Talk to your Brothers

Talk to your Brothers

From Damien of Devotion


As I said in my editor’s message – it’s been a tough year for many of us. Lodge is often a place to escape from the problems of life. For me, the lodge door closes and the outside world stops. It’s one of the great thing about Freemasonry and I normally leave the haven of lodge with recharged batteries.

I’m a confidant of many in the lodge. Sometimes folks share their problems widely, others keep quiet about them. It’s your choice and while brothers do care for you, the good ones don’t pry. However, they say sharing a problem often halves it. If you’ve started a new business in 2015 – I know several who have also done so. Talking about it will allow exchange of success and failure you might learn from. If you you’re going through a divorce or separation – there are brothers in our lodge who have been through the same – make it known and you will hear advice and get support. If you’ve had trouble in your marriage, problems conceiving children, lost a parent, or have money troubles – you will find brothers who have walked the same path and might be able to offer support, advice and solutions. Serious health problem? You are not alone. One member is inspiringly openly talking about his, and we all waited in hope for Matt to get his kidney, but there are others facing serious health problems who have said nothing widely. If you have a mentally ill person in your family, I can think of at least five members who have had to support those close to them through the same, often their children. Sharing that will allow you to access to a wealth of knowledge and experience – and strong support. It’s your choice.

Some choose to share problems with a few or widely, some go through hell and never mention it. But either way, you are not alone when you’re a Freemason. However we can best support you if we know you’re in trouble. Support is only ever an email, phone call or lodge meeting away. Consider the advantages of seeking out men who have already dealt with the problems you face – it can make a world of difference to you and your family.