Vale, RWBro Colin M Gronn PJGW, 27 April 1936 – 20 April 2020

RWBro Colin Matthieson Gronn PJGW, was Initiated into Freemasonry on 14 May 1959 at Lodge Gratitude No 592, Passed 9 July 1959 and Raised 8 Oct 1959.


Lodge Gratitude amalgamated with Burwood No 527 to become Carinya No 527 in 1980 with Carinya Lodge handing its Warrant in 1996 ending the journey of those three Warrants, but certainly not Colin’s. Indeed, Colin had resigned from Gratitude in 1962 and it seems he had a break from Freemasonry, but soon went on to be a member of many lodges, often concurrently. We understand these were Clifton Hill Lodge 335, Garbaldi Lodge 890, Amity 339, Mozart Lodge 857, Lodge Pacific 590 and when those two lodges merged, Pacific Mozart No 590. He joined Devotion in 2006 but later also Aboreal 641 and Brae Dale 936.

Vale Colin Matthieson Gronn

Bro Colin at one of Devotion’s Souths at the Carringbush Hotel
Colin Matthieson Gronn Freemason Lodge
Bro Colin on the night he joined Lodge Devotion in July 2006