killed in the last war”

·       Sir Alexander Hamilton Sea Lord. He commanded the Australian navy from 1918-20. This may be Sir Louis Henry Keppel Hamilton KCB, DSO, RN (31 December 1890 – 27 June 1957) During his early career he was generally known as L. H. Keppel Hamilton. I am starting to suspect Denslow was in error with this entry or used an incorrect descriptor.

·       Neville Wran (1926-2014) Premier NSW

·       Charles George "Charlie" Macartney (1886 –1958) Australian cricketer who played in 35 Tests between 1907 and 1926. He was known as "The Governor-General"

·       Alan McGilvray AM MBE (1909 –1996) cricket

·       Ian David Craig OAM (1935-2014), youngest ever captain of the Australian Cricket team

·       Les Slee, axeman

·       Canon Farr MA looks to be George Henry Farr (1819-1904), Anglican clergyman and schoolmaster        

·       Victor Thomas Trumper (1877- 1915), cricket

·       Lou Richards, football

·       Harry Beitzel (1927-), football

·       Ron Barassi, Victorian Rules Football legend. 

·       Bob Pratt (1912-2001), football

·       Brighton Diggins football

·       Sid Sewell

·       Richard Sylvannus "Dick" Reynolds (1915-2002) Essendon Football Club   Reynolds is one of four footballers to have won three Brownlow Medals

·       Howard Okey  (12 February 1906 - 3 March 1985) Essendon Footballer.

·       Mr. J. W. Tolmie, Gippsland Pioneer

·       Sir Howard Florey, medicine (1898 –1968) was an Australian pharmacologist and pathologist who shared the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1945 with Sir Ernst Boris Chain and Sir Alexander Fleming for his role in the making of penicillin.

·       Colonel Lawrence (Laurie) James Newell AM CStJ QPM ED, (1920-2011), Deputy Police Commissioner, soldier, Chair CFA (VIC) 1978-?, Community Leader. commanded the search for Prime Minister Harold Holt

·       Stuart Laing Mock (1936-2012), local sportsman, President of the Jersey Cattle Clubs Association of Victoria, Rodney Shire Council (1973-83; president 1977-78), general manager of Channel 10, Director of Nick Scali Ltd.

·       Neil Roberts football

·       John Trevor Patten, known professionally as Johnny Jarrett (1936-), boxer claimed as first Australian Aboriginal Freemason   

·       Arch Oliver (1920-2004) professor of Civil and Mechanical University of Tasmania, helped found the school of Engineering at UTAS

·       Beaumont Arnold Moulden (1849-1926) lawyer and politician, SA MLA the Palmerton suburb of Moulden is named after him  Attorney-General of South Australia from 1889 to 1890.

·       Harold Hubert Salisbury (1915–1991), South Australian Police Commissioner  Sacked from Office.

·       Thomas William Blake, JP, Councilor (1938-1950) and Mayor of Preston, 1945/1946

·       James Page, originator of the Volunteer Movement when war with Russia Declared 1854

·       James Larra (James Lara) (1749-1839), Jewish emancipist and merchant” certainly the most prominent Jew in the earliest years of the colony” On 12 December 1787, aged 38, he was sentenced to death at the Old Bailey for having stolen a tankard worth £5. The sentence was commuted to transportation, and he arrived with the Second Fleet in June 1790 in the Scarborough. Opened one of the first legal pubs in Australia “The Freemasons Arms”

·       William Kerr (1812-1859), journalist, founded the Melbourne Argus Kerr Street, Fitzroy is named after him. He was Grand Master of the Loyal Orange Order. Could this be William Warren Kerr CMG, CBE (1864-1949), Chairman of the State Savings Bank of Victoria, president of the Melbourne Chamber of Commerce in 1916. chairman of the Royal Commission on taxation. It was he who was mainly responsible for amalgamation of State and Federal taxation systems. Mayor of Kew

·       J.F.Taylor (?-?) member first South Australian Lodge, Hand of Friendship EC No.613. A street in Adelaide is named after him

·       Daniel Wakefield (?-?) member first South Australian Lodge, Hand of Friendship EC No.613.  A street in Adelaide is named after him 

·       G F Angas, one of the Fathers and Founders of South Australia  Less likely to be George French Angas (1822-1886), naturalist and painter but more likely to be George Fife Angas (1789-1879), merchant, banker, landowner and philanthropist. MLC  Angastown SA is named after him, he donated land to several public institutions including building the freemasons hall.

·       Archibald Cooke (?-1883), first initiate in South Australia on 25 March 1856.  Possibly the same man “Archibald Cooke, an early pastoralist. He died at Strathalbyn in 1883'

·       Frederick Foote Turner (?-1908) Attorney-General, Commissioner of Trade.

·       George Reibey & James Reibey, sons of Mary Reibey, now pictured on the $20 Australian Bank note and closely associated with the establishment of Australia’s first bank. Both initiated in The Lodge of Australia

·       Rev. F Poole, M.A. 

·       Rev. Frederic Slaney Poole,  

·       Bob Skilton (1983-)football  one of only four players to have won the Brownlow Medal three times

·       Albert Lachlan (1877-1955) journalist, attended the opening of the first Federal parliament, was one of the earliest members of the parliamentary press gallery. Relieving editor for the Argus and was another example of erroneous ideas on Freemasonry; he was catholic,

·       Colonel Ferdinand Henry Wright (?-?) served as a Captain with the 14th Infantry Battalion. After landing on Gallipoli on Anzac Day 1915 he was seriously wounded and invalided home to Australia. 1921 to 1951 Wright was Consul for the Netherlands in Victoria

·       Rev J H Raverty, Anglican Church Leader, Grand Chaplain.   Might be Rev Joseph Horace (1890-1956) who served as Army Chaplain

·       Graham Vivian “Polly” Farmer MBE (1935-), footballer

·       Henry Curtis (John Henry Benedict) (Revd. J. H. A.; Henry Anselm CURTIS, O.S.B.; OSB; J. H. B. CURTIS) (1829-1909) Singer, "leader of Gregorian chanting", singing master, Benedictine monk.A Headmaster of Lyndhurst College, around 1863-64 he entered sexual relationship with the college housekeeper that lasted 8 months, and ended with him renouncing his vows and eloping with the woman to Melbourne. There, as J. H. B. Curtis, he became a highly respected citizen, and prominent freemason, and secretary of The Athenaeum Club Note, he is mentioned here as an Oddfellow  and here a Druid

·       Thomas Boulton [Bolton]  Early NSW Settler or convict in Sydney  Initiated 1820 in Sydney

·       John Allan Edmonds (1884-1948) President Boorowa Council 

·       William (Bill) Berry, Mayor of Brighton  Liberal Candidate 1914 election

·       James Stephens (Stevens) (1821-1889), Trade Unionist, Champion of the 8 hour day, Melbourne Lodge of the Operative Mason or Victorian Operative Masons' Society later Friendly Society of Operative Stonemasons  (These all appear to be Unions rather than Speculative Masonic Lodges

·       William Chapman (1820-1887), musician and composer  

·       Possible; William Hance, Organist, organ keeper, organ builder, Arrived Hobart, 26 September 1823 (per Mariner) Died Hobart, 10 October 1842, aged 50 In 1832 he was building an organ for one of Hobart's Masonic lodges, the first documented instance of an organ being built in the colonies

·       Possible Major John W Hamilton, DSO, B.E., A.M.I.C.E.

·       Frederick George Usher (1863-1941), one of the Founders of the Freemasons Hospital. Past Master Citizens Masonic Lodge and its treasurer for 31 years

·       Frederick Band ( 1859 - ?) Jeweler. Joined Unity and Prudence Lodge in 1891, Master of the Geelong Lodge in 1910-11

·       David Mack (1859-1925) well known Courser and Judge of Coursing. PM of St. Andrew's and St. George's Lodges.

·       James Egan JP of Donnybrook, businessman

·       Dr Alfred W F Noyes (C1834 -1902). Hospital surgeon at Deniliquin for over 45 years. Early Mayor Deniliquin. A monument to him stands at Cressy & End Streets, Deniliquin, 2710   Only MUIOOF is mentioned specifically and mentions of him being a Freemason are possibly mistaken

·       William James (1854-1897), Bendigo Councilor.

·       Thomas Bragg (1856-1921) innovative farmer & Dubbo Pioneer.



Sometimes Claimed, Unlikely to be Freemasons

·       A.B. “Banjo” Patterson (1864-1941). Poet, journalist and author

·       Henry Lawson (1867-1922), Australian poet and author  Possibly a member of the “Knights of Labor secret society” – but no evidence he was a Freemason. He was erroneously included in early versions of this list.

·       James Cook (1728-1779) English explorer. UGLE has never been able to substantiate his membership nor has any other Grand Lodge, likewise no subordinate lodge has ever been able to evidence his Initiation.

·       George Syme KBE (1873-1942) Managing Editor of "The Age" and "The Leader" newspapers from 1908 until 1942.

·       Robert James Lee “Bob” Hawk (1929-), former Australian Prime Minister. Indeed, if a PM or Premier is not in our list it is because I have no reliably evidence that they were initiated as a Freemason… give me a reliable source and I will include them as per the usual methods for this list. Please don’t email me unless you have a reliable source for a PM or Premier.

·       Edward Henty 1810–1878, pioneer farmer, first permanent settler in Port Phillip District. Although included in several unreferenced lists of Freemasons, I can find no collaborating evidence for his membership of Freemasonry.

·       Field Marshal Sir Thomas Albert Blamey GBE, KCB, CMG, DSO, ED (1884 –1951), Soldier &, Chief Commissioner of the Victoria Police  Blamey appears on several lists of Freemasons – but I cannot find a substantive source in order to list him as a Freemason.

·       Chan “Charlie”  Lean Fore (?-1909), Sydney Chinese Community Leader, leader Anti-opium league, died suicide opium overdose. Sometimes reported as a Freemason, but member RAOB 



Proving a Premier – Sir John Downer, South Australia

·       John William Downer, KCMG, KC (6 July 1843 – 2 August 1915), federationalist, lawyer and politician, 16th Premier of South Australia, twice Premier.. Attorney-General. Member of Constitutional Committee 1897 and sat in First Parliament of Australia following Federation. MLA MLC   

Sir John Downer was twice Premier of South Australia and was a significant Federationalist. He is not listed anywhere I can find as a Freemason, however significantly 1885 'GRAND LODGE OF FREE AND ACCEPTED MASONS OF VICTORIA.', The Age (Melbourne, Vic. : 1854 - 1954), 13 July, p. 6., carried the line “Bro. Downer, the present Premier of South Australia, had an interview with the Grand Secretary...” (of Grand Lodge Victoria, the forerunner to United Grand Lodge Victoria). UGLV was founded in 1889 and GLV in 1883, but did not achieved regularity and mainly consisted of Irish Lodges. The date of the article fits with Downer’s Premiership, however I (and GLSA&NT) cannot currently find any collaborating evidence. His association with the unrecognised GLV might have tainted him in some way, and he is listed as “Brother” indicating he had not advanced far in Freemasonry of which there is no mention of in his funeral notices..


Inquires with the Grand Lodge of South Australia have not been able to find anything. They advise;

A careful search of available library records has revealed no direct Masonic connection for Sir John Downer. The “S.A. Freemason” publication covering that period particularly would probably have had some mention of Sir John because of his great prominence in this State and Federally if he had been a Freemason. I am sure that the Grand Master Brother concerned was Most Worshipful Brother Henry Edward Downer, the brother of Sir John. Charles R A Glover’s “First Fifty Years of Freemasonry in South Australia’ contains references to H E Downer as District Grand Master in 1869 and as Provincial Grand Master in 1870. This would I feel sure be under the jurisdiction of United Grand Lodge of England. Other references include him as Master Elect in The United Tradesmens Lodge, and as Junior Grand Deacon in 1860.     “The Supreme Federalist” – “The Political Life of Sir John Downer” by the Hon. Dr. John Bannon who was Premier of South Australia 1982-1992, also has no mention of a Masonic connection. A photograph of Sir John and a photograph of his grave monument in that book show no Masonic emblems. It has been most interesting to follow up your enquiry and to make contact with you Brother Damian as Editor of Devotion News, Lodge Devotion 723 UGLV and you Brother Ange at the UGLV Library and Museum. With kindest fraternal greetings for the festive season and best wishes for the new year, yours, John Rand. PGPsvt. Library Assistant


On many occasions I have been able to “prove” Masonic Membership of famous men through several primary and secondary sources. I would like any assistance readers can give in substantiating yet another South Australian Premier as a Freemason.



·       The Royal Woman’s Hospital (Melbourne Lying-in Hospital and Infirmary for Diseases of Women and Children) has two Freemasons as the Founders - this might be a good area of research

·       The Australian Medical Journals co-founding editors were Freemasons and a subsequent purchaser was a Freemason – this might be worth looking into.

·       Several of Australia’s first members of parliament were Freemasons – that would be worth looking into.

·       Two out of three early owners of “The Australian” newspaper were Freemasons

·       Royal Australian Air Force Air Marshals: Frederick Scherger (confirmed as a Freemason), Richard Williams, George Jones, William Bostock, Adrian Cole




Sources for inclusion of names are recorded in the endnotes.


Source websites and books below are recorded either for the strong start they gave me in the early days of research or because they yielded several names I may not have otherwise discovered.


For several years now, my methodology has been to think of a famous or notable Australian, then use Google to Boolean search for a reliable source confirming membership. Both as a Freemason and with an interest in History, I often stumble across new names. Increasingly names with are being supplied to me by the public – thank you !


Sources - Web Sites of Note

Web sites used are retained in this list even if they go off line. Such sites can be retrieved using internet archives such as



The Australian Dictionary of Biography



National Library of Australia, Trove, Digitised Newspapers and more



Paul M Bessel Web Pages



National Archives of Australia



Parliament of New South Wales ~ Members



United Grand Lodge Victoria's Web Site



Lodge Tomalpin No 253



The ArmyLodge (478)



(Web Site down)



The Phoenixmasonry Masonic Museum and Library



Sources - Useful books heavily used


It's No Secret, Real Men Wear Aprons,
Edited Peter Lazar,
Published by Masonic Care Ltd Australia 2009
ISBN 978-0-646-52446-7


A Century of Union
By PT Thornton,
published by United Grand Lodge Victoria 1989
ISBN 0 7316 5791 8


The History of Freemasonry in Victoria
by P.T. Thorton.
Published by United Grand Lodge of Ancient and Free Accepted Masons Victoria 1978
ISBN 0 9596128 0 7


Notable South Australians: or, Colonist - Past and Present.
By George E Loyau,
Carey, Page and Co, Printers, Waymouth Street Adelaide 1885
as found at on Friday, January 09, 2015


10,000 Famous Freemasons.

By William R. Denslow's

Published by Macoy Publishing & Masonic Supply Co., Inc. Richmond, Virginia 1957




Articles acknowledged with special thanks


"Vice Regal Grand Masters - Who and Why?" by Kent Henderson. Retrieved 4 April 2012 via


“Adelaide streets named for Freemasons”
Grand Lodge Of Antient, Free And Accepted Masons Of South Australia And Northern Territory
Accessed via on Monday, January 12, 2015


Lodge of Australia - 180th Anniversary Speech via on Monday, December 14, 2015


A Brief Australian Masonic History - The Irish Connection by the late W.Bro. Ron Cook The Australian Social Lodge No. 260. Via on Saturday, December 26, 2015

Special Thanks To:

(In alphabetical order)


Andy McKay, (VWBRo), Lodge Devotion 723

Ange Kenos (Bro), Lodge Evolution 931, & Librarian UGLV

Ben Quick (WBro), Lodge Evolution 931, UGLV

Bill Nash (WBro), Secretary of Victoria Cross Lodge 923 UGLNSW&ACT

Chris Craven (RWBro), Assist Grand Sec UGLNSW&ACT

John Rand. PGPsvt. Library Assistant UGLSA&NT

Kent Henderson (VWBro), Victorian Lodge of Research No. 218, UGLV

Lesley Eller, Great, great granddaughter of Nicholas Weekes.

Nick Clifton (Bro), Lodge Devotion 723, UGLV

Nik Sakellaropoulos (WBro), Victorian Lodge of Research No. 218, UGLV

Sean Thomson (RWBro), Werribee Mark Lodge No 98, Mark Master Masons of Victoria


And the many others who have supported and assisted.


A Note on Bias

My goal is to try to present a reliable and researchable list which survives scrutiny. I think I am doing a reasonably good job, but it must be said that due to the methodology, being to research these names via the internet, it is possible the list has developed a bias towards those already noted on the web as Freemasons. That said, there are several important men listed who have been discovered via my own research of books, periodicals and lodge records. The best example of which is Air Chief Marshall Frederick Rudolph William Scherger, who was reported to me as a Freemason, was not listed on the web as one, but research showed him to be a member.

A Note on Punctuation and Masonic Titles.

Firstly, apologies for removing as many full stops from the list as possible, hence C.B.E becomes CBE. This was done to make the list more readable.


Also, “Masonic ranks” have generally not been added with the exception of Grand Masters, and even then, appellations have been omitted, again to make the list more readable.


A Note on Versions of this Document

This section was added in Version 11 released on Tuesday, January 3, 2017.


Version 11

A major change in this version was to change the type of bullet points used to mark name to make the list more web friendly. Bullets were changed from an arrow head to a round bullet which will clearly identify earlier versions of the list. We have also confirmed several very notable Australians as Freemasons such as Tommy Woodcock and Reg Ansett and others.




Books for the author to research

·       Representative British Freemasons By Kessinger Publishing Company ISBN: 0766135896

·       Representative British Freemasons", Dodd’s Peerage Limited, London, 1915.

·       Australia's First Rotary Club A History of the Rotary Club of Melbourne By Owen Parnaby

·       The Architect of Victory: The Military Career of Lieutenant General Sir Frank Horton Berryman by Peter Dean

·       A MAN OF ACHIEVEMENT. (Waveney Browne) 2nd Edition, 1976. 154pp. A biography of Sir Manuel Hornibrook and his building achievements in Queensland, around Australia and the around world. Excellent condition.

·       Builders of the Empire, Freemasonry and British Imperialism 1717-1927 by Jessica l Harland-Jacobs, University of North Carolina Press 2007 ISBN-13:978-0-8078-3088-8

·       Paul Cullen, Citizen and Soldier : The Life and Times of Major-General Paul Cullen, by Baker, Kevin ISBN Number 1877058289 / 9781877058288

·       O'Dea, C. 1997. Ian Clunies Ross – a biography. Hyland House, South Melbourne ISBN 1-86447-018-6

·       Masonic Influence in the Settlement, Commercial and Pastoral Development of the Colony of New South Wales 1788-1860 Author Jennifer Lambert Tracey Publisher      University of Canberra, 2007 Length            752 pages Subjects     Freemasonry New South Wales

·       A book on Masonic winners of the VC and GC was published in 2001, written by Phillip May GC.

·       The Victoria Cross Freemason's Band of Brothers (Prestonian Lecture 2006)
by Granville Angell. Over 10% of VC recipients have been Freemason's and this excellent booklet list them all and has detailed articles on thirteen. There is also a very interesting theory about the early Navy VC ribbon. Limited number available from Granville Angell, 34 Manor Avenue, Cannock, Staffs WS11 1AA @ £10 plus £1 p&p

·       Mining, Bushranging and Freemasonry in New South Wales. Noakes

·       Romantic Career of Peter Jackson, His Fight retold (aka Peter the Black Prince a tale of love and sport). Hales, A G. Manchester, Umpire Publishing 1910



Other Materials for the Author to Research

·       State Library NSW, Manuscripts and Oral History & Pictures, Chester Smith papers : pictorial material, ca. 1770-1952

·       From Abbey to Athenaeum: John Henry Benedict Curtis, 1829-1909. Victorian Historical Journal Volume 82 Issue 2 (Nov 2011) Bowman, Margaret





Almost all the footnotes mention the Masonic Membership of the individual in conjunction to the specific item footnoted.  They are contained in the PDF attached to this page.

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