Large List of Notable and Famous Australian Freemasons

Famous &/or Notable Australian Freemasons
Compiled by WBro D Hudson, PM Lodge Devotion 723
Copyright  2007 DL Hudson,
First Published 2007
This Version 6, updated Thursday, April 05, 2012


This list began as a short list of Famous Australian Freemasons in an edition of our Lodge Newsletter and has now grown to included over 100 notable or famous Australian Freemasons.


This list has been compiled over years. For some time, references were not noted or recorded, but as the list grew, it was realized it could become an authoritative record of Australian Freemasons. References are now being progressively added, but readers should note names have only been included when the source of the same was considered reliable.


It is hard to organize such a list – where do you put a Governor General who won a VC ? An actor who was Grand Master and a State Politician? We suggest if you are looking for something specific either peruse the list or hold the Ctrl key and press “F”. We do not (knowingly!) duplicate names in the list with the exception of those under the first heading.


Some inclusions are not Australians – but such men have been added for their strong link to Australia. Early Governor Generals who were not Australian being a good example. Keep in mind this is a list of names, not a biography, but some details have been added for context and/or interest.


Note - If you reproduce all or part of this list, you must cite our web site as the source. We do not add a name unless the person is deceased or agreed to be in the public eye as a Freemason.


A note on footnotes; Footnotes mention the Masonic Membership of the individual in conjunction to the specific item footnoted. All Footnoted material mentions their membership of Freemasonry. Footnotes can not only be accessed via the PDF attachment.



House Hold Names of Men who were not Primarily Politicians
(see sections below this one for endnotes)

Ø  "Smokey Dawson" Herbert Henry MBE AM (1913 –2008), country music entertainer and community leader

Ø  Sir Charles Kingsford Smith (1897-1935), aviator first to cross the Pacific from the US to Brisbane in about 1928.

Ø  "Chips Rafferty" John William Pilbeam Goffage (1909-1971) Film actor

Ø  Graham Kennedy (1934-2005), entertainer and the "King of Television". Lodge of St Kilda, 1955

Ø  Charles "Bud" Tingwell (1923-2009) actor and spitfire pilot.

Ø  Sir Donald Bradman AC (1908-2001), world famous Australian cricketer.

Ø  Sir Hubert Opperman (1904-1996) world's fastest bicyclist in 1930s

Ø  Sir Joseph Banks (1743-1820).."Father Of Australia", botanist

Ø  John McDouall Stuart... Stuart claimed he recognised a Masonic greeting when he encountered a party of traditional owners in northern Australia.

Ø  Lachlan Macquarie (1762-1824), Governor of New South Wales (1810 to 1821)

Famous Freemasons; Australian Prime Ministers

Ø  Sir Edmund Barton (1849-1920), 1st Australian Prime Minister (1901-1903). Initiated into Australian Lodge of Harmony No 555 English Constitution on 13 March 1878.

Ø  Sir George Reid (1845-1918), 4th Prime Minister of Australia, Lodge Centennial No. 169, UGL of NSW on 16 Nov 1896

Ø  Sir Joseph Cook (1860-1947) 6th Prime Minister of Australia. Initiated into Lodge Independent No 8 UGLNSW 12 Feb 1892.

Ø  Viscount Stanley Melbourne Bruce (1883- 1967) 8th Prime Minister of Australia. Initiated at Old Melbournians Lodge No 317 UGLV on 12 June 1925.

Ø  Sir Earle Christmas Grafton Page (1880-1961) 11th Prime Minister of Australia. Initiated at Lodge Prince Leopold No 87 UGLNSW on 4 Dec 1917

Ø  Sir Robert Menzies (1894-1978), 12th Prime Minister of Australia, Initiated into Austral Temple Lodge No. 110, UGLV on 10 March 1910.

Ø  Sir Arthur William Fadden (1894-1972) 13th Prime Minister of Australia. Initiated into Freemasonry at Caledonia Lodge No 737 Scottish Constitution in Queensland on 20 July 1915

Ø  Sir John McEwen (1900-1980) 18th Prime Minister of Australia. Initiated into Freemasonry at Lauderdale Lodge No 361 UGLV on 28 July 1926

Ø  Sir John Grey Gorton (1911-2002) 19th Prime Minister of Australia. Initiated into Freemasonry at Kerrange Lodge No 100 UGLV on 5 Feb 1948.

Ø  Sir William McMahon (1908-1988) 20th Prime Minister of Australia. Initiated at Lodge University of Sydney No 544 UGLNSW on 22 March 1974.

Famous Freemasons; Australian State Premiers

Ø  Sir Alexander James Peacock KCMG (1861-1933), Premier and member of fourteen ministries. Grand Master (1900-05) of the United Grand Lodge of Victoria

Ø  Sir George Turner KCMGand a privy counselor (1851-1916), Victoria's first Australian-born premier and Commonwealth Treasurer

Ø  Sir Harry Lawson, 27th Premier of Victoria, Scotch Collegians Lodge

Ø  Hon. Robert Stanley “Bob” Richards (1885-1967), 32nd Premier of South Australia.

Ø  Sir Newton James Moore KCMG(1870-1936), WA Premier, soldier and businessman

Ø  Sir John William Evans (1855-1943), seaman, businessman and politician, Tasmanian Premier

Ø  Sir Samuel Walker Griffith KCMG(1845-1920), Chief Justice and Premier of Queensland (twice), Grand Master

Ø  George David Langridge (1829-1891) Victorian politician and public figure. Victorian Premier. “His public meetings at Collingwood were gala occasions: he never lost the common touch, and artisans and labourers mourned his death in impressive numbers.”

Ø  Thomas Price (1852-1909), premier & reformist

Ø  Sir Henry Edward Bolte GCMG (1908-1990), was the 38th and longest serving Premier of Victoria. Initiated into Lodge Meredith No 163 UGLV on the 9th of October 1946 where he remained a member until 1976.

Ø  Archibald Henry Peake (1859-1920), Premier of South Australia 

Ø  Sir Robert Philp KCMG(1851-1922), businessman and Premier of Queensland,

Ø  Sir Thomas Playford, Premier of South Australia

Ø  John Greeley Jenkins (1851-1923), 22nd Premier of South Australia

Ø  Sir John Alexander Cockburn KCMG (1850-1929), 18th Premier of South Australia , Federationist and medical practitioner. Initiation in 1876, he would go on to help establish the Grand Lodge of South Australia, and to serve in several high offices within it

Ø  William Forgan-Smith Premier of Queensland, was initiated into Prince Albert Lodge No 248 UGQLD.

Ø  William Alexander Watt (1871-1946) politician Premier of Victoria, Acting Prime Minister post WW1. initiated North Melbourne Lodge 2 Dec 1901

Famous Freemasons; Australian Governors

Ø  Lachlan Macquarie (1762-1824), Governor of NSW “Served as the last autocratic Governor of New South Wales (1810 to 1821)and played a leading role in the social, economic and architectural development of the colony” Initiated January 1793 at Bombay, India in Lodge No1

Ø  Sir Isaac Alfred Isaacs (1855–1948), Governor-General, Attorney-General, High Court Judge and politician. Elected to the first Federal Parliament of Australia. Initiated Antrim No 349 Irish Const, member of Australia Felix, First Grand Register(1889-1890) of UGLV

Ø  Sir Ernest Clark (1864-1951), Governor of Tasmania, installed Grand Master of Tasmania in 1935.

Ø  Lord Huntingfield, William Charles Arcedeckne KCMG (1883-1969), Governor of Victoria (1931-1939). 14th Grand Master UGLV 1935-1939, Grand Master when Freemasons Hospital East Melbourne Opened. Initiated United Lodge # 1629 EC

Ø  Sir Robert William Duff (1835-1895), Governor of NSW, Grand Master of NSW

Ø  Air Vice-Marshal Sir Robert Allingham George KBE(1896-1967), air force officer and Governor of South Australia

Ø  Major-General Sir Reginald Alexander Dallas Brooks KCB CMG DSO KStJ KCVO KCMG(1896-1966), Governor of Victoria, 19th Grand Master UGLV 1951-1963. Victoria's longest-serving Governor and Masonic Grand Master “was possibly the most popular Governor in Victoria's history” initiated in the Clarke Lodge # 98 on 6 February 1950  Dallas Brooks Hall 300 Albert St East Melb is named after him

Ø  Sir John Northcott KCMG, CB, MVO, K.St. J (1890-1966). NSW State Governor & Grand Master

Ø  Lord Somers, Lieutenant-Colonel Arthur Herbert Tennyson Somers-Cocks KCMG, DSO, MC (1887-1944), Governor of Victoria, 12th Grand Master Victoria 1927-1932  Chief Scout of Victoria and succeeded Baden-Powell as Chief Scout of the British Commonwealth. Initiated Household Brigade Lodge

Ø  George Edward John Mowbray Rous, 3rd Earl of Stradbroke CB CVO CBE KCMG ADC (1862-1947) KCMG CB CVO CBE VD TD  (1862-1947), Soldier & Governor of Victoria(1920-?) Initiated Lodge of Prudence # 388 10th Grand Master UGLV 1922-1929

Ø  Sir Charles Malcolm Barclay-Harvey (1890-1969), landowner and Governor of South Australia Grand Master SA 1941-1943

Ø  Sir Neil Elliott Lewis, KCMG (1858 –1935) Lt Governor of Tasmania

Ø  Lord Stonehaven, Major General Michael Jeffery, Governor General 1925-1930, Grand Master UGLNSW

Ø  Major General Jefferies AC, CVO, MC.( 1937- ), Governor General of Western Australia (1993 –2002) and then Australia (2003–2008). Initiated in St George’s Lodge No 6 on 23 November 1994,

Ø  Sir Samuel J Way (1836-1916), South Australian Lt Governor, Grand Master South Australia 1884-

Ø  Sir Malcolm Barclay-Harvey, South Australian Governor Grand Master South Australia 1941-943

Ø  Sir Robert George South Australian Governor Grand Master South Australia 1956-1958

Ø  Sir William Ellison-Macartney KCMG (1852-1924) Governor of Tasmania (1913-1917), Governor of Western Australia (1917-1920). Initiated Apollo University Lodge # 357 EC on 6 June 1872

Ø  Sir Eric Neal South Australian Governor

Ø  Frederic John Napier Thesiger, 1st Viscount Chelmsford GCSI, GCMG, GCIE, GBE, PC (1868 - 1933) British statesman served as Governor of Queensland (1905–1909), Governor of New South Wales (1909 -1913). Viceroy of India.  Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of NSW 1910-1913. Initiated on 1 June 1898 in Lodge of Amity # 137 EC

Ø  Sir Gerard Smith KCMG (1839-1920), Governor of Western Australia (1895-1900) Initiated into Freemasonry on 4 May 1880 in the United Studholme Alliance Lodge # 1591 EC

Ø  Lord Kintore, Algernon Hawkins Thogond Keith-Falconer (1852- 1930) Governor of South Australia and Grand Master South Australia 1889-1895

Ø  Lord Carrington (1843-?), Governor of NSW and Grand Master NSW in 1888 to ? Initiated 28 October 1861 in Sir Isaac Newton Lodge # 859 EC

Ø  Sir Mellia Napier, Judge, Lt Governor , Grand Master of South Australia 1928-1930

Ø  Sir Harry Holdsworth Rawson (1843-1910), Admiral and Governor of NSW (1902-1909) “He promoted 'the ultimate formation of a separate navy' for Australia” Grand Master of United Grand Lodge of New South Wales (1905-09). Initiated in Royal Sussex Lodge # 501 EC in November

Ø  Lord Brassey. Thomas Brassey KCB (1836-), first Governor of Victoria to be elected Grand Master (1896-1900) help found Volunteer Naval Reserves. Initiated Oxford University Lodge 1850. In Melbourne he joined the Clarke Lodge # 98

Ø  Sir John Goodwin KCB, CMG., DSO, Queensland Governor and Queensland Grand Master.

Ø  Lord Gowrie , Sir Alexander Gore Arkwright Hore-Ruthven VC DSO with bar  (1872-1955) Victoria Cross Winner, and Australia's longest serving Governor-General. Grand Master of NSW Initiated into Freemasonry at Lodge St Andrews Military Lodge No 668 on 15 March 1893.

Ø  Sir Leslie Wilson DSO GCIE GCSI. (1876-1955), Governor (1932-1946) and Grand Master of Queensland (1934-1946). Governor of Bombay (1923-28). initiated in Lodge Ionic # 65 NSWC on 17 January 1904

Ø  Sir Victor Albert George Child-Villiers, 7th Earl of Jersey GCB, GCMG, PC, DL, JP (1845-1915), Governor of NSW, Grand Master UGLNSW (installed 1891) initiated into Apollo University Lodge # 357 EC, on 25 October 1865 affiliated with Lodge Ionic # 65 NSWC

Ø  Lord Carmichael, Thomas Gibson Carmichael, GCSI KCMG (1859-1926) Governor Victoria (1908-?) Governor of Madras, India, Governor of Bengal.  Grand Master UGLV 1909-1912. Initiated 1895 in Lodge Dramatic and Arts # 757 SC

Famous Freemasons; Australian Entertainers

Ø  Herbert Henry "Smokey Dawson" MBE AM (1913 –2008), country music entertainer and community leader

Ø  Graham Kennedy (1934-2005), entertainer and "King of Television". Lodge of St Kilda, 1955

Ø  "Chips Rafferty" John William Pilbeam Goffage (1909-1971) Film actor. Initiated at Lodge Literature No 500 UGLNSW in 1957

Ø  Charles "Bud" Tingwell (1923-2009) actor and spitfire pilot. Initiated Lodge Carinya No 785 on 27 Jan 1950

Ø  Ken G Hall (1901-1994). Australian film producer and was the first Australian to win an Oscar. Initiated into Freemasonry at Lodge Anima No 421 on 12 Dec 1922.

Ø  Henry William Mobsby (1860-1933), artist, photographer and motion picture pioneer. Member of the Lodge, Indooroopilly, No.155, United Grand Lodge of Queensland

Ø  George Seth Coppin (1819-1906), politician, comic actor and entrepreneur. An energetic Freemason he became the first Grand Master of Victoria (Grand Lodge Victoria later dissolved when United Grand Lodge Victoria was formed, Copping Presided over the first (and last (1889) meeting of the GL). Coppin has been credited with both fathering the Australian theatre Initiated St Johns Lodge No 346 IC

Ø  " Roy Rene Mo" (born Harry Van Der Sluys) (1892-1954) better known as 'Mo' the clown. Thespian No.256, NSW Australia

Ø  Nathan Phillips better known as “Stiffy” the clown


Famous Freemasons; Australian Sportsmen

Ø  Sir Donald Bradman AC (1908-2001), world famous Australian cricketer. Initiated Lodge Tarbolton No 12 UGLNSW 26 Nov 1929.

Ø  Bert Oldfield (1894-1976) Wisden Cricketer of the Year 1927. Initiated Lodge Arcadia No 177 UGLNSW on 11 June 1920

Ø  Sir Hubert Opperman, (1904-1996) world's fastest bicyclist in 1930s; Government Minister; High Commissioner to Malta. Initiated into Stonnington Lodge No 368 UGLV on 23 Dec 1925.

Ø  John Treloar (1928- ) one of the fastest sprinters in the world. Initiated at Lodge Frank McDowell No 362 on 4 March 1948

Ø  Vic Patrick (1920-2006) "the best Australian boxer never to have won a world title". Initiated at Lodge Fellowship No 623 on 28 Jan 1942

Ø  Edward (Eddie) Charlton AM (1929-2004) professional snooker and billiards champion. Initiated into Lodge Swansea No 755 UGL of NSW&ACT 14 July 1961.

Ø  Walter Albert Lindrum MBE (1898 - 1960) professional billiards player. Initiated Crimea Lodge No 432 8 Oct 1934

Ø  Henry Messenger (1883-1959), Rugby player. Initiated at Lodge Thespian No 265 in 1915 

Ø  William John Truscott (1886-1966), footballer

Ø  Deverick John (Mick) Cronin (1911-1979), Australian Rules footballer and commentator

Ø  William Hender Hellings, swimmer one of the founders of the NSW Swimming Association

Ø  John Hill (1925?), member Victorian Boxing Hall of Fame, 50 Year Jewel holder.

Ø  Edgar Laurence ( Dunc) Grey..Olympic Cyclist


Military Men – Victoria Cross Winners

Ø  Lt William Dunstan VC, Victoria Cross Winner

Ø  John Hutton Bisbee VC (1869-1930), first Australian soldier to be awarded the Victoria Cross (in Boer War, South Africa). Initiated Lodge Bulwer No 1068 England on 6 Jan 1917

Ø  Lt Neville R Howse VC (1863-1930), Australia's first Victoria Cross Winner and only medical member of the Australian Forces to be awarded the VC. Initiated Lodge Ophir on 29 Aug 1901

Ø  Captain Albert Jacka, VC, MC & bar (1893-1932) Australia’s First WW1 VC

Ø  John Hurst Edmondson (1914-1941) Victoria Cross Winner. Initiated into Lodge Liverpool No 197 on 3 April 1935. First Australian VC of WW2

Ø  Arthur Blackburn VC (1892-1960) Victoria Cross Winner. Initiated Peter's Collegiate Lodge No 58 South Australia on 9 Dec 1918.

Ø  Walter (Walley) Brown VC (1885-1942) Victoria Cross Winner. Initiated Lodge Godeldrie No 558 on 7 April 1931.

Ø  George Cartwright VC (1894-1978) Victoria Cross Winner. Initiated  Lodge Merrylands No 479 on 1 Nov 1923.

Ø  William Currey VC (1895-1948) Victoria Cross Winner. Initiated into Lodge Carlton No 382 on 11 March 1930.

Ø  James Heather Gordon VC (1907-1986) Victoria Cross Winner. Initiated at Lodge United Service No 307 WA on 2 April 1959

Ø  Blair A Wark VC (1894-1941) Victoria Cross Winner. Initiated at Lodge Lane Cove No 338 on 8 Nov 1921

Ø  James Gorman VC (1834-1882) Victoria Cross Winner initiated at The Leinster Marine Lodge Of Australia in 1878.

Ø  John Woods Whittle VC (1882-1946) Victoria Cross Winner. Initiated at Lodge Sydney St Andrew no 7 on 1 Nov 1923

Ø  James Rogers VC (1873-1961) Victoria Cross Winner. Initiated at Lodge Robbie Burns No 88 UGLV on 11 Nov 1913

Ø  Hugo Throssell VC (1884-1933) Victoria Cross Winner. Initiated at Lodge Bulwer No 1068 England on 15 June 1917

Ø  William Donovan Joynt VC (1889-1986) Victoria Cross Winner. Initiated at Old Melbournians Lodge no 317 UGLV on 12 Oct 1923.

Ø  George J Howell VC (1893-1964) Victoria Cross Winner. Initiated into Freemasonry on 2 Dec 1920.

Famous Freemasons; Australian Explorers

Ø  Captain Matthew Flinders (1774-1814)...Explorer

Ø  Hamilton Hume (1797-1873) First Australian Explorer to be born here. Initiated at Leinster Marine Lodge of Australia No 266, Irish Const on 12 Sept 1825.

Ø  William Wentworth (1790-1872) Explorer, poet, journalist and politician. Member Lodge Amis Incorruptibles of Orient de Paris in 1818.

Ø  Lieutenant John Oxley (1783-1828) RN...Explorer. Member Lodge of Social and Military Virtues No 277 Irish Const.

Ø  John McDouall Stuart...Explorer Initiated into the Lodge of Truth No.933 E.C. North Adelaide on 1 August 1859. Stuart claimed he recognised a Masonic greeting when he encountered a party of traditional owners in northern Australia.

Ø  Charles Karius Explorer initiated New Guinea Lodge (292 UGLQ) 29 Nov 1926,

Ø  Sir Joseph Banks (1743-1820).."Father Of Australia"..Botanist Member Inverness Lodge, No. 4


Famous Freemasons; Australian Military Men of Rank or Note

Ø  Col Dr Sir Weary Dunlop AC, CMG, OBE (1907-1993) , War Hero & Doctor in WWII Japanese POW Changi Railway - saved hundreds including Sir William Clavel (author of Shogun); Since WWII built links with Asia Initiated in Lodge Liberation, No 674 in 1954 UGLV

Ø  Jack Lockett, was Australia's oldest man and oldest war veteran when he died and was honoured with a state funeral in Victoria Bro Lockett died at the age of 111

Ø  Air Commodore Rex Taylor CBE, John Knox Lodge

Ø  Brigadier Sir William Hall KBE DSO ED

Ø  Major-General Sir Robert Risson DSO CBE CB OStJ Kt(1901-1992). Chair Melbourne and Metropolitan Tramways Board. Joined Freemasonry in 1961 and  25th Grand Master of the UGLV 1974 - 1976 Initiated Baden Powell 24 July 1961

Ø  Lt-General Sir John Lavarack, Past Grand Master-Qld  

Ø  Allan Gordon Cameron (1909-1960), bank officer and soldier was awarded the DSO and Bar in New Guinea

Ø  Brigadier Sir Bernard Evans

Ø  Chap-General Rev Albert Thomas  Holden , 7th Grand Master UGLV 1912-1914. Initiated Grange Lodge 27 Sept 1898

Ø  Lt-General Sir Carl Jess

Ø  Lt-General Sir Leslie Morshead

Ø  Brigadier The Hon MWJ Bourchier

Ø  Lt-General Sir Frank Berryman

Ø  Lt-General R Bierwirth

Ø  Major-General EJ Milford

Ø  Major-General RE Jackson

Ø  Major-General AG Wilson

Ø  Major-General RE Wade

Ø  Rear-Admiral Guy Griffiths

Ø  Major-General Frank Poke AO, RFD ED PDGM

Ø  Major-General Sir Alan Ramsay

Ø  Major-General R Kendall

Ø  Lt-Colonel Sir Harold Stokes

Ø  Major-General Paul Cullen

Ø  Lt-General Sir Horace Robertson

Ø  Major-General HE "Pompey" Elliott CB, CMG, DSO, DCM, VD (1878–1931)

Ø  Lieutenant-colonel George Francis Murphy (1883-1962), soldier, teacher and administrator.  DSO with Bar

Ø  Wing Commander William Lloyd Brill DSO, DFC & Bar (1916-1964), air force officer

Ø  Major Alexander Thomas Paterson MC (1886-1950), soldier and businessman.

Ø  Bruce Ruxton (1926-2011), former President of Victorian RSL.

Famous Freemasons; Australian Inventors/Business People

Ø  Thomas Mayne (1901-1995) developed the drink "Milo" still sold today. Initiated into Lodge King Edward No 189 UGLV.

Ø  Harry Melbourne (1913-2007) invented the "Freddo Frog" chocolate. Initiated into Freemasonry at Victoria Park Lodge No 388 UGLV on 24 April 1944.

Ø  Frederick Peters (1836-1937) founded Peter's Ice-cream. Initiated into Terre Coupee Lodge No 204 Grand Lodge of Indiana on 27 Dec 1890

Ø  Fred Walker (1884-1935) best remembered for creating "Vegemite" Spread. Initiated at Austral Temple Lodge No 110 UGLV on 9 July 1919

Ø  Cecil Albert Gregory (1894-1974) Founder of "Gregory's Street Directory of Sydney and Suburbs". Initiated Lodge Arcadia No 177 UGLNSW on 12 May 1922.

Ø  Mervyn Richardson (1893-1972) invented the Victa Lawn Mower. Initiated Lodge Wentworth no 89 on 6 Feb 1945.

Ø  James Boag (c.1822-1890), brewer. Founded  J. Boag & Son” in February 1883

Ø  Edward Hallstrom (1886-1970) Philanthropist and invented the "Silent Knight Refrigerator". Initiated at Lodge Roseville No 344 on 24 Aug 1922

Famous Australian Freemasons; Still more..

Ø  Air Commodore Sir Charles Kingsford Smith (1897-1935), aviator who was first to cross the Pacific from the US to Brisbane in about 1928. He was a MM of a Brisbane lodge, and, as a matter of interest, it is his MM apron which is perambulated in the memorial service each Anzac Day in the Brisbane Memorial Masonic Centre. Initiated at Gascoyne Lodge on 9 April 1925.

Ø  Sir James Cockle (1819-1895) lawyer and mathematician. First Chief Justice of Queensland, Australia from 1863-79

Ø  Sir William Clarke (1831-?) , Chief Justice of Victoria, first Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Victoria (1889-1896)  Initiated Tasmanian Union Lodge 356 11 Oct 1855

Ø  Sir Redmond Barry KCMG (1813-1880) philanthropist & Judge, Victoria’s First Solicitor-General later Justice of the Supreme Court, Founder Melbourne University and its first Chancellor, Founder Victoria State Library. The judge who sentenced Ned Kelly.

Ø  Robert Cleghorn MacKenzie, Goldfield Warden Victoria

Ø  Lawrence Hargrave (1850-1915) aviation pioneer. Initiated at United Service Lodge of New South Wales No 937 English Const on 2 April 1877

Ø  Adolphus Appleroth (1886-1952) wrote the famous jingle "I like aeroplane Jelly". Initiated at Lodge Vaucluse 15 March 1928.

Ø  Hugh Webster, once Prof of Physics at Uni Qld and for a time Australia's Science Rep to the United Nations. Hugh worked with Rutherford and actually 'split the atom' shortly before him, Rutherford got into print while Hugh cautiously checked and rechecked his results

Ø  Lawrence Hargraves...Aeronautical Pioneer.

Ø  John Hosking...First Mayor of Sydney

Ø  Paul Heinrich Matthias Foelsche (1831-1914), police inspector

Ø  Francis Greenway, colonial era architect

Ø  Frederick Thomas Hickford (1862-1929) Politician, Mayor of Brunswick, President Metropolitan Fire Brigade, Chairman Tramways Trust 9th Grand Master UGLV

Ø  Sir Albert John Gould (1847-1936), lawyer and politician. Minister for justice under Sir Henry Parkes (1889-91) and (Sir) George Reid (1894-98).

Ø  Mei Quong Tart...Ist Chinese Initiate in Australia in 1885

Ø  Lt-Colonel Sir Harold Luxton, former Lord Mayor of Melbourne

Ø  Sir Ernest Fisk (1886-1965) Radio Pioneer. Initiated into Freemasonry at St John Lodge No 579, UGLE on 28 April 1910

Ø  William James Byrne (1871-1951) 15th Grand Master UGLV  1939-1942 “Established one of Melbourne’s most respected law firms” Initiated Kent Lodge - 28 feb 1907

Ø  Alfred Carson (1859-1944), journalist and social worker

Ø  Chap Archdeacon GE Lambie, Past Grand Chaplain

Ø  Mr Justice Stumm KC (?-1929) Queensland  Supreme Court Judge, Grand Master QLD

Ø  Lt-General Sir Stanley George Savige (1890-1954) army officer and founder of Legacy

Ø  Moses Rintel (1823-1880) Jewish minister & philanthropist First Rabbi of Melbourne

Ø  George Bankin Bearham OBE (1899-) leading Melbourne surgeon, gynecologist and obstetrician. Past Grand Master Initiated Clarke Lodge I June 1927

Ø  Charles Edward de Boos (1819-1900) journalist and police magistrate, mining warden and in 1881 presented with a gold medal 'as a mark of esteem' by Chinese miners in the Braidwood district

Ø  Sir John Quick (1852-?) Ferdationalist and member Sandhurst for 9 years. Member first Parliament of Australia Initiated Lodge Judah 5 Nov 1879

Ø  Herbert Brayley Collett (1877-1947), librarian, soldier and politician

Ø  David Isaac Freedman (1874–1939) Politician & chaplain in the Australian Imperial Force and he served briefly on Gallipoli, in Egypt and France throughout which he wrote to the family of every Jewish soldier he met. Two thousand mourners attended his burial in Karrakatta cemetery

Ø  Arthur Rudolph Bailey (1863-1938), pharmacist was a driving force behind the Pure Foods Act

Ø  Sir Israel Brody(Brodie,?)  (Very Rev) Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregation of the British Commonwealth. Duke of Sussex Lodge No 48 UGLV

Ø  G. E. Hudson (1862-1926, Chair of Tariff Board, Chief Surveyor Victoria

Ø  Philip Blashki, born Favel Wagczewski (1837-1916) Silversmith. Initiated Lodge Judah circa 1865

Ø  A Blashki (?-1938) prominent business man, founded the Jewish Aid society , “Past Grand Master Victorian Grand Lodge”

Ø  Charles Carty Salmon (1860-1917), politician & Federationalist. Speaker of the House, 8th Grand Master UGLV Initiated Talbot Lodge 12 Dec 1852

Ø  Caleb Soul (1817-1894), druggist and chemist,

Ø  Carl Magnus Oscar Friström (1856-1918), artist,

Ø   Mr Justice Starke, High Court Judge

Ø  Chief Justice Poole Gm South Australia GL

Ø  Lange Leopold Powell (1886-1938), architect

Ø  Francis Howard Greenway, Architect

Ø  Sir Robert Wilson Knox (1890-1973), businessman

Ø  Allan Robert Stanley Vickers O.B.E., M.B., Ch.M. (1901-1967), flying doctor

Ø  James Ernest Ogden (1868-1932), miner, unionist and politician

Ø  Sir Leslie James Herron (1902-1973), Chief Justice,

Ø  Sir Wilfred Kelsham Fullagar (1892-1961), Judge

Ø  Frederick John Ludowici (1873-1969), businessman and conservationist

Ø  James Larra (1749-1839), Jewish emancipist and merchant” certainly the most prominent Jew in the earliest years of the colony”

Ø  William John Fookes (?-?) President Law Institute of Victoria in the early 20th Century

Ø  Walter Balls-Headley (1841{1842?}-1918), gynecologist, Grand Master Victoria in 1905-07 initiated Sir Isaac Newton Lodge 1161 14 June 1861

Ø  John Paul Sennitt (1851-1922), Local Councilor South Melbourne City Council, JP engineer and ice and ice-cream manufacturer

Ø  Leslie George (Les) Cole (1892-1978), magician,

Ø  Sir Andrew Clarke (1824-1902), military engineer, politician and public servant. Surveyor-General.. Initiated Lodge Happiness

Ø  Justice Arthur Piper(?-1936, 70 when he died), Supreme Court South Australia, Grand Master South Australia Freemasons

Ø  Ernest Henry Farrar (1879-1952), trade unionist and politician

Ø  Charles Edward Camidge (1837-1911), Anglican bishop

Ø  Dr Lees, Anglican Archbishop of Melbourne

Ø  Charles Riley, Bishop Of Perth (The Right Rev. Dr) (1854-1929). Grand Master Of The Grand Lodge Of Freemasons Of Western Australia Initiated into Peace and Unity 314 Lancaster

Ø  Rev HG Cranswick, Bishop of Gippsland

Ø  James Squire Farnell (1825-1888), politician, Provincial Grand Master of the Irish Constitution

Ø  Sir William Alexander Dargie , CBE (1912-2003) portrait painter, Holds the current record for the most Archibald Prizes won (eight). Official artist during WW2. Initiated June 1951 Lodge Arboreal No 641 UGLV, received a 50 year Jewel of Service in the Craft.

Ø  T.S. Burston(?-1928, 71 when he died), three times Mayor of Toowoomba, Past Grand Master

Ø  William Dixon Campbell Denovan (1829-1906), miner, reformer, politician and public servant

Ø  Lowther Clarke, Bishop of Melbourne

Ø  Norman Thomas William Allan (1909-1977), police commissioner

Ø  Francis Erich (Frank) Bischof (1904-1979), police commissioner QLD (I guess we need to claim the bad with the good).

Ø  Sir James Anderson Murdoch (1867-1939), retail trader, politician and philanthropist

Ø  Sir William John Macleay (1820-1891), pastoralist, politician and patron of science

Ø  Sir George Eccles Kelso King (1853-1943), businessman, initiated on 7 June 1878 in the Prince of Wales Lodge, Sydney, and became worshipful master in 1885. He was influential in establishing the Provincial Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons in 1889 and became grand mark master mason of New South Wales (1892-95).

Ø  Sir William Lawrence Baillieu (1859-1936), financier and politician. On the death of Prince Bailieu “he told his nephew that 'everything the Baillieu family has they owe to your Uncle Willie'; and one-fifth of his estate of almost £500,000 was left to the University of Melbourne Library 'in memory of William Lawrence Baillieu'.

Ø  Francis Ormond (1829-1889) philanthropist, politician, Grazier. Founded RMIT (then known as Working Men;s  College) Ormond Hall at the Victorian Institute of the Blind, Ormond College at Melbourne Uni are named after him.

Ø  George Edwon Emery CMG (1859-) 5th Grand Master UGLV (1907-1909) Commissioner of both Savings Bank and Post Office Savings Bank, becoming General Manager when both merged, one of the founders of Rotary in Victoria Initiated Lodge if Australasia 20 Dec 1894

Ø  Sir John W Hacket KCMG (1848-1916, principal proprietor of the Western Australian Newspaper

Ø  Sir Joseph Abbot, Grand Master

Ø  Sir Manuel Hornibrook, eminent civic construction engineer Prince Albert Lodge No 248 UGLQLD

Ø  Frederick Charles Standish (1824-) District Grand Master Victoria(1861-?). Assistance Commissioner Goldfields (1854-?)  Chinese Protector  (1858-?), Chief Commissioner of Police for Victoria (1858-?)

Ø  Sir Henry Weedon, Melbourne’s Lord Mayor 1905-1908 Initiated Duke of Manchester Lodge 13 March 1885

Ø  William Warren Kerr CBE (1864-) 13th Grand Master UGLV 1932-1935. President of both Victorian and Australian Chamber of Commerce. Mayor of Kew 1907.  Initiated Austral-Temple Lodge 11 Nov 1908

Ø  Alexander Corrie (?-1941) One of founders of Launceston Stock Exchange First President and one of the founders of the Brisbane Stock Exchange, First QLD Grand Master

Ø  J W Israel, Auditor General of Tasmania, Auditor General of the Commonwealth

Ø  Robert Flack Richards (?-1938, 72 when he died), Hobart architect

Ø  Rabbi Raymond Apple AO RFD  The Great Synagogue Sydney “retired in 2005 after many years as Australia’s highest-profile rabbi”

Ø  Sir William Brunton KCB (1867-?)  Lord Mayor Melbourne 1923-1926 Foundation chairman of Freemasons Hospital. Initiated Victorian Naval and Military Lodge 1905

Ø  Phillip Cohen (1852-?) Chief Clerk Dept of Mines Victoria for 22 years. Initiated Duke of Sussex Oct 1878.

Ø  William Henry(?-1903), owned the “South Melbourne Citizen’s Newspaper”

Ø  Sir Thomas Hiley, QLD Treasurer, Prince Albert Lodge No 248 UGLQLD

Ø  Edith Cowan, First woman elected to Australian Parliament, Member of St Cuthberts Lodge Perth Australia (Le Droit Humain) (Although an “irregular” Freemason – I think she is worth mentioning!)

Ø  Angell Ellis, foundation Editor “Victorian Craftsman”

Ø  Clifford Henry Book (1895?-) Crown Prosecutor 1926-1942. 16th Grand Master UGLV.  Initiated Melbourne University Lodge 11 Dec 1919

Ø  Frank Ernest Pettifer (1873-1946) 17th Grand Master of UGLV 1945-1946 President Braille Writers Association Initiated Austral-Tmeple Lodge 8 Dec 1920

Ø  Richard Arnold Rowe (1890-1960) 18th Grand Master of UGLV 1947-1951. Chairman Melbourne Stock Exchange and also Associated Stock Exchangers of Australia. Initiated Rechab Lodge 14 May 1917

Ø  William Player Bice (1855-?) 11th Grand Master UGLV 1926-1927. Initiated Earl of Carnarvon 26 Oct 1886 Of particular note for effectively banning public wearing of regalia and putting temples “off limits to the general community”. His name is on Gipps St Foundation Stone.

Ø  Athol James Kennedy (?-1980) Corporate Lawyer. Initiated United Accountants Lodge 13 Dec 1927

Ø  Francis Robert Nelson (1906-1985) Supreme Court Judge

Ø  Christopher Thomas Frow Goy MBE (1897-1982) Moderator Presbyterian Church in Victoria 1956-?

Ø  Eric Hughes (1901-1964) President Royal Victorian Institute of Architects 20th Grand Master UGLV 1963-1964 Initiated Lodge Amity 22 Feb 1934

Ø  Oliver James Gillard Kt (1906-1984) Supreme Court Judge. 21st Grand Master UGLV 1965-1968 Initiated Eros Lodge 7 April 1934

Ø  Charles Roger Darvall CBE Kt(1906-) State Electricity Commissioner  22 Grand Master UGLV 1968-1970. Initiated Wimmera Lodge 20 Oct 1944

Ø  Sydney Lance Townsend Kt. (1912-1983) Dean of Medicine Melbourne University. 23rd Grand Master UGLV 1970-1972 Initiated 24 Sept 1948 Philatelic Lodge

Ø  James W Jackobs, Secretary of the Royal Freemasons Homes 1947-1967

Ø  Clive William Harris (1918-) County Court Judge, Chairman Workers Compensation Board. 24 Grand Master of UGLV. Initiated East Camberwell Lodge 19 Dec 1946

Ø  Christopher Robert Barnes James (1899-) 26 Grand Master UGLV Initiated 7 Feb 1945 into City of Kew Lodge

Ø  Reginald Edward Gregory MBE(1911 -) honorary Secretary Girl Guide Association-27 Grand Master UGLV 1978-1980

Ø  Charles . L. Riley (1855-1930) Archbishop of Perth. He served as chaplain general of the Australian army units during WWI. As Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Western Australia, “ his spiritual influence in the development of the Australian lodges still exists”

Ø  Neville Leonard Colbran AM (1928-2007) President Law Institute of Victoria 28 Grand Master UGLV 1980-1982 initiated Lodge of Precision 17 Dec 1949

Ø  Henry John Nathan (1927-) 29th Grand Master UGLV 1982-1984 Initiated Lodge Fraternal 1948

Ø  Paul Heinrich Matthias Foelsche (1831-1914) Magistrate, Inspector of Police, notable historic photographer

Ø  Justice Keith John Austin Asche AC QC (1928-) Senior Judge Family Court. President of RMIT & chancellor Deakin University  30th Grand Master UGLV 1984 – 1986 Fourteenth Administrator of the Northern Territory 1993-1997 (Initiated 30 Sept 1967 Lodge of Famonsel  OR Initiated Sir Samuel Walker Griffith Lodge 408QC  ?)

Ø  John William Connell OA (1913-) 31st Grand Master UGLV 1986-1989 Initiated 27 Sept 1946 Francis Ormond Lodge

Ø  George Brunswick Smythe, Magistrate first Master of a Lodge in Victoria, Australia Felix 1839

Ø  John Stephenson, “Father of Freemasonry.. (in Victoria), Assistant Editor ‘Port Philip Gazette”

Ø  Hon. Mr Justice Howard E Zelling, CBE QC Grand Master South Australia 1972-1976

Ø  Hon. Mr Justice Samuel J Jacobs, AO QC Grand Master South Australia 1979-1982


Suggested names needing further evidence.


Ø  Henry Lawson, Australian Poet  Looks like “Knights of Labor secret society” – but not sure if he was a Freemason

Ø  Lionel Rose Former multiple world boxing champion

Ø  Neville Wran

Ø  Jamies Hardie, millionaire businessman

Ø  Maurice Herman Kellerman OBE (1902-2000) NSW Board of Jewish Education

Ø  Harold Coates OBE (1917-2002) NSW politician

Ø  George C. Barber President-General of Methodist Church of Australia (1948-51)

Ø  James Cook (1728-1779) English explorer

Ø  Horace Crotty (1886-1951) Church of England Bishop. b. Oct. 8, 1886 at Bleasby, near Nottingham. Educated in Australia, graduating from Melbourne Univ. with honors. He entered the holy orders in 1909, being appointed vicar of Ivanhoe, Melbourne and later rector of St. Thomas in North Sydney. Served in WW1 in France with the Australian expeditionary forces and on his return was appointed dean of Newcastle (N.S.W.). He was consecrated bishop of Bathhurst (N.S.W.) in 1928 and served until his resignation in 1936. He served as grand chaplain of the Grand Lodge of New South Wales and provincial grand chaplain in England. d. Jan. 16, 1951

Ø  Sir Charles Gairdner British Lieutenant General and Governor of Western Australia in 1952. He was initiated in Shamrock Lodge No. 101 (Irish constitution) and affiliated with Military Lodge No. 15 (Western Australia constitution), March 21, 1952. He was given the rank of past master of this lodge, and later named senior grand warden of the Grand Lodge of England

Ø  Alexander Hamilton sea lord. He commanded the Australian navy from 1918-20.






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