Masonic Unique Vehicles Group at Ringwood

On Sunday  22nd August the Masonic Unique Vehicles Group visited  the Ringwood Masonic Centre. Vehicle owners and many of their partners had a picnic in the South.


Rather than being a “vintage” or “veteran”, or “hotrod” car club, the all catching “unique vehicles” tag allows anyone with a vehicle of special interest to be involved. I was particularly lucky on the day, getting a ride around the block in a Model T Ford – a rare experience !


Brief History

A brief article appeared in the 2009 summer edition of Freemasonry Victoria inviting brethren with an interest in historic vehicles to a luncheon at the Village Green on Sunday 14 February 2010 (Valentines Day – fitting, these masons love their cars!). Twenty-one brethren and ladies attended and it was decided to hold a BBQ at Bro Bruce and Helen Paroissien’s home on 30 May (Bruce is a member of Lodge Evolution meeting at Gipps St and coincidently was also a Master who assisted in establishing the Christmas Family Day promoted by Lance Maguire in the preceding pages).


The first resolution of the Group was to name itself the “Masonic Unique Vehicles Group”. A number of logos were submitted and that submitted by Bro Lyle and Marg Detez was accepted. Bro Brian Sanders became the Convenor, a steering committee (pardon the pun) was selected and Helen became the Finance Co-ordinator. The annual fee was set at $20 per family. The group then unanimously agreed to ask MWBro John Evens PGM to become the Patron of the group (John owns an MG Sports) who accepted with his wife Rosemary.


The first official outing of the Group was to Lara Masonic Centre. The second to Whittlesea Masonic Centre.


At the completion of the first years activities, group membership was 47 Masonic families, representing 33 lodges and over 80 vehicles ranging from Veteran 1915 Model T Ford Touring Car, Vintage 1924 Buick Tourer, to classic Aston Marin and E-type Jaguars, a BSA motorcycles and several trucks with many members having multiple vehicles from far and wide including Mitta Mitts, Kyabram and Lakes Entrance.


“The ingredients of Freemasonry and unique motor vehicles interest have combined to form a very enthusiastic group of brethren and ladies who expect to spend many enjoyable occasions together promoting Freemasonry’s “grand designed of being happy and communicating happiness to others/


Whether one owns a unique vehicles or would just enjoy being involved with them, all interested brethren and their ladies are invited to become members of the Group. We welcome subscribing members of Freemasonry and their ladies and members, visitors are also welcome at our outings.”

Bro Lyle D