Famous Australian Freemasons

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Famous Australian Freemasons

  • Sir Edmund Barton (1849-1920), 1st Australian Prime Minister, P/M from 1901 to 1903. Initiated into Australian Lodge of Harmony No 555 English Const on 13 March 1878

  • Sir George Reid (1845-1918), 4th Prime Minister of Australia, Lodge Centennial No. 169, UGL of NSW on 16 Nov 1896

  • Sir Joseph Cook (1860-1947) 6th Prime Minister of Australia. Initiated into Lodge Independent No 8 UGLNSW 12 Feb 1892

  • Viscount Stanley Melbourne Bruce (1883- 1967) 8th Prime Minister of Australia. Initiated at Old Melbournians Lodge No 317 UGLV on 12 June 1925

  • Sir Earle Christmas Grafton Page (1880-1961) 11th Prime Minister of Australia. Initiated at Lodge Prince Leopold No87 on 4 Dec 1917

  • Sir Robert Menzies (1894-1978), 12th Prime Minister of Australia, Initiated into Austral Temple Lodge No. 110, UGLV on 10 March 1920.

  • Sir Arthur William Fadden (1894-1972) 13th Prime Minister of Australia. Initiated into Freemasonry at Caledonia Lodge No 737 Scottish Constitution in Queensland on 20 July 1915

  • Sir John McEwen (1900-1980) 18th Prime Minister of Australia. Initiated into Freemasonry at Lauderdale Lodge No 361 UGLV on 28 July 1926

  • Sir John Grey Gorton (1911-2002) 19th Prime Minister of Australia. Initiated into Freemasonry at Kerrange Lodge No 100 UGLV on 5 Feb 1948

  • Sir William McMahon (1908-1988) 20th Prime Minister of Australia. Initiated at Lodge University of Sydney No 544 UGLNSW on 22 March 1974

  • Sir William Clarke, former Chief Justice of Victoria, first GM of the United Grand Lodge of Victoria

  • Herbert Henry "Smokey Dawson" MBE AM, country music entertainer and community leader

  • Sir Donald Bradman (1908-2001), World Famous Australian Cricketer. Initiated Lodge Tarbolton No 12 UGLNSW 26 Nov 1929.

  • Sir Hubert Opperman, (1904-1996) World's Fastest Bicyclist in 1930s; Government Minister; High Commissioner to Malta. Initiated into Stonnington Lodge No 368 UGLV on 23 Dec 1925.

  • John Treloar (1928- ) one of the fastest sprinters in the world. Initiated at Lodge Frank McDowell No 362 on 4 March 1948

  • Sir Charles Kingsford Smith (1897-1935), aviator who was first to cross the Pacific from the US to Brisbane in about 1928. He was a MM of a Brisbane lodge, and, as a matter of interest, it is his MM apron which is perambulated in the memorial service each Anzac Day in the Brisbane Memorial Masonic Centre. Initiated at Gascoyne Lodge on 9 April 1925

  • Adolphus Appleroth (1886-1952) wrote the famous jingle "I like aeroplane Jelly". Initiated at Lodge Vaucluse 15 March 1928.

  • Cecil Albert Gregory (1894-1974) Founder of "Gregory's Street Directory of Sydney and Suburbs". Initiated Lodge Arcadia No 177 UGLNSW on 12 May 1922

  • Mervyn Richardson (1893-1972) invented the Victa Lawn Mower. Initiated Lodge Wentworth no 89 on 6 Feb 1945

  • William Wentworth (1790-1872) Explorer, poet, journalist and politician. Member Lodge Amis Incorruptibles of Orient de Paris in 1818.

  • Edward (Eddie) Charlton (1929-2004) Professional Snooker and Billiards Champion. Initiated into Lodge Swansea No 755 UGL of NSW&ACT 14 July 1961
    Famous Australian Freemasons

  • John William Pilbeam Goffage (1909-1971) ( "Chips Rafferty") Film Actor. Initiated at Lodge Literature No 500 UGLNSW in 1957

  • Charles "Bud" Tingwell (1923-2009) Actor and Spitfire Pilot. Initiated Lodge Carinya No 785 on 27 Jan 1950

  • Tommy Woodcock, trainer of the famous horse Phar Lap

  • Lieutenant John Oxley (1783-1828) RN...Explorer. Member Lodge of Social and Military Virtues No 277 Irish Const.

  • Col Dr Sir Weary Dunlop, Doctor in WWII Japanese POW Changi Railway - saved hundreds including Sir William Clavel (author of Shogun); Since WWII built links with Asia

  • Graham Kennedy, Entertainer and the "King of Television". Lodge of St Kilda, 1955

  • Mei Quong Tart...Ist Chinese Initiate in Australia

  • Sir Joseph Banks (1743-1820).."Father Of Australia"..Botanist

  • Ken G Hall (1901-1994)..Australian Film producer and was the first Australian to win an Oscar. Initiated into Freemasonry at Lodge Anima No 421 on 12 Dec 1922

  • Thomas Mayne (1901-1995) developed the drink "Milo" still sold today. Initiated into Lodge King Edward No 189 UGLV

  • Harry Melbourne (1913-2007)  invented the "Freddo Frog" chocolate. Initiated into Freemasonry at Victoria Park Lodge No 388 UGLV on 24 April 1944

  • Frederick Peters (1836-1937) founded Peter's Icecream. Initiated into Terre Coupee Lodge No 204 Grand Lodge of Indiana on 27 Dec 1890

  • Fred Walker (1884-1935) best remembered for creating "Vegemite" Spread. Initiated at Austral Temple Lodge No 110 UGLV on 9 July 1919

  • Captain Matthew Flinders (1774-1814)...Explorer

  • Hamilton Hume (1797-1873...First Australian Explorer to be born here. Initiated at Leinster Marine Lodge of Australia No 266, Irish Const on 12 Sept 1825
    Australian Freemasons Victoria Cross Winners

  • Lt William Dunstan, Victoria Cross Winner

  •  John Bisdee (1869-1930), first Australian soldier to be awarded the Victoria Cross (in Boer War, South Africa). Initiated Lodge Bulwer No 1068 England on 6 Jan 1917

  • Lt Neville Howse (1863-1930), Australia's first Victoria Cross Winner and only medical member of the Australian Forces to be awarded the VC. Initiated Lodge Ophir on 29 Aug 1901

  • Arthur Blackburn (1892-1960) Victoria Cross Winner. Initiated Peter's Collegiate Lodge No 58 South Australia on 9 Dec 1918
  • Walter Brown (1885-1942) Victoria Cross Winner. Initiated Lodge Godeldrie No 558 on 7 April 1931

  • George Cartwright (1894-1978) Victoria Cross Winner. Initiated  Lodge Merrylands No 479 on 1 Nov 1923

  • William Currey (1895-1948) Victoria Cross Winner. Initiated into Lodge Carlton No 382 on 11 March 1930

  • John Edmondson (1914-1941) Victoria Cross Winner. Initiated into Lodge Liverpool No 197 on 3 April 1935

  • James Gordon (1907-1986) Victoria Cross Winner. Initiated at Lodge United Service No 307 WA on 2 April 1959

  • Blair Wark (1894-1941) Victoria Cross Winner. Initiated at Lodge Lane Cove No 338 on 8 Nov 1921

  • James Gorman (1834-1882) Victoria Cross Winner initiated at The Leinster Marine Lodge Of Australia in 1878

  • John Whittle (1882-1946) Victoria Cross Winner. Initated at Lodge Sydney St Andrew no 7 on 1 Nov 1923

  • James Rogers (1873-1961) Victoria Cross Winner. Initiated at Lodge Robbie Burns No 88 UGLV on 11 Nov 1913

  • Hugo Throssell (1884-1933) Victoria Cross Winner. Initiated at Lodge Bulwer No 1068 England on 15 June 1917

  • William Donovan Joynt (1889-1986) Victoria Cross Winner. Initiated at Old Melbournians Lodge no 317 UGLV on 12 Oct 1923

  • Lord Gowrie (1872-1955) Victoria Cross Winner, DSO with bar and Australia's longest serving Governor-General. Initiated into Freemasonry at Lodge St Andrews Military Lodge No 668 on 15 March 1893

  • Corporal Cameron Stewart Baird VC, MG (1981-2013) Victoria Cross Winner,  Initiated on the 23rd September 2006 in Lodge Thespian No. 256 ULG NSW & ACT.
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